January 03, 2005

Repping your Gang affiliation in Hip-Hop

I'm a gangsta, but y'all knew that
Da Big Bo$$ Dogg, yeah I had to do that
I keep a blue flag hanging out my backside
But only on the left side, yeah that's the Crip side

These are the words from Snoop single “Drop It like it’s Hot” that is on his new CD R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece. I have heard this song more times that I can count, and one thing that always stays on my mind long after the song has ended is the verse above. Anyone that knows anything about Snoop knows that Snoop was and from the sound of it still is a Crip. The reason why this verse sticks with me is that I know how much Snoop is admired by those who love his music and at the same time I know the joy it must give Crips to hear their gang being claimed by a successful rap artist. Snoop is one part of the entertainment industry that perpetuate the thug life and style..

Black Intrsopection's own Noah the African wrote some time ago:

“The ingredients that created thug culture are poverty, the entertainment industry and the moral and ethical decline of the nation. Thug culture was born from thug life or the hopelessness and crime that grew out of poverty and the black conditions in America. Traditionally, the community, who were the main victims of this thug life, despised these thugs and their ways. The only attraction to thug life in the past was the money and the respect that poor blacks desired. Then came the entertainment industry and movies and records that glorified the lifestyle, in order to make a profit from it. There were no moral or ethical constraints on this glorification due to our nations belief in unconstrained freedom…especially to make a buck. Thus, thug culture grew from its origins in poverty to the middle class as well, as a result of thug promotion in the entertainment industry. It has reached the point now that thug life is the loudest voice promoting what it means to be a young black male. Therefore, many non-poverty black youth think they need to carry them selves a certain way or have a certain thug like mentality and attitude…lest they NOT BE BLACK ENOUGH. If you cut off the head, then the body will die and the head of this thug culture is urban poverty that breeds the real life thugs. The more a person has in life, the less they will risk to death or jail. By the same token, the less a person has to lose as a result of not having money or hope, then the less that person will care about his own life and certainly the lives of others”

Thus we come back to Snoop’s lyrics in his latest song and the irresponsible behavior being under taken by Snoop, his manager, the record company and those that support lyrics that clearly legitimize a street gang that is terrorizing our communities all over America. Snoop is a millionaire; he is no longer a man living in the kind of poverty that breeds thugs and thugism. He makes money from movies, music, clothing, cars and pornography which also coincidentally describe his music. Snoop no longer lives where his beloved Crips are causing the most harm and terrorizing the men and women that try to raise their children using the hand they have been dealt not to mention having to face a society that is hostile to them and think of them as being lazy and blame them for the condition they are in; but yet Snoop does not appear to see the problem his lyrics pose when he talks about being a Crip and C-walking, which has become a mainstream dance. Snoop has successfully moved from being on the loosing end of poverty to one who exploits the hopelessness poverty creates.

In Los Angeles a few weeks ago a judge ordered the eviction of a whole apartment complex because in the eyes of city officials, the complex had become a public nuisance and was gang ridden. The Crips have been terrorizing this apartment complex for twenty years according to the write up of the story. There have been nine shootings including two children being shot in this complex in the last two years not to mention the drug and gang wars that never end. Many of the residents of this complex are being given money for relocation and some of them are not although they were law abiding citizens and were not involved in any of the drug or gang problems. Some of those who are not getting money for relocation have children and do not have money of their own to pay for relocation. The city has not given specific rationale as to why some people are getting help and others are not, thus the ACLU has stepped in to question the cities action.

Again, I return to Snoops’ irresponsible behavior in regards to him making it appear to be cool to be a Crip while simultaneously living safely away from the problems posed by his fellow Crips. This is an example of irresponsible behavior by rich Black folk and a music industry gone astray and allowing artist to gang bang on their cd’s never taking into account the impact of those lyrics and only caring about the bottom line. Now there is a new artist that is a Compton Blood that call himself “The Game”. He has taken Snoops lyrics and applied them to his blood gang thus his lyrics goes like this.

I keep a red flag hanging out my backside
But only on the right side, yeah that's the Blood side.

As these two Negro’s go to their houses safely away from the problems caused by their fellow gang members they help incite these gangs and help raise a whole new generation of gang bangers by using their influence as an artist and a celebrity. If there has ever been a time to not support irresponsible artist and their celebration of having been associated with a gang this is the time. Men, women and children have died and now Families have lost their apartments due to the gangs Snoop and “The Game” celebrate in their lyrics.

Ice Cube rapped on his song “US” that is on his Death Certificate album

And all y'all dope-dealers...
Your as bad as the po-lice- cause ya kill us
You got rich when you started slangin' dope
But you ain't built us a supermarket
So when can spend our money with the blacks
Too busy buyin' gold an' Caddilacs
That's what ya doin' with the money that ya raisin'
Exploitin' us like the Caucasians

Today we can say this about many rap artist except it is no longer gold that is being bought it is Platinum


At 2:01 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Often times you hear lamented “Only in America”, as individuals exalt the opportunities that America uniquely affords its citizens. Well, chalk up the success of Snoop Dog to that list of “Only in America”, such an immoral and talent less individual rise to such wealth.

All the immorality in the American entertainment industry is MARKET DRIVEN. If people did not covet this garbage, but conscious, wholesome entertainment instead, it would not exist. In a free market and a nation where the freedom of individuals is paramount, the door is thus opened wide for the good and the bad.

The nature of humankind is sinful. Sins can be and is often more pleasurable and enjoyable than is doing the righteous thing. Thus, individual freedom and free market economies unconstrained by government will sink into an amoral abyss. This society attempt to create economic opportunities and wealth through freedom opens up the doors for evil, as well as good.

In most of Africa, they would not let this type of destructive garbage reach an audience, but at the same time, they would be called REPRESSIVE to individual freedom and free markets.

At 2:28 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Wow, I thought my eyes were decieving me but here is Black Introspection advocating that the government (white supremecy govenment I believe you called it in the past)censor a black person and deprive him of his right to free speech because it would be good for the black community.


At 2:51 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Who said anything or suggested the government deprive anyone of their right to speak freely?

Scott, I said it before and I will say it again, you are one twisted person. You lack the depth or insight to fully understand what you read on this blog thus you conclude strange things from it. I read a qoute recently that applies to your view of things and why your respond to them the way you do. The qoute was;

"a stupid mans report of what an intelligent man says is never accurate because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand"

the translation process that takes place in your head after reading anything on this blog is corrupted by ignorance and self hatred. Seek Help.

At 6:11 PM, Blogger EG said...

Thanks for the post. Essence magazine has also come out aganist Hip-Hop rappers who write/sing lyrics that are disrepectful to women.

Since this is a market driven problem and the majority of hip-hop music (~80%) is purchased by white suburban kids, I would like some ideas how I can help eradicate this problem.

At 8:21 PM, Blogger Scott said...

"Thus, individual freedom and free market economies unconstrained by government will sink into an amoral abyss. ..... In most of Africa, they would not let this type of destructive garbage reach an audience, but at the same time, they would be called REPRESSIVE to individual freedom and free markets."

Did you not imply that government should constrain free market ?

If you were not advocating the governemtn constraining the free market then you need to explain what you ment in your comment because it was very very clear that was you intention. No different than the religious right.

At 6:09 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Scott, why are you debating with Faheem about my words? You are a twisted spinless cat. I have not advocated anything. I simply presented CAUSES and EFFECTS. All things have tradeoffs. Wisdom is knowing what those tradeoffs are. Our capitalistic Democracy is no exception. It is not a Win-Win Phenomenon.

At 6:46 AM, Blogger Scott said...

I forgot, you advocate nothing, complain, but don't vote.

My Bad...

At 7:17 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

I advocate black upliftment and a rightous world. That is not the product of voting, but via the actions I chose to take in my own personal life and sphere of influence. There is not much difference in the array of viable voting options in America...because they are both essentially WHITE choices.

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Scott said...

"I advocate black upliftment and a rightous world. .. via the actions I chose to take in my own personal life and sphere of influence."

---- interesting, it sounds just like what conservatives are advocating, taking care of you own business to uplift yourself and others.

--- of course sphere of influence can be redifined as anything. But for most people without billions of dollars it means the people they know.

thanks for clarifying that you aren't advocating anything. No wonder I kept running into a wall here when I ask you about what is your PLAN.

I guess your usefullness is limited to making a list of complaints. For a more exhustive list I recommend
"Black Labor, White Wealth: The Search for Power and Economic Justice."

At 5:46 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you for the article, it was indeed an interesting read. I would first like to start by saying I agree with points about the 'Gangstas' creating a culture which sets back african-american teenagers in poverty stricken regions when they no longer have to live in the 'world' themselves. However there is a HUGE market demand for it, and the point raised about rappers who support misogynistic views, i am friends with many girls who like this music....they quite frankly don't care about the lyrics.
Also the point about how this music would never be heard in Africa the "Gangsta Rap" subculture is hugely popular in the urban and poverty stricken areas in countries such as South Africa.
thank you for your time if you got this far


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