September 02, 2004

The Negro Jingoist that suffers from Afro-Amnesia

The Negro Jingoist that suffers from Afro-Amnesia was all out singing the praise of the RNC and Bush at the GOP convention. The saddest thing about these Negro men and women that suffer from Afro-Amnesia which means Black forgetfulness is they appear to be so sincere in their love for Bush. It is indeed strange to see Black folk behaving as if they have no memory of what the GOP stand for and how their racist agenda appeal to the vilest human beings in all of America, the white racist. These Negro-Cons have become more of a jingoist than their white counter parts. The Negro-Con is truly an example of someone that suffers from Stockholm syndrome.

As I watched these Negro-Cons dance as awkward as the sea of white folk that surrounded them, I thought, did they loose all sense of self when they entered that stadium, or is their dancing a manifestation of one more thing they have in common with the white Republican Jingoist that surrounded them. I am truly glad this convention is over, but having watched some of it, I must say the Repubs neutered the Dems by overstating their bashing of Bush and then they had an all out Bash Kerry convention. Bush did not forget to mention his favorite line that is meant to redefine white supremacy “Soft Bigotry”. As I sat there watching Bush rambling on, it was hard to stay awake, his speech seemed more like a State of the Union address than anything. I believe that is demonstrative of the kind of election this is going to be. One more thing, why do so many Negro-Cons have a gap in their teeth? Is that from a gene that is in all those who are subject to be a turncoat?

Oh, how could I forget Don King. Here is the best example of how white folk will use any Negro they can if he is singing their song. Don King has never been one who was liked by major media and definetly those in the Republican Party but now he is singing the praise of Bush they can not shove enough cameras in his face. Don King is man who have been mocked for the most part but now they want us to take him serious because he is singing their song. Please....


At 7:09 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

LOL…man you had me rolling about that gap teeth…I am laughing only to keep from crying, though. I bet a friend of mine that Bush would be reelected. I made that bet with him months ago. He is what white folks want…they are scared…they want to project power and superiority after 911….they are worried about taxes. Bush caters to all those fears and needs of the plurality of white America and each and every last one of them who is scared is going to get out and vote. Besides, Kerry camp has shot their wad. Now they are petering out…all the momentum is in the Bush camp. When then were at their worst for Bush, Iraq and other scandals, Kerry could only manage to even up with Bush…its all down hill now for Bush…he has the momentum…and just in case he needs it…look out for that plan B…which is an October surprise.

At 7:38 AM, Blogger Scott said...

I agree that his speech seemed more like a State of the Union address than anything, and it was hard to stay awake of course I taped it and it was 3 am but still.

BTW were you implying that your were pro-Kerry. Go to his website and see if he has any plans to help African Americans once he gets our votes. Or lets make it easier what did clinton do for any Black people besides let a million die in Rawanda.

Don't kid yourself neither party has our best interest at heart. And as long as we give away our vote for free the democrats wont give us shit. Racist need to die out in both political parties.

To expand on your point any black person who sincerely loves either party or candidate is suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

As I said in my post today we have only 3 choices. And in the election Bush is the best choice for Black America.

At 8:23 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Thinking like yours really insults the intelligence of black people Scott. It is true that the democrats have taken blacks for granted. The fact is however, that current demographic would never give blacks the leverage to influence the platform of the Republican Party. They reason being is that they have already proven that they can and have won without our votes. Thus, those who actually do not need our vote are not likely to feel compelled to address any of our issues, relative to those who do need our vote to win.

The Democratic Party NEEDS the black vote to have success. Thus, the intelligent strategy is how do we as a people maximize our leverage and hence interest? The solution lies not with voting for Bush, but actually, not voting at all. Sometimes in life one has to take one step back in order to take two steps forward. Blacks can simply choose to boycott the Democratic Party to let the party know that that they cannot win without us and hence force them to respect us and cater to our issues.

Voting for Bush says that one has changed ideologies. So what are the democrats supposed to do then…move or change their ideologies to be more like the republicans, thus making it in reality a one party system? Monopolies by their nature are corrupt. They need competition and balance from opposition. This is why the only viable solution for blacks is having a boycott of the party by refusing to vote. Then the next time the election runs around…I can guarantee you that the democrats will be knocking themselves over the head trying to court the black vote…many likely becoming pro Reperations…maybe that going a little too far…but you get my drift.

At 8:50 AM, Blogger Scott said...

You are an idiot. "The solution lies not with voting for Bush, but actually, not voting at all."

Unless you can prove that the non votes would have voted you have nothing. To do what you want you should vote for Nader.

At 9:10 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

I like your passion scott…let it all out. I will be your idiot, given that everything is relative…but then what does that make you, given that your logic is so faulty…a SUB IDIOT? It would be very easy to prove or show what you say would be difficult. It is not as if black voting habits over the last 20 years are a secret. All one would simply have to do is extrapolate from past behavior and compare that to the behavior during a boycott. That of course will have a margin of error, but certainly it would be in the ball park if enough blacks participated in the boycott.

You assertion is similar to all those who say how can you prove that you were a descendant of slaves, in order to get reparations….DUHHHHH.

At 10:21 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

Scott, those who believe and think as you do live and die by the Bush is the better option foolishness. If you admit that neither party does anything for us, then the only logical way to choose between the two is to see who causes us the least harm. This is where there is no doubt that the Republican Party should not be the choice for Black men and women. With their continued attack on Affirmative Action, their unwillingness to support programs that serve to help Black men and women, their continued breaks for the rich, their subtle and overt racist agenda, their appointing of Judges that seek to imprison Black men and women in large numbers for mostly victimless crimes. Need I go on?

The only Black person that would vote Republican is those who have taken on the individualistic attitude espoused and loved by the republicans openly but not practiced privately. While they tout individualism, they act as a group in their attacks on things that are set up to help Black men and women.

At 8:22 AM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

[[[ Or lets make it easier what did clinton do for any Black people besides let a million die in Rawanda. ]]]

This is really stupid Scott...
You want to detail what the Republican Congress did at the same time on the same issue?

Building up the Polar Dem vs. Rep Straw Man as if all that exist in the world are those Two Parties... is idiotic. You can want to believe that someone here gives a damn about Clinton and cares to defend him is stupid... Just because you want to defend Bush...

Thank you for you latest contribution to:


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