September 13, 2004

Multiculturalism\Diversity and Multicentrism; understanding the difference.

Black men and women need to take note and understand the difference between multiculturalism, also know as diversity and Multicentrism.

Multiculturalism and Diversity can be achieved and maintained in a structurally racist and Eurocentric system like we have here in America. Multiculturalism and diversity can also be used to represent something that is not actually what we seek, but because many of our people do not understand the difference between multiculturalism and diversity and what it represent versus Multicentrism and what it represent; black men and women continue to suffer.

Multiculturalism and Diversity is a goal that is sought based on outward appearance like different races and cultures being represented. Thus, we have Bush who claims to believe in Diversity and Multiculturalism and his Cabinet is proof of that. With Powell, Condi, Paige and the various other Black men and women in his administration we can not argue with Bush and his supporters that he embraces Diversity and Multiculturalism. However, when it comes to politics and policy making jobs it is not diversity and multiculturalism that should be sought, the goal should be Multicentrism.

Multicentrism, deals with multiple centers being represented and what differentiate one center from the other is the various perspectives held by each center. If you have ten groups of people of various backgrounds and ethnicity but they all hold the same perspective, you have only achieved Multiculturalism and Diversity, and you have not achieved Multicentrism.

In politics and on jobs where those who hold them are in positions to create policy that affects many communities, it is not enough to have a Black face in one of the positions that shape policy; that Black face should also represent Black interest if he or she is to be one who represents us. A Black face does not necessarily equal Black interest in this day. Having a Black face in politics is not the same as having a Black face working at Wal-Mart or General Electric. The goal of Multiculturalism and Diversity on jobs of no consequence or jobs that are not into shaping public policy is based on race, ethnicity, and gender and so on. We can not use the goals of Multiculturalism and Diversity when we are talking about jobs that shape Public Policy.

Multicentrism is and should be the goal of Black men and women in America for policy making positions. Multicentrism does not put a Black face at the table, it puts one who represents our views and our perspective at the table and that is key in affecting change if there is to be change. In the Bush Administration Collin Powell represents multiculturalism and diversity for the most part; he only represents Multicentrism to the degree that he supports Affirmative Action. Condi Rice and the other Negro-Cons in Bush Administration represent multiculturalism and diversity but in no way do they represent Multicentrism.

Once we understand the difference between Multiculturalism\diversity and Multicentrism, we can then understand the importance of why a sitting President can not snub a Black organization because their perspective is different than his and meet with another Black organizations as a sign of embracing the communities represented by these organizations. The Urban League and the NAACP while similar in function still represent two very different perspectives and are engaged in different battles on behalf of Black men and women, thus Bush meeting with the Urban league and not the NAACP is not only a snub of the NAACP but it is a snub of those whom perspective is represented by the NAACP.

We must understand the difference and make sure a Black face is not being used as a pawn in a dirty game of chess wherein we do not need a Black face but a Black perspective. Know the difference it will help make a difference!


At 7:51 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

It's pretty funny how White Conservatives have basically changed their colors (or, now perform chameleon like exercises - aka in the buzzword of the day FLIP FLOP) on this idea. Their hypocrisy can be seen in their arguments against the prevailing Diversity/compelling interest arguments for Affirmative Action.

These cynical bastards have no qualms saying that, "Just Because Someone Is Black Doesn't Mean They Bring A Different Perspective (to the classroom)"... which falls in line with what you are saying here. Yet, with a fiendish grin these charlatons promote the idea that the Black FACES in the Bush Administration is something that's suppose to represent prominence and advancement for African-Americans.

White CONservatives (and the Negroes that love them) are now infamous with trying to push the proproganda that Blacks don't value success because the Blacks who are successful (read: only those White conservative approved Blacks - Colin, Condi, Clarence, etc.) are called Sell Outs.

At 10:34 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

“These cynical bastards have no qualms saying that, "Just Because Someone Is Black Doesn't Mean They Bring A Different Perspective (to the classroom)"... which falls in line with what you are saying here. Yet, with a fiendish grin these charlatons promote the idea that the Black FACES in the Bush Administration is something that's suppose to represent prominence and advancement for African-Americans.”

Exactly… These Negroes have mistaken Advancement of an ideology as advancement of the people from whom the turncoat is from and the interest of those people. This is why when we discuss men and women in politics and policy making position, we are not looking for multiculturalism and diversity; what we need is multicentrism. The Negro-Cons have accepted a watered down version of white supremacy meant to convince them the white folk they have aligned themselves with are truly interested in the advancement of Black people but truthfully they are only interested in getting Black men and women to accept their doctrine. This is what we have in Scott, and all his negro-con buddies in their little negro-conservative group.

At 6:52 AM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

Like I've said over and over...
All the BLACK-A-CON's want to do is simply replace the "Traditional" Black Civil Rights leadership in "THE WHITE MAN's" favor. The offer nothing new but the same old aquiescing - for crumbs - to White Supremacy.

Like Scott said, "Everybody (with his mindset) has a price that they will Sell Out for."

With the mindset of granting cudos for Whites merely doing "something" or basically any little thing that "helps" Black people - as opposed to actually meeting and addressing (in whole) the issues from an independent Black Agenda - the Negro-CON's and their Black Liberal counterparts will and have sold their people down the river for a Bag Of Beans and some personal favors for basically them as individuals.

This is nothing new. This same critique was made during the Civil Rights movement and those who are the ideological descendents of the Accomodationist/Assimilationist of that time and have some sincerity about helping their people act as if their suprised that Affirmative Action only helped the Black middle/upper class.

Those who they allowed White people to convince them that they were Black extremist, etc. have proven to be right on all too many fronts.

At 8:05 AM, Blogger Scott said...

Serous question, what do you guys see as the "independent Black Agenda".

In the most basic form, My black adgenda is for blacks to have more than our fair share of the American wealth.

What is yours ?

At 1:08 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

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