September 14, 2004

The Geopolitical Chess Game

In the geopolitical chess game of global power, the USA has demonstrated the fundemental failure to look ahead. Indeed, one who fails to look ahead in chess fails to understand the nature of the game and how a seemingly good acquisition can place one in a quagmire, present or future>

The USA salivated at the thought of capturing a “rook” in the form of Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Even though the rook later proved impotent, by not being in a position to do much harm, the country keeps highlighting the capture as if it was an excellent move. In reality, the cost of that move has made us more vulnerable and not less. It has exposed our king and there are few moves that we can make to regain advantage, notwithstanding the conquest.

In short, it was a bad move. Our move was tantamount to sacrificing our queen to capture and impotent piece on the world chess board of power. It, Iraq, was boxed in and could not project itself outward as a threat. Now, the move has made the USA so tied up in Iraq and reputation is so discredited from the move,that other pieces like Iran and North Korea can now move with virtual impunity.

Iran is essentially showing their indifference to threats and coersion from the West, now that Iraq has proved such a bad and costly move for the US. They have even gone as far to say that they will continue their nuclear ambitions and that the rest of the world will simply have to accept it. We all know that North Korea is definitely not a fight the USA wants. They have 1 million soldiers and lots of, they might already have a few nuclear bombs.

Only the blind would not see that having weapons of mass destruction is the only thing that keeps the USA from invading those whom it proclaims are evil. Thus, now that the USA is tied up militarily in a quagmire in Iraq, it does not have the troop strength or public will to support/trust an attack on another nation with has nuclear ambitions. This has put Iran is a very strong position and has embolden their nuclear ambition. Indeed, with Iraq being their next door neighbors, it stands to reason that they have much to gain by promoting instability in Iraq and keeping the US forces occupied there.

The resultant is that the amateurish moves of President Bush and his advisors, who salivated over toppling Saddam Hussein, have actually put our nation more at risk than before. Of course, they will tell you just the opposite. They are hoping that their propaganda that highlights the move to topple Saddam, in and of itself, will blind people to the geopolitical resultant that puts this nation future more at risk. The move was short term and short sighted and the administration is trying to get the people to think short term and short sighted. That is the only way to mask the atrocious inept blunder, that is worthy of impeachment.


At 10:12 AM, Blogger Scott said...

Everything you say in the post is correct. If you believed WMD was the reason to Invade Iraq. Or Iran or North Korea or Pakistan or India etc.

A lot of words have been written on this issue. There are many many good reasons to invade Iraq. And the fuck up don't take away from them,like Noah said about setting up a succesful Black Nation "The other thing that I want to mention is this idea that something that failed once is bound to fail again. I am a firm believer that failure leads to success, because there are valuable lessons learned from failure that can offer wisdom for success."

At 11:01 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

You are obviously still a little wet behind the ears Scott. In order to exercise geopolitical power, which is the goal of empires and super powers, one must have clear military advantage. What the Nuclear threat does is assure nations that if invaded by a super power, that heavy casualties will be inflicted upon the invading or aggressive nation. Now, nations just don’t invade and conquer nations simply for the fun of it anymore, like Napoleon did, in his attempt to compete or block empirical Britain. The reason that nations now attack others is due to resource hegemony. In the case of Iraq, it was about the control of oil. If Iraq or Iran become a nuclear power, they can hold the gulf region hostage, because the US will think twice, then thrice about invading a nation with a nuclear arsenal….especially nations where many of it citizens believe in martyrdom.

In regards to your use of my own words, you use them out of context, like whites like to uses quotes from MLK “I have a dream speech”. You definitely failed to understand it, based upon the way you are attempting to use it. The fact is that the USA has too much tied up in Iraq, in invade and start a war with another nation…no matter what the reason is.

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Scott said...

[[The reason that nations now attack others is due to resource hegemony.]]
Wrong.... people don't fight and kill over resources anymore. We have taken resources from all of africa for years before we placed a single soldier on african soil. You are unclear on the concept.

[[In the case of Iraq, it was about the control of oil. If Iraq or Iran become a nuclear power, they can hold the gulf region hostage, because the US will think twice, then thrice about invading a nation with a nuclear arsenal….especially nations where many of it citizens believe in martyrdom.]]

We have no need to invade Iran nor any interest in invading Iran. We will continue to fight a proxy war with them in Iraq.

[[The fact is that the USA has too much tied up in Iraq, in invade and start a war with another nation…no matter what. ]] please that is totally bullshit: we have 150k troops in Iraq and another 400k -500k around the world We could take out any country we decided to at anytime. Could we fix it after we broke it, nope. But we can destroy anyone we need to.

At 12:03 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

You don't know sack jhit Scott. SUre, when proxy is feasable for resource is used. When proxy is not feasable...then a nation must be invaded.

The bottom line is that in a just can't go around invading nations...kiling the sons and daughers of your citizens in the process. You have to have a solid public backing and support for won't get that because of the the good will and trust has been used up on the Iraq fiasco. What will you thing the publics reaction will be if the administration comes out and says Iran is developing WMD and they have proof? Have you ever heard of the story of the boy who cried wolf?

Besides that, you need to have a access of troops to have troop rotation. We are currently calling up national guard, more than ever intended to be used for, because we are strecthed thin. Not to mention the COST of another war, while Iraq and Afghanistan is still going on...Negro please...what you been smokin?

At 1:02 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Apparantly Scott think just because you have the Guns to destroy something, you have the Butter to support that destruction. He forgot about the cost Noah, he simply thought the U.S. have big guns, big missles, big planes etc.. but did not consider the cost of making those thing operate. Guns and Butter Baby.... learn it Scott...

At 6:19 PM, Blogger Scott said...

I ask one question, in your theory you said we go to war over resourses. So why would we invade Iran ?

At 6:09 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Dang Scott…your challenge is that you toggle your intellect. You turn it on when there is something that serves your bias, and then when there is something that contradicts your biases you turn your intellect off. It is obvious that I Iran became a Nuclear power, in could dominate and exercise influence over the oil rich gulf region. Saddam sought power for precisely the same reason. Iran could then have influence in spreading theocracy throughout a region that the US has an interest in becoming democratic and capitalistic, with privatized resources (not state run).

At 7:59 AM, Blogger Scott said...

You are an idiot. If having nuclear weapons allowed you to dominate then Israel would rule the middle east.

WMD were not the resason for the war. They were the pretext for the war.

We went to war because Saudi Arabia is too powerful and
Bush wanted to break their power by bringing Iraq oil online. The reason we didn't got to bagdad in 1991 was because the Saudi told Bush 1 not to.

Iran has nothing of consequence.

Nuclear weapons are useless for nation states because they can't be used. Chemical and Bio weapons are another story. But getting nuclear weapons is a big fucking money pit for all nations.

Take a moment, step back think why are we in Iraq.

Any wars we fight are of choice and for "fun" like Hati and Kosovo during the Clinton years.

At 8:38 AM, Blogger Scott said...

Noah, fahee, imaginate drop me your e-mail at I think you guys would make good members of this political listserve that I post on.

I would require that you promise not to out me as being black, on this list. I generally avoid talking any black issues on list. Anyway if you are interested drop me a line.


At 9:31 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

I will not join a list serve where you hide your blackness as to not offend the people you are conversing with. Have you no shame Scott? Why would you not want people to know you are Black? You think they will dismiss your arguements as that of an angry Black man or consider your opinion not worth being taken serious. You have an identity problem Scott and I can assure you, many have tried but none have been able to escape their Blackness, every now and then they get a reminder and believe me BROTHER, no matter what you do, or where yo do it, someone will remind you.

At 11:16 AM, Blogger Scott said...

[I will not join a list serve where you hide your blackness as to not offend the people you are conversing with.]

Wow everything is really black and white for you. Ideas should be able to stand on their own. When I first joined the list I had no need to say look at me I am black. I just made my points, and needless to say everyone would pull the trump card if you were black and lived in a poor neighboorhood you would know its different, and this would be of course from some white guy, talking about shit he doesn't know. Needless to say my friends on the list found it very amusing so I never outed myself.

[Why would you not want people to know you are Black?]

Because most of the time being black doesn't matter. For example a hours ago I as buying comics at my regular store, there I was a regular customer warmly greeted, I was with my friend who use to work at marvel and we had coversations about our mutual interest in comics. The only thing that my blackness changed was that I brough "Birth of a Nation : A Comic Novel" sight unseen to support the black writer and artist (Aaron Mcgruder, Kyle Baker ).

Being Black is just a part of who I am, I am sure its a part of who you are. But so is what job you do, how tall you are how fat you are and wether you are hiv positive or not. I choose to discuss black issues with black people and other issues with everyone. Mainly because discusing black issues with most white people is a waste of my time since they have very little to bring to the discussion.

Anyway I thought your voice would be a good addition to the discussion but I see you would rather not. It's cool.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

That’s were Scott gets all his ideas from. He wants us to go there so they can debate us directly and so he does not have to play proxy…because he loses a lot in the translation LOL. I am an idiot but he wants me to go debate on a political list serve…when we are not political debaters…now whose the idiot LOL> .

Now…that Scott has shown his is without character, by demonstrating that he will hide is true identity or race, which throws into question whether he is really black. Maybe on the list serve he is actually being true to himself, while pretending to be black on the blog.

At 1:57 PM, Blogger Scott said...

ROFL, actually the list is a leftist socialist bush hating eco chamber. You guys are less boring and I think you could make them think a little.

Because your views are similar enough that they would want to agree with you but different enough that it would disturb them.


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