August 31, 2004

women who like to keep the ____ up inside of them!

Whatever happened to the tradition of the man wanting a “pure” woman? It seems that the music industry has popular artist that are propagating the idea that what men want are women who like to keep the ____ up inside of them. Other says that they want a lady on the streets but a freak in the sheets. Is this what men, brothers, really want?

I am not qualified to speak on behalf of all men, but I tent to think that the more promiscuous or freaky that a women’s behavior is, the less respect they receive. There has to be a correlation between respectability and promiscuity, manifesting, I tend to believe, in an inverse relationship. The reason being is that most 25 year old women have likely had many different consummated relationships and the value of such freaky skills at providing pleasure only comes from practice and what self respecting man wants to marry a women whose done freaked the town?

I also tend to think that the qualifications for a wife are or should be antithetical to the qualifications of a freak. Thus, I do not think that a women who ultimately wants to become a wife and maintain a successful marriage, should be training for such by being promiscuous. However, many young females are engaged in a competition for males that makes them feel compelled to do things that they really have reservations about. They do it because they feel they have no chance at keeping the guy, because other women will do it if they do not.

Could this be one of the main reasons that men are not getting married like they used to? I certainly believe it is, while also not being the only reason. The reason being is women are playing right into the hands of the biological directive of men, which is to copulate as much as possible. Throw in variety and you have the kid in the candy store syndrome. Marriage is simply a social and cultural construct, while the urge or need to copulate frequently is a biological directive for men. Thus, men can still fulfill their primal needs outside of marriage, given that there is such a large pool of women who provide intercourse outside the institution of marriage.

In order increase the incentive for marriage, women need to therefore restrict intercourse to marriage. If a man has few opportunities outside of marriage to copulate frequently, as compared to his opportunities being married, his natural drives and needs will lead him to marriage. In other words, given the decline of cultural traditions (like traditional marriage), the demand for marriage is contingent upon the supply or opportunities for sex and children outside the institution of marriage. If a man can have, sex, progeny and most other traditional benefits of marriage…outside of marriage….then there is little incentive for marriage other than tradition.

As far as I am concerned, the only purpose of marriage is for the producing of progeny and the maximum facilitation of nurturing, protection and provision to raise children to independence as adults. With the current arrangement, the burden of child rearing falls on the mother. Therefore, the losers in this current arrangement are women and children, while the profit goes to the men. As long as children are not being created, promiscuity biggest threat is the spread of disease, but both the women and man benefit equally from the pleasure of promiscuity.

I dare say, knowing of plenty of attractive sister now into there thirties, with children by different daddies, that in the long run most promiscuous women don’t end up happy in the long run. Their looks start to fade with age and a lot of brothers don’t want an instant family of 2 or 3 kids that are not biologically their own. Now such women are slowing down and looking for a “good man”, now that she is burnt out after trying to convert the “players” and “ballers” and the fact that younger women are out competing them with their youth full phenotypes.

The competition between women, for the favor of men, is simply resulting in a race to the bottom for women.


At 9:31 AM, Blogger abw said...

You raise a point that women might need to consider. Still, some of these same men are wilding out just like the so called promiscuous women, then want to settle down with a good woman when they are old and through with the "hoes" and the "models"; and usually want a woman to look after their usually trifling-arse kids.I say this to say that men need to follow this advice as well. Women are not rushing to get married because they are tired of these type of men. Anyway, women that are not consider to be promiscuous are considered prudes by the same guys that claim to want a good woman. Men seem to get a kick out of the bad girl more than the good woman. Women often do the same thing in reverse and then blame men to which is just as bad; but guys seem to hold women to a different standard than themselves and fail to see things that they can do to get and keep women. You may not have written for the reason I mentioned in the sentence above, but the articles I come across tend to be patronizing,paternalistic and oblivious to things some men can work on. In short,women need to consider this article, but men need to consider their faults and the idea that maybe some of their problems in relationships to women lie with them.


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