September 12, 2004

The Party of Lincoln? Why Lincoln?

Why the Party of Lincoln? What does it mean to be the Party of Lincoln? Why is it that the Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln when talking to Black men and women? Why not the Party of Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, William Taft, Calvin Coolidge or any of the other Past Republican Presidents? There is only one reason why the Republican Party reminds Black men and women and only us that they are the Party of Lincoln, it is to say to Black folk, “WE ARE THE PARTY THAT FREED YOU” and you are being ungrateful by not supporting us.

They pull the same garbage when they talk about how republicans supported the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and how those nasty democrats did not. However what they leave out is. those Democrats were Dixiecrats who represented white folk in the south that hated Black men and women and after the monumental failure of the Thurmond and Wright Ticket, those white racist in the south all left the Democratic Party and the South has been a Republican Strong hold every election since; barring the 1976 Election of Jimmy Carter after the Nixon fiasco.

The Negro-Cons love to talk about the Republican Party being the party of Lincoln or “the party that freed Black men and women enslaved by white folk. This is one of the biggest shames run by the Republican Party. They truly expect us to credit them with giving us something we know was not obtained because of them and have yet to be fully experienced, while simultaneously being the party of the most racist white folk in America. If Republicans came out and said, “We are the party that freed you” and drop the Euphemism, “We are the party of Lincoln, maybe then we can have some real discussions on the validity of them being the Party of Lincoln and what it means. However by not actually saying that , they leave it open to interpretation and they know that many fools still walk the earth believing Lincoln freed Black men and women that were enslaved in the U.S. by the stroke of his pen.

It is time to lift the skirt of those Negro-Cons and their White counterpart and expose their shame. The next time they open their mouth and proclaim “WE ARE THE PARTY OF LINCOLN” ask them to explain what that means and watch them fumble for words. Then Remind them, they are the party of Nixon, Regan, Dubya and the various other criminals that have fallen under that banner.


At 1:13 AM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

Well, as hardcore as I am... I'd tell them:

He didn't do us any favors. As Lerone Bennett says, he was "Forced Into Glory" yet held some very racists views. So who the hell you trying to sell to me?

What? Being "freed" was something "good" when it was followed by Jim Crow?

This the twisted American, by-product of White Supremacy thinking. The "End Of Slavery" is seen as "progress". The passing of Civil Rights laws are seen as "progress".

You get cheated and robbed of things that are suppose to yours at birth (or you can imagine a criminal taking any prized possessions from you) yet ONLY after you fight him over does he return it and that's suppose to be "progress". Hell, that's truthfully not even getting back to Square One.

Are the Republicans highlighting Lincoln's Repatriations schemes. I mean... let's really talk about all the great ideas of the man they want to title their party after.

Are they going to praise Lyndon Johnson for being in office and his more than vocal support for Civil Rights laws. I mean they would play politics and not give him credit for things that happened under his watch just because of some views or even policies of his they don't like...

Let's see how many policies (or lack thereof) of Lincoln's were problematic?

Well, I say that given that the HOMESTEAD ACTS were enacted under his watch and these conservatives are all on record for the most part for saying Reparations were definitely appropriate then... then Lincoln was NEGLIGENT in his duties not to insure Homesteads for Blacks as a basic form of Reparations.

So, do they really want to be the Party Of Lincoln?
Eventhough we know they are not?

(It's kind of like Christians say they "follow" Jesus when their doctrine and beliefs are derived from Paul... but I digress...)

At 1:21 PM, Blogger Scott said...

" those white racist in the south all left the Democratic Party "



Nixon gave us federal set asides programs you always here about in Black Enterprise which allows our companies to compete and affirmative action.

At 1:44 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Whats your point, Do you have one? Does any of what you wrote apply to anything I wrote.

At 2:34 AM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...


You're just like the happy Negro!


I wish for once you would listen to some Billie Holliday and Al B. Sure and "get off on your own"...

Bustin' nuts over Nixons and every White man you can find that's Republican and puking out this silly partisan rhetoric shows how much you love your place in the Big House. The resident crumb snatcher.... and you get full of that because that's all you expect...

At 9:15 AM, Blogger Scott said...

I supect you guys would rather be in the top 1% of wealthly people in Sudan, than in the middle 20% in America. Which is cool.

Everyone sells out, the question is at what price. Thanks to affirmative action I have had a kick ass formal education which has allowed me to be rich in any real world terms. And the fact that Kerry and Cheney have 100,000 times as much as me makes no difference. I can choose to work, I can send my child to any school I choose, I live where I want.

I have more entertainment choices than i have time to take advantage of, and I can get almost any food made anywhere in the world.

BTW: Nixon made affirmative action happen. That is the point you guys put him in the same catergory as Reagan and his is not.

At 1:11 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Everyone sells out? Is that a fact or is that the reality of your life and the justification you use to make sense of your betrayal of Black interest. Admitting you are a whore depending on the price the trick is paying is probably the most truthful thing you have written on this Blog or any blog.

All I read in your post was I, I, I; what about your people Negro. You know the ones who made it possible for you to get that education and now you talking that bootstrap shit. Negro Please.....

Nixon was a criminal and that is the link between him and the others I mentioned.,.

At 6:25 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Who cares if he was a criminal, he did things to help black people that is what is important. Isn't that your goal. Isn't that what we are talking about.


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