September 11, 2004

911 Revisited

I cannot bare false witness to the truth of 911. I can NEVER know what is true in regards to the who, what and why of that tragic event. Certainly, there is the official explanation given by our government, which they would compel me to believe, based simply on the fact that that is what they said happened. Since I have no way of corroborating this information, the issue for me become one of credibility and trust of government released information.

It seems that some people believe that our government is not only incapable of committing atrocities, but that no one should even suggest such is possible of this nation. It is akin to the fantasy view that many people (mostly white) have of the police. Many of these people have a hard time believing that the police would do things of the nature that blacks regularly accuse them of. If the Rodney King incident had not been taped, many people would have refused to believe the police were capable of such. Not only that, even after witnessing the video, some still believe that some unseen event provoked a justified use of the force against Mr. King.

With so much classified and clandestine activities by our government, why do people continue to not accept the possibility that our government is committing atrocities around the world. Moreover, why do so many people have a hard time accepting that the agents or agencies of the USA, were involved in the 9ll attack? When I say involved, I mean to the degree of facilitating it occurrence and not attempting to prevent it or by sponsoring the attack via proxy.

I have yet to hear a logical reason why this scenario is not possible, if not probable. I have heard plenty of emotional reason, based upon some belief that the humanity of the US is superior to the inhumanity of human history and other contemporaries. The bad or evil governments only exist outside our border, for this government of ours is called by God. However, if priest can molest children, why makes our government and leaders incapable of evil?

When one looks at this like a detective attempting to solve a crime, one starts with focusing on Motive, Means and Opportunities. The reality of or democratic system is that we cannot simply invade other nations, without giving the populous a solid emotional justification for it. The tried and true justification is that of Fear. However, with the decline of the Soviet Union, Americans were no longer in fear. We are the only world super power. Thus, how could the nation create the type of fear in people that would allow them to attack and invade two nations? An attack upon this nation would have that effect.

It is no secrete that the Middle East and Central Asia is of vital interest to the USA’s economy, directly or indirectly. That would give our nation a motive. We must remember that our government knows things that it does not tell us. Our economic future could be threatened by things transpiring in that region, that cannot be released to the public, due to economics being a behavioral science subject to self fulfilling prophecy. If you spook the populous, you make the economy spiral downward. Thus, the USA should be a suspect simply from motives.

I do not think that anyone could question our means. We have the means to do everything humanly possible that can be done. If any nation or group could do it, the world knows that the USA is capable of such. Thus, we know that it is totally possible and probable that the USA or agents could pull off a 911 attack, without being implicated in it.

I tend to be incredulous to the success of our government from preventing another terrorist attack in the last 3 years. This is another thing that makes me suspect of our government. With all the open borders with Canada and Mexico, all types of illegal drugs entering the country and a growing human smuggling operation on going in the USA, I find it hard to believe that another terrorist attack has not manifested in our nation. Israel is the world leader in anti-terrorism measures and even they cannot stop terrorist attacks against its people.

I tend to think that there has not been a terrorist attack in the last three years due to the fear and threat being overdone, to justify our military excursion around the globe. You simply cannot convince me that if people were hating America that much, with sleeper cells in our nation, that not one attempted terrorist attack has even taken place. I’m sorry. I just do not think that it would be that hard to pull off another attack that would psychologically weaken this nation and its economy. This is even confirmed by experts who constantly say that homeland security has much to improve.


At 8:54 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

Funny how you mentioned the belief in God... and the US as God ordained, blessed, inspired and protected, etc. That goes in-line with the [White] Necessary Illusions. Those comfortable, however "fantasiful", thoughts that makes it nice, warm and settling when its Milk & Cookies , tuck-in time in "middle America".

I find it to be quite incredible how at least some measure skepticism or even cynicism doesn't reach the level of questioning the government the way you suggest. It's perplexing to me how people feel that just because a candidate runs for president and/or becomes president that they (Bush in this case) must have some ever abiding, never to be overriden "love" for American and the "American" people just because they "say" and profess that they do.

It's like the concocted alarm over Bill Clinton.
"He lied!" Well, my American Of Things Politics socialization-orientation has always been that Politicians Lie... What would make Clinton or Bush exempt from that wildly held perception of the basic MO of their chosen 'profession'? Not to mention the repeated episodes in history that mirror the Lie-To-Sway Public Opinion tactics that seem so characteristic of US Invasions, particularly of smaller nations... and not to mention ALL the info. about all the misinformation of this particular incident and the Iraq ordeal...

(I won't even get into how more and more that term seems like most other Code Words... Hint: Bush did say in response to the Iraq issue that the US was more or less a WHITE nation... *THE* American people... hmmm...)

Speaking about Fear Mongering... All the Powers That Be (and their willing henchmen - i.e. Talking Heads) have to do is label any such criticism, sketicism, cynicism as a CONSPIRACY THEORY. Lord knows no one wants to be called or associated with something like that. Yet, the dumb Liberals, for one, who had their patriotism questioned couldn't connect the Fear Mongering dots... Out Of Fear, if for nothing else.

Mission Accomplished...


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