September 01, 2004

The "Brown Paper Bag"

Is attacking liberalism a Trojan horse for attacking black people for many? We are no doubt living in times where most whites consider it a curse to be labeled or called racist, no matter how true it may be. Thus, if one wanted to attack black interest, needs and aspirations, without being seen as a racist, how would they go about it ? Do they simply stop being racist and accept defeat? No. Instead, they envelope black issues and interest in with other issues and interest, then give the aggregate a term, then attack the term. That way, no one can prove that they are specifically targeting blacks and their issues, for repression, when other issues and groups fall under that term or label as well. Not that there are not whites who are against liberalism altogether and not specifically against black liberalism. They do exist....but so does those who are specifically against black interest.

It’s kind of tantamount to the psychology to deceive used by my brother-in-law (and other alchoholics) on his young kids. He likes to have his beer and wine, but he does not want them to know that he is drinking beer or wine. Thus, he keeps the bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag while he is taking swigs from it. That way, no one that witnesses him drinking can proove that its alchohol or a Soda. Similarly, I think that for many whites liberalism is the brown paper bag that hides the alcohol of racism that intoxicates them. Thus, liberalism is their tool of deception.

In light of this, in order to work against black’s interest, while not appearing as racist, attacking liberalism is the modern methodology. However, in order to attack liberalism, without being a hypocrite, one must align themselves with the opposite competing ideology, which is conservatism. I think this helps to explain the phenomenon of why so many poor white folks tend to vote republican, especially in Southern States, when one would think that their interest are more in line with liberalism. Some of these folks are so poor that they lack a pot to piss in, yet, they vote for republicans.

Is this intuitive?. Working class and poor folks generally, but not exclusively, vote democratic because the democrats have usually looked out for the poor and the working class more so than the republicans. Many poor whites, however, have a deep aversion to seeing blacks rise above them and do not want polices that are designed to help repair blacks from centuries of oppression, to facilitate blacks rise over them, leaving them with no group to look down upon.

These poor whites can be called emotional driven racist, because their primary motivation is hate, fear, envy, anxiety, jealousy or some other emotion in regards to blacks. However, there are also many non-emotional racist, who are motivated by rational pseudo intillectual cognitions that conclude that blacks are genetically inferiority, especially in regards to intellect capacity. These individuals have core beliefs that blacks lack the genetic capacity to ever reach equality with the genetically superior whites. Thus, They believe programs and monies to assiste blacks are a waste and will never end due to blacks not being able to sustain equality for reasons of inferiority. They figure that such would be a constant subsidy for blacks, funded at the expense of whites.

Personally, I do not consider myself a liberal, conservative or independent, although, people will place my rhetoric in one of those categories. I don’t believe that the most honest representation of black issues and problems can be represented from the terms or movements of liberalism or conservatism. Those are mostly code words, brown paper bags and Trojan horses. For black people, the true dichotomy has always been black interest vs. white interest and or our struggle against racism and white supremacy.

The reason that our interest are not represented by liberalism or conservatism is because both ideologies in this nation have a plurality membership of whites. That means that in a representative republic, where majority rules, that majority white interest will always trump black interest, especially when the interest are seen to be competing. Most whites see Affirmative Action, reparations, urban all threats to their opportunities, dollars and or privelege.

There was a point in time that our oppression was so overt and egregious, that the nation could not sell itself internationally, during the “Cold War”, as the voice of moral superiority. Thus, our interest became the interest of the white elites who had global ambitions and the power to make a differnece. In that era, all the communist nations needed to do was to point out this nation’s mis-treatment and persecution of blacks. Consequently, it was in the nation’s geopolitical interest that help compell whites to address the overt forms of discrimination against blacks. Now that the Cold War is over, there is really no pressing reason for the nation to address the black white dichotomy anymore.

Blacks abdicating the black/white struggle, to fight in the liberal vs. Conservative struggle, will not resolve the core needs and problems of the black collective, because it is not in the interest of the plurality of those ideologies to do so.


At 10:59 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

This is definitely true and is expressed in many ways as you articulated. We can not forget that white folk are socialist when it comes to other countries and nations, they have no problem sending billion and trillions of dollars to other nations to help them remain stable and to lift their populace up. Poor whites are the biggest fools in this whole ordeal. They are motivated by their racist beliefs and ignore the reality they live in and with. There is a growing group of Black folk that will soon fall into this category and unfortunately they are the Black Clergy. Through Bush Faith based initiative that sends money to churches, Bush has been able to convince many in the Black Clergy that he has our best interest in mind. We know this not to be true but for a few bucks some of our people will sell us down the river. This is why Bush can announce he is seeking to end Affirmative Action and then go to a Black Church and have the Black choir coronate him in song.

At 1:48 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Yeah, the conduit to reaching…or manipulating…black people has traditionally been through the church. There was once a concerted effort to control the black population by getting the black clergy to preach for the use of contraceptives and other birth control means.
It is interesting how religion has always been a conduit to black oppression. In Africa, it is said that the Europeans brought the bible and told the Africans to close their eyes and pray to God…when they opened their eyes, the whites had taken the land and they were left holding the bible. During slavery, the slave masters would push religion, specifically the part that tells servants to be obedient to their masters and other passages to pacify the slaves. So it is not surprising to see people use the church to manipulate black people in modern times. This could not work with the white masses, because they do not bow down to a higher power, humbling themselves, in the way that blacks do. That is Grandma used to call “getting too big for your britches”.

At 3:09 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

In this day and age NOAH, considering how transparent the code-word "LIBERAL" attack is... this phenomenon has a more proper name evident By A Supermarket Near You:

The Brown (Paper...OR...) PLASTIC BAG phenomenon.

Its clear with how Democrats have shifted to the "center" (you can move from Left to Center without making a Right turn) that by both their actions and words they have purposely tried to distance themselves from "Black" issues.

At 1:36 PM, Blogger Scott said...

What I think is sadder is that none of our SO Called Friends are willing to do anything for the BLACK interest. They have to "they envelope black issues and interest in with other issues and interest, then give the aggregate a term, then support the term." but of course since whatever plan they pass doesn't make sure that blacks are protected from the effects of racism they still get the short end of the stick.


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