January 10, 2005

The over population myth.

The measure of success in nature is not a point in time, but the continuum of time. The Western world likes to see itself as a success, based upon humankind’s definition of success, while seeing the Global south, or people of color, as failure in juxtaposition. However, by nature’s definition, the truth is actually the inverse of what seems intuitive, given the wealth of the West compared to regions like Africa.

By nature’s definition, the only measure of success is fertility or reproduction. The reason being is that the prime biological directives of all life are survival and continuing the blood line through reproduction. Survival without reproduction produces extinction, while having reproduced, but not survived, continues future existence of the blood line. Thus, one can argue that rates of fertility and reproduction are nature’s ultimate measure of success.

The truth of the matter is that all the improvement in the quality of life and life expectancy in the West have come with the trade off of lower fertility. How? The West energized its economy by promoting a new role for women in society, which allowed them to compete with men for income and wealth opportunities. In this competition, fertility or child birth becomes a competitive disadvantage to women. Thus, women need to postpone child bearing until many of them have successfully matriculated college. When college is done, then they need to put off child bearing to establish their careers and remain competitive with men for economic opportunities. The end result is that the number of children that women give birth to in their lifetime has fallen drastically.

Capitalism is resource intensive and the primary resource needed for growth is human capital. New workers and consumers is what gives capitalism its growth, as the primary rule. Thus, capitalism facilitated and promoted the woman’s movement because it increased GDP via integrating women more heavily into the economy as workers, which created new income and hence increased consumption and corporate profit, but at the expense of reducing fertility rates among women. Augmenting this is the added associated cost of rearing children, which has grown exponentially due to day care and other cost, which used to be free services in the economy provided by house wives and extended family. Children are often seen as a restraint on wealth creation, which seems paramount in Western culture and capitalism.

In order for any grouping of humans to have a net population increase the women need to average 2.1 births per lifetime, on average. Obviously, it takes a man and a women, 2 people, to produce progeny. Thus, women need to produce two children, on average, in order to offset the eventual loss of both parents. If women have only one child, per life time, then within a single generation, the population will be cut in half. However, with increased longevity, the reduction in population will not take place until the birthing generation dies off. Then what was hidden will becoming overtly evident with a radical reduction in population in a short period of time. (evidence of this crisis can be seen in what is happening with social security).

Currently, Western Europe has fallen below the 2.1 fertility rate. Western Europe on average has a fertility rate of about 1.5. Spain and Italy are down to 1.2. Germany is at 1.3, The United Kingdom is at 1.5, France at 1.6 and Eastern Europe is averaging about 1.3. All of these nations, and indeed the continent, are trending downward. The United States is at 2.1 and Canada is 1.7. The U.S rate is born from the higher percentage of nonwhites in the total population, which are the only thing keeping fertility rates buoyant. If the white population were isolated, rates would be closer to that of Europe.

In light of this, we can see who is truely facing exentiction, but what people are growing? There are two identifiable human groupings with the highest rates of fertility and they are Blacks and Muslims. In fact, the overlap of those groups have the highest fertility rates of all. For example, Niger, Somalia and Mali all have female fertility rates at 7.0 or above. However, Uganda, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and a few other nations with a mixture of religions also have fertility rates near 7.0. More broadly, Sub-Saharan Africa, followed by the Islamic Middle East and Asia has the highest rates of fertility in the world. Thus, the distinction threat in the world is facing the Caucasian and Christians and it is a phenomenon already in progress.

Not surprisingly, the West is and has been pushing the myth of overpopulation, to control the population of high fertility nations and regions. In Africa, with one of the lowest population densities on earth, the West has been claiming that Africa’s poverty and problems are the resultant of too many people. Thus, the west has be pushing population control measures, through the UN, for the last half century, with the goal of reducing the Africans population growth, if not overall population. Those measures have not had very much success and that is why it is believed by many that humans (Caucasians) engineered a virus to be spread via sexually activity (the conduit to fertility rates), to purge many Africans from the earth.

The theoretical war on terror is rhetoric that in practice looks a lot like a war against Islamic peoples and governments. In terms of religion, Islam is one of the fastest growing religions because it followers have some of the highest rates of fertility. Thus, the West being a primarily Christian religion is threatened by the spread of Islam, because the Christian people are being fruitful at the expense of multiplying. The dictate was that Christians be fruitful and multiply in balance and equilibrium of the two. However, the Christians have increased the fruit by subtracting from the multiplying. There is a clash of cultures and civilization born from the spreading of Western imperialism and capitalism.

The threat of extinction is accelerated by the West’s short term solution to their population crisis, which is immigration. The West MUST open its doors to immigration if the economies are to continue to grow domestically. When that happens, miscegenation further erodes the Western purity or influence in the nation, changing the hue, culture, beliefs and traditions from that of Caucasian peoples. However, this phenomenon will give rationalization to revived racism among whites who will feel squeezed and threatened (this is already occuring in Europe), who want to preserve their race, culture and way of life. This is where globalization comes in. Globalization will bring white capital and jobs to where the people of color are, instead of keeping the jobs in the West and bringing the people of color to the West and hence miscegenation. This is not the conspiracy of racist, but rather, the conspiracy of capitalism to find the emerging markets and cheapest sources of labor.

Capitalism needs growth to survive; therefore it is constantly seeking expansion. The expansion requires bringing new resources into the game. The greatest replenishing resource today is humans. However, the Caucasians are not replenishing and most of the natural resources in the West are already being used in the game of capitalism. Thus, the emerging market and the future of capitalism is dependant upon the resources of the people of color, their human energy, their lands resources and their consumer spending. Any population that is therefore not linked to the game of capitalism is either a target for conversion or an expendable population.

One would think that Capitalism would be pro population growth ...if its goal is growth, However, capitalism only values human capital when it has economic demand for it. Capitalism cannot swallow the elephant of humanity in one bite, but rather, must gradually eat and digest the elephant over time. Eating too fast would cause indigestion and not be healthy for the system. The current growth needs of Capitalism could not digest Asia and Africa at the same time. Thus, it is now chewing on Asia, which has many more people than Africa and will take a long time to consume. Hence, the African peoples are disposable currently, because capitalism has no demand for the labor of the African, while it already has direct or proxy control of most of Africa’s resources. Therefore, the claim of overpopulation and population control measures upon the continent, such as AIDS. Asia, on the other hand, is growing from western capital investment.

The West sees the African peoples as liabilities, as they see the African in constant need of humanitarian assistance and aid from the West. Sense the continents resources are firmly in the hands of the West and capitalism, allowing and promoting wars, disease, and corruption to ferment helps to promote controlling the African population. However, it is the long history of how the West gained control of Africa and its resources that have made the African peoples unable to be independent and take care of themselves.

In conclusion, every action produces an equal and opposite reaction. There can be not GET without a corresponding GIVE in nature. The Western people have sacrificed their racial and religious future; there blood lines, to maximize their living today. A large part of this is driven by the elites and their game ponzie scheme called capitalism. Propaganda has fooled the populous into believing that the game produced win-win, however, soon, the game will be revealed for what it truly is, when the cost and consequence of past and present actions start debiting the credits.


At 2:45 AM, Blogger Daniel Belby said...

I'm not sure I agree with the first premise; that success is measured in fertility because the core instinct is to propagate.

Nietzsche suggested that the will to power, or the will to exert ones power, overrode other instincts, by which measure the whites would be the most successful.

Of course, that is a white ideology to support the whites, so I'm going to assume it's a load of partisan crap and say that the need to dominate is a white need.

D. Belby,


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