September 02, 2004

The New Isolationist/segregationist

I have come to believe that conservatives are isolationist and segregationist. The reason that I say this is because of a trend for them to have their own little country clubs of their opinions, such as FOX news and many talk radio shows. Not to mention, tons of sites on the web that cater to conservative thought.

Why do they feel a need to segregate themselves? Why did whites feel the need to segregate and isolate from blacks? Is there such a thing as conservative flight, similar to the white flight that manifest when too man blacks start to move in? Do conservatives fear ideology mixing, as whites feared race mixing? Do they fear that a mongrel ideology will be produced if they mix their thoughts with those not like them?

I am waiting for a conservative film to come out that rivals the infamous “Birth of a Nation”. For those who do not know, “Birth of the Nation” was a propaganda film to scare and influence whites about what would happen if blacks were allowed to maintain reconstruction appointments to power in the South. This help create fears that lead to the creation of “Black Codes” and Jim Crow, which were systems of segregation and separation.
The conservatives of today seem like they want their own little world, were only people who think like them are really welcome. They seem upset at that media has a so-called liberal slant, in their opinion. Thus, they need their own little world. Ask the majority of black folks if the media represents their interest, which are supposed to be the epitome of liberalism and they will tell you emphatically…HELL NAW! Yet, conservatives seem to think that the media is too liberal.

In reality, what conservatives really want is power. They want the power to restrict thought that is damaging to their ambitions and interest. They cannot do this in democratic shared institution that have a diversity of thought and prevent them from silencing critics. Thus, they must create there own spheres of interest in which they have complete control…power. Then when someone says that that creates and epiphany or logical repudiation to their beliefs or have the gumption to call them out as racist…they can simply edit out those comments or ban the persons and their commentary all together.

They glaring hypocrisy in all this is that conservative like to consider themselves flag waving patriots who are constitutionalist and holders and embodies of the virtues which are America. Yet, as soon as something does not go their way or they feel threatened, they want to restrict freedoms and liberties. They go on a smear and denomination campaign to create the emotional rationalization for treating a group of people differently than others. A prime example of this is the Patriot Act. When the going gets tough, take away the rights of the people…or some of them.

Now, it does not take a great leap in logic to conclude what could happen to black people if this nation were to plunge into a depression again…which is highly probable I might add. What goes up never stays up. No great city or nation-state has ever been able to maintain its preeminence. Thus, when economic stress hit’s the conservative type in the future, they will again seek to isolate and segregate to protect their littler world. They will need to do it by easily indefinable markers…such as race. They certainly cannot discriminate effectively against liberals…how would they identify them? And of course, they will come out with their usual demonization and fear mongering to set the emotional stage for the assault on others liberties…by a so-called Godly people.

I don’t know about you…but I do not see much difference between conservatives and the Nazis of Germany or other extremist groups in history and in the world today. The only difference is that conservatives have power and can use propaganda to shape and mold opinion and continue the conspiracy through bribery and promotion.


At 7:03 AM, Blogger Scott said...

You know I don't have the patience to read you entire rant but you are correct. Conservative have their own clubs and liberal have their own clubs and they don't talk to each other. People like you and I who like to mix it up are fewer and fewer.

It very well illustated on amazon where they find that there are a group of book conservatives read and a group of books liberal read and the number of people who read any of the books from both are really really small.


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