September 08, 2004

Is the structural racist system in America "Fait Accompli"?

This questions stems from the attitude of many Black men and women who believe any effort to bring down the structural racist system in America is futile. Some of us have giving up and to others it is exhausting to even thinking about destroying the “system”.

The system of course is not government it is the culture of America rooted in White Supremacy and Black inferiority that manifest itself in the strangest of places. Like on that new boxing reality show that was on last night. There was a white boxer who expressed his belief that he is not taking serious because he was not from the “Ghetto” like the Blacks and Mexicans boxers and while they grew up fighting for survival and as means to get out of the Ghetto, he and other white folk grew up with a book in their hand and we all know there are no books in the Ghetto. Another example is something said by Michael Savage on his radio show yesterday; He was discussing the suicide rate at NYU by many of the students versus the suicide rate at other colleges and universities in NY. One of the things he said may have led to the high suicide rate at NYU is the drug use on campus being that NYU is closer to Harlem, they can get stronger drugs a lot easier thus those “Niggers” in Harlem are responsible for the suicides at NYU.

“Fait Accompli is defined as; an accomplished, presumably irreversible fact or deed. It is a fact that America is built on and continues to maintain a structural racist system. The question is, can it be reversed or should we seek amalgamation commonly referred to as integration. Amalgamation better defines what is called integration because integration in America means assimilating into the dominant or majority culture.

The structural racist system in America is not “Fait Accompli” but in order for us to reverse and or destroy it, there must be unity amongst Black men and women around those things that have insured our survival through the times in which we were otherwise a defeated people. As I read many of the Negro Cons articles today, it became clearer to me that they refer to those of us that speak on the injustices in America by way of its structural racist system as having a victim attitude all the while overlooking their defeatist thinking and attitude. If there is one thing Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell and John McWhorter have in common it is their defeatist thinking and hatred of self and kind. The Negro-Cons believe the structural racist system is “Fait Accompli” thus they would rather defend it than fight it, and in order to insure there survival in this system they must do the bidding of the system which empowers the system. The honor and integrity of our ancestors can not be compromised, and being a defeated Negro is doing just that. Uniting around those things that have insured our survival in this country since we were first dragged to these shores is the only way to prove the structural racist system in America is not “Fait Accompli”.


At 1:06 AM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...


As usual very insightful and a tremendously important question.

As to the Negro - aka BLACK-A-CON's - and their loud insinuating trumpeting of "Victimhood" (to people who are actually "victims"... there are way too many studies and stats that bear this out) while dismissing their own DEFEATIST attitude... They can easily ignore or be more or less completely oblivious to it because of their Frame Of Reference.

If seeking approval and acceptance is your goal then, by definition, you have already acquiesced to someone else's prescription for what it takes to be accepted.

That type of assimilation is exactly what is woven into the Negro-CON mentality.

And all those Black people who say they want this and say they are about that yet for whatever reason have a vested interest in the SYSTEM AS-IS or with some minor tweaking, they obviously aren't up on MLK and really have a distorted understanding of things.

Their first assignment is to figure out HOW SYSTEMS WORK... Long story short, their in need of some intensive remedial training about what this is all about.

At 9:22 AM, Blogger Scott said...

Its not insightful at all, America is racist BFD. We are doing all we can beside kill whitey to fix it.

The real question becomes, what is your action plan. So far all of I have heard from you guys is lets not vote this election.

Or is the plan a secrete that whitey can't know about. Us negro cons have a plan. Its call get your fucking act together, don't have kids until you are married and have a job, push for school vochers so we can fund our own schools, work for products such as tax advantaged savings accounts that will allow us to build wealth but a home and be vigilant in protecting our rights.

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Did you not read the essay on this blog about "Women who like to keep the ____ up inside of them"? Of course you did, but you failed to comment on it because you do not want to accept that so-called liberals believe in those same things that you just lamented. I am not a liberal...I don't defend them...per se...I am also not a conservative. Thus, how do you reconcile that I agree with those things, will not accepting that such thinking is exclusive to the conservative club? If you had comprehension, you will not that this forum is not about liberal vs you want to shape every issue. That is the whites game. The issue for blacks, is that of blacks aspiration in the context of living in a white supremacy system. Both liberal and Conservatives whites are afflicted with white supremacy cognitions. So you need to truncate all that conservative liberal BS that you be sound like a parrot in a white persons cribe...sqwaaaaaak.

At 12:08 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

All you have heard is "lets not vote"? Clearly you have not been reading all that we have written. Furthermore before we can discuss any kind of solutions with you, we have to agree on the cause of the problem. If I offer a solution to a problem it is going to be based on what I think caused the problem. If you and I do not agree on the cause of the problem then how can we agree on a solution.

The steps to ending black problems are: Problem, Cause, Solution and implementation.

Does any of the garbage you and your Negro-Con buddies offer us address the cause of the problem? Do Vouchers address the cause of the problem in the public school system or does it treat symptoms of the Problem? Scott you have a lot to learn and if you keep coming to this Blog you are sure to learn.

At 12:32 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

[[[ Its not insightful at all, America is racist BFD. We are doing all we can beside kill whitey to fix it. ]]]


You Black Conservatives have absolutely NO PLAN that addresses RACISM. Tell the truth and shame the devil.

[[[ Us negro cons have a plan. Its call get your fucking act together... ]]]

That's hardly a Plan Of Action that addresses, attacks, confronts, contends with or *fixes* America's White Racism... at least not at all directly which exposes your claim that "we" are doing all we can to "fix it" for the fraud that it is.

"YOU GUYS" have been pegged.
You have a DEFEATIST mindset that says nothing can be done to Eradicate The Effects Of Racism, systematically; hence, you not only ACCEPT the SYSTEM AS-IS but sing it praises too along with your Favorite, "BETTER" White Man.

"YOU GUYS" are NO different than the Black Liberals you want to surplant... You BOTH believe IN THE SYSTEM. Something fundamentally illogical and beyond comprehension.

You also suffer for the Dress Up For Salvation Sydrome.
Yes! You said it. You said your Plan For Ending Racism (as we know it) is, "GETTING OUR ACT TOGETHER". That would be Case & Point that you, indeed, believe that Black people have to do something - getting our collective act together - to be approved of and accepted in WHITE American society.

The implication is that once we "ACT RIGHT" (read in some and perhaps most instances "ACT WHITE") then RACISM will be "fixed". Obviously, you come from the false/flawed impression that White America ever needed or needs a reason to be RACIST towards us. Again, you need to be remediated into an understanding of what a White Supremacy SYSTEM is.

And, it has NEVER mattered what Black people did. White people have reacted by the dictates of the White Supremacy regardless to what we have done. PERIOD!

While you play that "Get Our Act" together role as if that is a "PLAN" (to address racism), there will still be instances like SCHOOL VOUCHERS, a concept born out of RACIST, "Separate But Equal" thinking that was meant to circumvent Brown vs. Board -- they offered "vouchers" before... of course in the same 2,3,4,5, etc. For Me One For You type of gracious "EQUALITY" you seem to like.

There are Public Charter/Magnet schools that are doing the same thing Vouchers are proclaimed to do yet for far great number of pupils per school yet you still PARROT the "new" age manifestation of the "Separate But Equal" deal.

Now, I know you don't need remediation to the extent to where I have to tell you that politics and government are about trying to do The Greatest Good For The Greatest Number. Why is it that you gleefully jump on the Vouchers Bandwagon when it can only help but so many -- so few?

[[[ ...push for school vochers so we can fund our own schools... ]]]

Now, that's a new one on me. Is this your version of a SECRET "Don't Tell WHITEY" Plan? Since you like to post links to your Blog, connect me to one where you have formulated a "PLAN" where this "Funding OUR own schools" is elaborated on. Also, link me to your fellow NEGRO-CON's who have said just that. And I'm talking about those FAHEEM listed as well.

Also, in the spirit of dialogue, tell me exactly what "OUR Schools" would be like and how they would differ from "THEIR Schools". I know it shouldn't take long at all since you have this all plotted out already... How using Vouchers will help fund "Our Schools".

Can you tell me which one of "OUR Schools" stand to benefit tomorrow if Vouchers were adopted wholesale today? (A Name and/or location please...)

[[[ for products such as tax advantaged savings accounts that will allow us to build wealth but a home and be vigilant in protecting our rights. ]]]

Sorry, but your posture of [solely] "Getting Our Acts Together" does nothing but protect our second-class citizenship "rights". Without a frontal assault on the RACIST SYSTEM you are forfeiting fundamental rights and giving on-going RACIST practices a pass that skim right off the top of any and every wealth building facet in Black society.

You can't "fix" America's racism without Changing The System. PERIOD!!

Talking about supporting White contrived plans - aka Vouchers... that should tell you WHO they were designed to ultimately benefit [more] - and within-the-system initiatives however "beneficial" does not change or "fix" the rotted core of America's racist system. It only goes along with it. Accepts it as a fact of life with your prescription being, "Let's Do The Best We Can Under Those Conditions."

Again, you have ACCEPTED the System AS-IS along with all it's CONDITIONS, particularly the one that says, "You Black People need to Get Your Act Together in order to reap the benefits from things Whites get on GP - just for showing up."

Yes, "Negro" get you act together and perpetually work twice as hard as White people for what should be yours at birth. (rolleyes)

At 2:06 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Yes Brothers...If you map his reasoning back to the days of slavery...Such explains why there were a few Negroes in Charleston and New Orleans...who actually owned slaves too. They did not fight the system...they simply adapted to it in there quest for profit and status. These were the Negro-Cons of the early 1800's. There is little abstract differnce, given that both profit from selling out their people. Simply going with the flow of the system may work, as it did for those black slave owners..but in doing must accept the truthful label that goes with such turncoat behavior. You cannot expect to be accepted by the masses of black folks...when you are working against them. Do you think that the black slave owners found rationalization for their behavior? I bet they figured out a way of thinking that concluded they were actually helping black folks, by helping themselves.

At 4:30 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...


I don't have to go that far to explain how Going Along To Get Along is in the long run counterproductive and rife with contradiction. There were plenty of Black people who figured Owning "slaves" (those who bought their own and sought manumission for relatives, etc.) was *the* way to "freedom" because that's what the SYSTEM allowed.

I can't fault anyone for doing what they think is right. Nor will I intimate that everyone that is Black and CONservative is out for their own personal gain (though a lot of their exhalting of individualism makes it hard not to). My issue is that they make exorbitant claims that they're about changing (out of one side of their mouth) the very system they praise so widely that you see their tonsils.

It's that contradiction, that SHAM of a false promise and claim that I take issue with.

At 5:03 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 5:12 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...


What's been said here reminds me of a discussion from Davey D's Political Palace. A poster there posted an article railing against the NAACP exclaiming that the SUN HAS SET ON THE NAACP. Another poster voiced the following sentiment that while On-Point misses-the-point at the same time:

"You cannot call a person a sell out without clearly demonstrating that they failed to meet an obligation, in this case there was no agenda, therefore there can be no failure....This is the result of a lack of community vision....Some one once said "Where there is no vision the people perish" in this case it will be the struggle which will become a causalty..."

The problem is... just as SCOTT has said both Black Conservatives like their Liberal "traditional" Civil Rights leadership counterparts project their ideas as if they are THE Agenda for Black people. A "PLAN" as Scott says when even a cursory examination reveals the flaws that expose the incongrueity of their claims couched in terms of admirable goals with the means by which they deem necessary or proper to achieve them. Means that hardly lead to the professed end they claim they intend to reach. Instead most of what you get when you get them to come real is: "ALL WE CAN DO..." - aka whatever it is, in their conception, that we can "hope" for is by their definition limited which hardly makes their claims about having a "PLAN" meaningful, truthful or honest by the way they project it as the ultimate.

As we see, SCOTT has done just that by claiming that he intends to "fix" Racism even when all-the-while his "Plan" says NOTHING at all about how to do that.

THE ARTICLE: "The Sun Has Set"


At 7:40 AM, Blogger Scott said...

I have yet to see any kind of plan on your part.

I see no vision, I just see two black men (or do you prefer african-american or just african) complaining about whitety.

I have seen you misrepresenting my point by putting wording into my mouth such as " to be approved of and accepted in WHITE American society" and idea that has never crossed my blog. The point is wether you choose a black nationalist "malcom X" plan or and classic liberal intergration plan everything I have mentioned will help black people.

I am amused by you call for more and more government when government has been the tool for oppressing blacks for most of our history. The victory of the civil right movement was making government oppression illegal. Thought it still exist especially in our public schools. And many old laws that were designed to oppress blacks that have never been repealed.

So show some fucking courage, put up a post that is not about bitching, but that is about a vision and a plan for getting there.

At 7:50 AM, Blogger Scott said...

Noah: thanks for point out your essay "Did you not read the essay on this blog about "Women who like to keep the ____ up inside of them"? Of course you did," Becaue I didn't read it, but it was good to see you advocating marriage I was suprised that you place the blame on the women. You were actually sounding a little fire and brimstone there.

But again I ask what is your plan, what is your vision.

At 9:53 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

Scott you are doing as all Negro-Cons do when they realize they can not defeat us intellectually; you now want to talk solutions as if you have a chance of intellectually defeating us in that area. Here is what you do not know Scott, we have dealt with individuals far brighter than you and they resorted to the same tactics and they are still licking their wounds.

Secondly, this Blog have dealt more with turncoats and handkerchief head Negroes like yourself more than we have whitey. Proclaiming all you have read are two individuals complaining about whitey is a knee jerk reaction that you use throughout your life when Black folk challenge your idiocy.

You want to talk solutions, we can do that but as I said in order for a solution to be accepted we must first agree on the cause of the problem. You name the problem and I will give you a solution based on what causes it and not a solution that pacifies, or capitulate to white supremacy or Eurocentrism.

Name your Problem and I will write a thesis on what causes it and then I will provide you with real world solutions and I am certain Brother Noah and Nmaginate will be happy to do the same.

At 10:21 AM, Blogger Scott said...

Wow ad homine attacks how productive.

You already mentioned the problem the Racist system of
America. So how do you propose to fix it ?

At 11:34 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Scott, no one has failed to present a plan on this forum. Have you ever considered that you simply look past what you do not want to see?

That fact that you presented some plan or ideas, does not therefore make that plan feasable. Things that look good on paper often fail the test in practice. As the Brothers give us an issue and we will give you a plan. Now the ball is in your lets here it?

At 11:39 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Also Scott, in the piece about say that I am sounding like I am blaming women. First, the term blame is an emotional one. It has no place in logical reasoning. I tend to deal in cause and effect. Every effect has its causes. You see cause and effect on social issues as the blame game and victim syndrom, in order to turn a logical debate emotional..and thus get no where. In truth, I blame this on the dominant culture and society, that we simply exist within. We get our condition as a result of a reaction to or emulation of white society. THat is the CAUSE of our current effect.

At 11:50 AM, Blogger Scott said...

You said "However, many young females are engaged in a competition for males that makes them feel compelled to do things that they really have reservations about. They do it because they feel they have no chance at keeping the guy, because other women will do it if they do not."

Then later "women need to therefore restrict intercourse to marriage."

Why don't you just stand behind what you said.

Anyway back to the main point so how do you propose we change America's racist system.

At 1:15 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Scott, before we actually talk about empowering Black men and women living under a structurally racist system in America, I have to ask. Do we agree that America is structurally racist as it relates to Black men and women in America. If you agree that it is structurally racist then we can talk about the cause and affects of it then move to solutions. If you do not believe America is structurally racist then it would be a waste of time trying to explain to you ways in which we can empower Black men and women living in a structurally racist system.

So the question is do you believe America is structurally racist and because it is structurally racist many of the institutions developed in this country are racist institutions that seek to maintain the infrastructure upon which it is built and the ideology of white supremacy that fuels it.

Mind you, the discussion of America being structurally racist will cover many things and as much as I would like, I will not be able to articulate in one message as to how America's structurally racist system affect all facets of Black life in America socialized under its racist system.

Thus, after you agree that America is structurally racist, I will focus first on Education and how it has been affected by America's structurally racist system.

I will give you time to respond because it will take time to put my thoughts down after your response.

At 2:32 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 3:15 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...


I really don't have time for Idea Snatchers and otherwise idealess people like you. It's a pretty juvenile reflex for you to say, "Well, if you say I don't have a solution... Let's here yours..." and suggest that we don't have any simply because you ego is bruised.

I could say a whole lot and eventhough it doesn't take me any time at all to say what I got to say... to do the subject justice and to be concise, I too, would have to take time to gather my thoughts in a more organized manner - as FAHEEM has said...

More than anything with your juvenile styling...
the point I made (you know, me as an individual) was that the very "PLAN" you called yourself having did NOTHING to solve the problem you stated that it was to be employed for.

Black people "Getting Their(our) Act Together" as you defined it by basically being better people, raising better families, etc. has little if anything to do with "FIXING" Racism/The SYSTEM.

So, until you are ready to talk about DISMANTLING THE SYSTEM you might else well save your cyber-breath and ours because someone as juvenile as you with all your hurt feelings... all you want to do is 'return the favor' and regardless as to what we propose as curative solutions you will say, "That won't work. You don't have a plan either. Nah!!"

Been there and done that... Got The T-Shirt, the pin and next years registration form.

I'm about some old MLK and Malcolm X RADICAL CHANGE!!
CHANGE that requires change in Black people AND America's White Supremacy System.
(Matter of fact, I've read where a Black Conservative said he esteemed Malcolm X exactly because he required Black people to change, etc. Of course, that was a round-a-bout swipe at MLK type of contemporary Black Liberals but even you should get the point...)

Nevertheless, the problem with you, being the Black Conservative Accomodationist/Assimilationist that you are (the thing that makes you have more in common with the Black LIBERAL Civil Rights type 'leadership' you love to hate than we here could ever even attempt to feign)... you require NOTHING as a matter of course in terms of the SYSTEM changing. (Note again your own words about what your "PLAN" is and what it was suppose to be [targeted] for.)

And you might as well try your White Boy, "HATE WHITEY" tactics with your White Conservative brethren or amongst other Black-A-CON's. That is, somewhere where that BS has some resonance and, as FAHEEM noted (because the Blog here has been far more "Hating" of Busters Like You), somewhere where that BS is actually relevant.

Personally, I have NO emotions for "WHITEY" whoever the f@ck that is... and whatever the f@ck that is suppose to mean. (I guess you thought you would get some type of cyber-applause like you would if you said that in front of a White audience or something, huh?)

More on topic, FAHEEM mentioned on another Blog-Thought that significant change and progress for us has only come by "civil unrest" and, expanding on that IMO, from our Direct Confrontation... call it Frederick Douglass' "AGITATION" of the SYSTEM. As he went on to say, "...until we return to that and making ourselves ungovernable we should not expect anything from Presidential candidates or the President."

Emphasis on the principle of returning to Confronting the System that you dare say you want to "fix" and dealing squarely with what have proven to be the unrealistic expectations of basically doing the same thing but expecting different results - i.e. Believing That You Can Change The System Within The System [towards your own ultimate desired end as opposed to the ultimate end of those who CONTROL the system].

In the final analysis and ultimately speaking, as long as America has a Two Party System designed as it is to uphold White Supremacy - i.e. WHITE RULE and domination over Blacks (and others) politically - then it really doesn't matter what political party Blacks belong to and for what reasons.

It's a little hard for you to say you want to "fix" what you otherwise deem/project as a virtue and want to be so much a part of. Hint: The system needs and requires more than just a mere "fixing" BFD!

BTW, my aSSuming and generalizing brother, I'm not one who subscribes to "not voting"... (per se)

At 3:19 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

An interesting thing about Scott comments that we need to get our chit together is I just had another fool say damn near the exact same thing on a forum, except this knuckle head said Black folk can overcome our condition with family values and community values as if the lack of those things is what created our condition. I wrote in response to this fool;

"If Family and community values can overcome poverty we would have been rich long ago, Furthermore a belief that family values is the solution would have to mean the lack of family values is the problem, and where we do not see this problem their must be a great sense of family and community value. Are we to believe every affluent community is full of people with a great sense of family and community value? We have seen the children that come from these communities who demonstrate to us time and time again that they lack home training. Thus these elusive values you believe will change our community are absent from communities that do not have our problems, thus I ask how can the lack of these values be the cause of our problems."

You can read the whole thread here...

At 3:43 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Scott, I do not necessarily subscribe to dismantling the white racist system. I tend to focus on my/our greatest sphere of influence, which is us. My perspective is that black people should become impervious to the white racist system. I do not believe that we can do that while simultaneous being dependant upon it. Thus, my solution is and has always been rooted in building up black nations…to offer disgruntled black folk a viable economic options, other than systems that white folks create and run in the West.

I am a firm believer that what the black world needs is a role model, in the form of a nation, that is successful. Currently, when blacks in this world define success geographically, it is always seen in the context of living in a white run and dominated nation and structure. We do not see success with a totally black face, when only see it when whites are running things and making crumbs for us to eat. This is why my ultimate plan is one that deal with a brain and capital infusion, by western Blacks, into a targeted black nation for uplift.

If there is another viable option for black folk to live…we could then say Puck America…and its racist system. With the growth of China and India in future economic power, we can then develop new trade relations that are not dependant upon the racist West.

At 8:34 PM, Blogger Scott said...

NmagiNATE you are the most long winded, nothing saying brother on the web I have met yet. I am impressed. Faheem the master of the ineffective insult and of no ideas. Since neither of you have nothing to say I just want you to know I am not addressing you.

So this comment is directed to Noah TA. The idea of a successful black nation is interesting I to have played around with the idea. But I ask you why do you define a nation as a geographic entity. Even assuming you can find some land to run your country, and assuming whatever non-capitalist economy is running and is sucessful what makes you think that I would make any difference to blacks in America, and that is if America, the IMF and multinational corporation don't actively go about destroying it.

I wonder if you have picked such a fanciful idea so that you would never be forced to action by reality.

Could you imagine a organization a corporation/church/non-profit/union that services the black community, that employes the black community that produces products for the black comminity. The goal would be simple to make lives of its members better than those of average americans.

I could start simply as a group of people that give advice. It make sure that you take every benifit that you can get from the government wether foodstamps or EITC, it would allow people to get food in bulk to save money. I would help single blacks mothers to for cooperatives where they could share housing and child care. I would help people collectivly purchase homes so they aren't giving away their money in rent. And to gether build up wealth and power.

I ask could you imagine it ?

And if so would it be something worth working for ?

At 9:04 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Ok,,,, affter being asked a direct question, you chose not to answer which says to me you really do not want to have this discussion.

Thanks for proving my point about the Negro-Con..

At 9:37 PM, Blogger Scott said...

So Mr. F you can be brief. You should do it more.

At 6:40 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

My proposition does not involve “creating” an nation. Thus, I do not need to find any land. My proposition is to infuse intellectual, technical and monetary capital into an EXISTING black nation. For example, Togo, Benin, Haiti or other small black nations that can easily reflect the fruits of such efforts. A nation as large as Nigeria would not work, because there is not enough black capital in the West to turn that nations fortunes, with so many people.

In creating such a nation, one would first have to start by setting and managing expectations and defining success to be something different in degree or kind from that of the West. Of course, living on a planet dominated by the West will still mean that such a nation would have much interaction with the West. I do not think that one can escape that. If the nation can feed all its citizens and provide them with jobs, education and a descent standard of living by world standards, then such a nation would be successful.

Whatever you employ in America, the white folks will somehow be given credit. I remember something I hear some Africans say, while I was visiting Africa. It was in response to the some Blacks from Britain who were attempting to ignore the solicitations of some Africans selling things. One got offended and asked the lady if she thought she was better than them simply because she amongst white people? He was very serious in his question. Nearly everything that blacks accomplish in America will be linked to having a white run country, economy and government.

Think about it. How successful would YOUR proposed idea be, if it were not in the USA? How successful would it manifest in Nigeria or Ghana? Your idea may have some merits, but it still exist on the “White Ship” and everything that happens on the white ship will be seen as the fruits of whiteness. That is why I propose helping a black ship become more buoyant. I do not think that there is anything that can match the psychological benefit that can manifest with blacks around the world, if there was a strong, black and successful nation. Blacks in America do not want to be associated with other blacks around the world because they see them as failures and they do not want be connected with them.

At 7:35 AM, Blogger Scott said...

But wont they see the blacks from America who are "helping" imperialist in the same way blacks from America were seen that way in liberia. Yes there were white men behind the liberia project.

But wont their own nationalism get in the way of you being able to help in a significant way ?

At 2:56 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Of course they would and should be suspect of outsiders…I know I would. That is why winning their trust should be tantamount. The worst thing that could manifest is if outsiders come and try to run things, disrespecting and usurping the natives. Once people see that you are not their to use them or compete with them, but rather, embrace them with mutual respect and opportunity, then a lot of suspicion will wane. I think that blacks in America and South Africa have the capital to pull something like that off. The one thing that blacks could not do is to go their and isolate themselves in exclusivity, not mingling about with the average person of that nation.

The other thing that I want to mention is this idea that something that failed once is bound to fail again. I am a firm believer that failure leads to success, because there are valuable lessons learned from failure that can offer wisdom for success. The fact that Liberia failed offers many lessons on what not to do. Had we not had that piece of history…the act may have been repeated. Fortunately or unfortunately, that history is there for lesson.

At 7:17 AM, Blogger Scott said...

Well good luck with your nation building. I think the experience will show you that most projects fail not because of some outside force but because of internal stresses.

At 7:32 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

So...given that theory...what makes you think that depending on the USA is safer in the long run? I do believe that the USA will rot from the well...Don't you?

At 11:19 AM, Blogger Scott said...

USA evolves, so it will be here in the long run but it wont be the same country. Imagine the shock Alexander hamilton would have seeing America today.

Its a different place. While many countries are basically the same.


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