September 01, 2004

Bush and his Administration seeks to redefine "White Supremacy"

The Bush administration and the Republican Party have done something that should get the attention of all Black men and women. They have managed to minimize the impact of teachers that destroy Black minds, particularly the minds of our Children. Bush and his administration refer to the low expectations teachers enter the classroom with as “SOFT BIGOTRY” instead of what it actually is: "White Supremacy". I can not think of any other instance in history where racist behavior have been spoken of as being “soft bigotry”, especially when the harm that is being done is being manifested in the high crime rates in the Black community, the high drop out rates in the Black community and low test scores on college admission exams.

What is “Soft Bigotry” and what makes Bigotry soft. I looked through over twenty plus definitions of Bigot and then I looked over as many definitions of the word soft to gather the understanding that Bush and his administration are trying to project with the use of the phrase “soft bigotry” I have concluded that soft is being used as an adjective to describe the kind of bigotry being witnessed in the public school system by way of teachers not teaching Black children properly or as they would teach white children. The definition of soft as used in the phrase “Soft Bigotry” is “Having little impact”. As in a soft (or light) taping at the window.

With this understanding we can now see the objective of the Bush administration in their use of this phrase. While they admit that racist teachers who have low expectations of Black children are a problem, the Bush administration through the use of the phrase “Soft Bigotry” seeks to minimize the impact that these racist teachers have on our children and what our children eventually make of themselves. This is inline with the conservative movement in America racist belief that Black parents are the cause of Black problems in the public school system, which of course means White parents with children in the public School system are better parents and are more involved, but countless studies have proven otherwise as chronicled in the study done by Iowa State University.

Bush through his No Child Left Behind Program (NCLB) sought to implement ways to curtail these racist teachers that destroy Black minds through a program called “Teacher Expectation and Student Achievement” (TESA). TESA is designed to modify the way teachers interact with students through heightened awareness of how perceptions affect their expectations. This essentially means teachers are put in training to try and rid them of their racist belief in White supremacy and Black inferiority. However because the NCLB act has been under funded and in those cases where funds have been made available the bureaucracy in state and local governments have prevented the funds from reaching the schools, thus our children continue to loose in the battle to be educated properly and prepared for the world they will enter as adult.

Black men and women should reject the use of the phrase “Soft Bigotry” to define racist teachers that believe in White supremacy and Black inferiority. “Soft Bigotry” should be recognized for what it is; White Supremacy. Using an euphemism or describing the behavior of teachers that continue to destroy our children minds as “soft bigotry” is an insult on Black intelligence especially in light of the study released by Education Trust that states;

“the major variable in academic achievement is not the income of the family, its marital status, or the parents education attainment or involvement; the key factors are the qualifications and commitment of the teachers.



At 1:26 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Yeah…that is what you call a euphemism. Kind of like the pentagon being called the “Department of Defense”….as if preemptive strikes against nations that are not threatening to us are not “Offensive”. It used to be called the “Department of War”…but that sounded too evil…so they changed it.

The one thing that you will never get from politicians is a “strait” talk. Everything has a political calculation that is designed to maintain there incumbency. I hate to hear them talk, because they never speak directly to the truth.

At 9:01 AM, Blogger Scott said...

He calls it soft bigotry because he doesn't want to call white liberal who control the teachers unions racist. Which they are.

At 12:16 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Scott, stop putting so much emphasis on the fact this or that group is Liberal, it does not matter. White folk who support racism in other areas will never call another white racist a racist. This is why Bush and those who seek to redefine white supremacy do so by using a silly phrase like "Soft Bigotry" How in the hell can you as a Black man support these bastards who are destroying Black minds by softening up what they are doing by referring to is as something it is not. There is nothing soft about killing our youth! While these white Liberals as you call them destroy our youth, it is the white conservative judges that are locking them up for years for victimless crimes and handing down sentences that do not fit the crime. The Liberals prepare them to be delivered to the sharks called conservatives and you wonder why Brother Noah said to hell with all the 3 choices you say we have to choose from.

At 8:06 AM, Blogger Lyv said...

Best college ever


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