September 30, 2004

Are "Melting Pots" doomed to implode in the long run?

Will America's inevitable economic decline create racial instability in the near future?

What is the future of the melting pot concept? Most evidence suggests a correlation between a nation’s instability and the number of different ethnic groupings in the nation. As one would expect, evidence also and in turn suggest a correlation between a nation’s civil stability and homogeneousness. This could also be coincidence; however, given the competitive nature of humans, especially under competitive political and economic construct, I believe that increased social unrest in the product of a fragmented society.

Evidence of this correlation can be seen from Eastern Europe, after the fall of the USSR, to Africa. One can see the effects of history in which an empirical power or powers forced different ethnic peoples all under one roof and used a hard hand to maintain order. In the case of Africa, it was the European powers who decided, at the Berlin Conference of 1884, to divide up Africa to Various European nations. Thus, the borders of African nations were imposed to represent the resource, strategic and logistic interest of Europeans. Hence, competing autonomous tribes were often group together (purposely often) into one nation. The resultant is that confrontation and competition between these peoples have manifested into Genocidal occurrences in Eastern Europe and Africa, in the extreme cases.

In light of this, what is the long term fate of the American pot that does not melt? White America or America, since its start, has always feared the black race that was brought over as slaves. The reason being is that one group of people knew what they have done wrong to another group of people and thus feared revolt or retribution. The nation originally had primarily two or three groups, the Natives, the Europeans and the Africans. The Europeans oppressed and repressed the Native and Africans to the degree of creating stability for the nation (the nation being whites), at the expense of Black and Natives rights and freedom. Today, civil rights laws have been won and new groups of immigrants are pouring into the nation making it even less homogenous and hence threatening to long term peace, based upon the correlation factors.

Heterogeneous population grouping, especially when there is tradition of animosity, have only been maintained via oppressive forces or an abundance of opportunity that prevents the need of one groups interest being a cost to another group undery hyper competition. In the US, as the oppressive racial laws waned, economic opportunities in relative abundance is what has kept the nation ethnic groups from being at each others throats. Thus, the only glue that holds our nation together is economic opportunities and maintaining a vibrant future economic outlook.

If economics is the glue, then the future harmony of our heterogeneous groupings is indeed at risk. The reason being is that structurally and competitively, the USA economic machine is waning. We exist in a global market place where other nations have gained the comparative advantage in the production of many goods and services. Americans like to think of ourselves as superior innovators and this is what gives us the ultimate comparative advantage. However, many Asian nations are surpassing the USA in the intellectual achievement of their youth and if innovation is born from intellect, the USA will soon lose this comparative advantage as well.

The USA has run a trade deficit for 20 years running. This means that foreign investors are financing our debts and future and if they retract and reinvest in other markets, our economic engine will sputter. Not only that, we enjoy the benefit of the dollar being the base reserve currency of many nations in the world and If that switches to the Eurodollar, that will result in the fall of the US economy as well. These are simply a few of the structural weaknesses of our nation’s economy, but there are plenty more. The economic zenith of the nation and its relative position in the world has reached its peak about 20 years ago, when we last had a trade surplus.

As our nations economy structurally weakens, the nations needs more cheap sources of labor, thus they have opened to doors to Mexican immigrants. On the upper end, the doors of the nation have been opened to Asian immigrants on HB1 Visas, for their technical skills due to the fact that America is not producing the intellectual capital to keep it a leader in innovation. Thus, our nation is becoming more diverse, but rivalry will ferment between the lower and upper end competition. Latinos will become competitors with Blacks because the elites will divide and conquer as they always have. Asians numbers, if they continue to increase, will become a competitive threat at the upper end for whites, who traditionally saw themselves as the intellectual supreme.

As white tax dollars come more under the control of so-called racial minorities and programs (the result of changing demographics) and policies are enacted to represent the majority interest, which will be minorities, whites will be compelled to unify under the banner of preserving white interest. This is what minorities do under white majority rule in an attempt to preserve their interest, except they lack the economic power of whites. Since whites will still have control over most of the economic power, if not political, it will cause a violent resentment and reaction from the other groups, when whites start allocote opportunities in greater preference to whites than before.

September 29, 2004

Hispanics protest against Detroit Africa Town

Detroit's Latino activists said they were galled by one reference that read: "Even though legal and illegal Hispanics constitute only 3 percent of Detroit's population and 90 percent have been in the country less than 25 years, Hispanics aggressively demand inclusion in local affirmative action programs and in elected positions ... Rather than either distinguishing the situation of blacks and Hispanics, or pointing out that blacks are the majority population and therefore can elect who they wish, local political forces have instead acceded to these demands."

See the Latino, Arab and Asian reaction.

Black Statistics: The fastest growing Metropolitan Black population centers of America

% increase of populations greater than 200,000 blacks

1. Orlando.....62 6. Columbus, OH......34
2. Atlanta.....61 7. Jacksonville......34
3. Miami.......43 8. Boston............33
4. Tampa.......37 9. Raleigh-Durham....33
5. Charlotte……35 10. Dallas-Fort Worth.32

% increase of Population less than 200,000 blacks

1. Minneapolis......103 6. Sacramento.....42
2. Las Vegas.........92 7. Denver.........36
3. Phoenix...........71 8. Austin.........32
4. West Palm Beach...59 9. Nashville......29
5. Seattle...........52 10. Little Rock....28


These latest demographic trends of black migratory patterns show a distinct shift back to the South. Upon closer examination, the shift simply mirrors the fading of the zenith of the industrial era in America. The industrial era is not disappearing from the Earth, just as the agricultural era never disappeared either. However, what has is happening is that other nations have developed a comparative advantage in the Manufacturing area, while the US had maintained comparative advantage in the new information age/era.

Due to the relative industrial decline of America, States and cities that once offered good opportunities for black fleeing the old agrarian based and Jim Crow South, are loosing jobs and people. Unlike any other time in US history, this new era is characterized by the need of a formal education in order to reach and maintain middle class status. That is not the absolute rule, but that is the trend of this new era. Thus, those blacks migrating to the South, unlike those migrating to the North, are not finding middle class opportunities unless they are educated, as the general rule. The other option is to simply work multiple low end jobs, given the greater service job growth in the South, which greatly feeds off of population growth.

September 28, 2004

The Promise Africa Town Represents...


No one knows what Black folk like or want better than Black folk. This has been demonstrated several times by Black business men and women and the various businesses they run. Magic Johnson had to convince Starbucks that Black folk drink coffee, and then he went to TGIFridays and had to convince them Black folk will eat at restaurants like theirs. Magic Johnson TGIFridays are not decorated like the regular TGIFridays, his TGIFridays in Los Angels “incorporated the local culture and history of Los Angeles into the traditional TGIFridays look.” What does that mean? It means that this TGIFridays that is patronized by mostly Black folk does not have the look or feel you find in the TGIFridays frequented by mostly white folk. Here is the lesson in catering to Black folk, give us something we can relate to and we will support it, no one knows this better than us and this is why Africa Town will work and this is why many will oppose it.


In Harlem a new IHOP has opened and this IHOP is not like any of the other IHOP’s you find all over the country. This IHOP has items on the menu you will only find at this IHOP based who patronizes this IHOP the most. “There is a fried-chicken-and-waffles entrée” and the grits are made with sausage and cheese - not served plain.” After only being opened since late July this IHOP is already number fourteen in sales out of all 1,167 IHOP’s in the Nation. This is the promise that Africa Town Represent and this is why it is a great idea and one every Black man and women should support. I am certain after the establishment of Africa Town in Detroit, Africa Town's will pop up all over the country and this is what the establishment fears most, a place where Black folk can go and spend all of our money with each other.

September 27, 2004


The "acting white" rumor/myth concerning our black youths and intelligence

One of the topics of discussion that infuriates me the most is this belief that black kids have an aversion to studying or ostracize others because it is seen as “acting white”. Where are the studies and polls that quantify this as epidemic or pandemic among black youth? This is simply a rumor, that is becoming, if not already, a self fulfilling prophecy.

All rumors usually have some grain of truth associated with them and this “acting white” rumor is likely no exception. However, I fail to accept this as being more than a minor issue or cause in the reason why many black youths are not getting their lesson. Others seem to have jumped on the rumor bandwagon, propagating the belief that this is a major reason for blacks not getting educated. I saw a segment on PBS news, where Clarence Page lamented on this phenomenon, giving reference to Obama’s mentioning of it at the democratic national convention. Is this a new "urban legend"?

The way human psychology works is that if enough people are saying that something is true, people start to believe that it is true over time. It is very likely that black youth are hearing all these grown folks and leaders saying that “acting white” is what is is called when black kids try to be learned. Thus, the prophecy fulfills itself when black youth then start parroting this, when they encounter someone into the books. Lots of kids just repeat what they think adults want to hear. They myth might be creating the reality.

I do know that there exist the phenomenon of blacks accusing other blacks of acting white…but it is not due to intelligence and learning. I know this because I have seem blacks I thought were guilty of this myself…acting white, that is. It was the way in which they dressed and pronounced certain words or other subtle things that they did. There is a distinct voice pattern that is black, that has nothing to do with whether or not the person is using the kings English or not. Most black people can recognize other black people simply from the sound of their voice. When you start emulating the white voice pattern…then you are bound to be accused of acting white. This is especially true if one has been immersed in the black culture.

More importantly, this acting white myth is hiding the real problems. For black males growing up, respect is the ubiquitous goal of all. You want to be able to carry yourself in a way the deters aggressors and gains respect, because of the nature of the community that many blacks are raised in. Therefore, studying is often seen as making one look “weak” because that is not what the people who get respected do. The streets sets the tone for respect…not the classroom. Thus, if you are at home studying and not in the streets you are very likely to be seen as a target for attack and if you are seen as a target and weak, your chance in competition for the attention of the females is greatly reduced also. Hence, the real problem is that black males see getting your lesson and studying as “acting weak” more so than “acting white”.

The thing is that youth are growing up under the promotion of a “thug” culture. Being and acting hard, to gain respect and to fit in with the perceived culture is the problem. This is why black folks be looking at each other all crazy these days. Too many folks are trying to establish themselves are being “hard”, in order to get respect. It is hard to pass off being a thug or looking hard if you got books under your arm and you raising your hand and asking questions in class…rather, you are looking the opposite. That does not have a damn thing to do with “acting white”.

There are many more issues that keep blacks from putting more effort into learning, namely lack of interest due to the fact that they see so many blacks reach success without education via sports and entertainment. They see such black folk 24 7. While they rarely see any black folks who made fame and fortune through their studies. Thus, many blacks youth do not place a lot of interest in education…because they are under the false impression that they can be one of the one in a million who can make it via sports or music.

It sickens and saddens me to hear respected black leaders and people perpetuating this rumor of the plague of “acting white” is what is bounding so many of our youth. That only serves to boost the egos of white folks to think that blacks look at them as being intelligent….while considering our own people and culture to be one of ignorance and stupidity.

Top Ten things said about Iraq that you will never hear said about Ghettoes in the U.S. Continued 5-1

5. “We probably alienated thousands of Iraqi’s whom support we need by doing hundreds of midnight home invasion looking for a few insurgents.”

Is this not the story of Black life in America? The police have harassed so many of us while trying to get those who represent the criminal element from amongst us that they have alienated most of us. Black men and women are not born distrusting the police this is a learned behavior via our interactions with the police in our communities. We have seen the police absent when things are going bad and on the scene in force when all we were doing is having some fun or possibly gathering in numbers that put fear in their hearts. Police Brutality has been a reality in the Black community for as long as we can remember and if those who are in charge in Iraq understand that over policing alienates the populace, why is such understanding absent from the over policing in our communities.

4. “Condition in Abu Gharib under Saddam Hussein were unimaginable to most American: desperate pleas scrawled in excrement on the walls, crammed cells, torture, humiliations and unjust executions.”

Apparently the Military lawyer who made this statement as noted by sista Constance is either ignorant or unfamiliar with prison conditions here in the U.S. The only people who think such conditions are unimaginable are those who have not known anyone that has spent some time behind the wall.

3.”We have to put ourselves in Iraqi Shoes, and become culturally sophisticated enough to win the only battle that counts, the one for Iraqi hearts and mind.”

This is Laugh out Loud funny here. When was the last time there has been talk about winning the hearts and mind of Black folk in America. When was the last time someone said this is the only battle that counts. The American approach to Iraq and the problems facing Iraq is not practiced here in America.

2. “You have to expect a people that is suppressed and denied opportunity to erupt on occasion”

This again is the Don of the Pentagon speaking. If it is reasonable to expect a people suppressed and denied opportunity to erupt on occasion; why is there shock and surprise when cities and towns erupt here in the U.S.? When ever Black folk erupt we are made to appear irrational and our eruption to be without merit. Strange enough the next time there is an eruption in America we should all make sure we repeat what Donald Rumsfield said.

1.”Men without jobs feel emasculated and desperate and that is why our number one mission is to get Iraqi’s into jobs.”

In saving the best for last this statement says a mouthful. There is no doubting that a man does not feel like a man if he can not provide for his family, and because of that he becomes desperate in his attempt to provide for his family. A Recent study stated N.Y unemployment for Black men was at fifty percent. I did not hear one politician, come out and say their number one mission was to get those Black men into jobs as to escape the feeling of desperation and emasculation.

This list says so much about America and how it view Black men and women that have suffered here and have yet to have redress for our unwarranted and ungodly suffering here in America at the hands of white folk. So while white folk are up in arms about Africa Town in Detroit,; to establish Africa Town would only take ten percent of the monies spent in Iraq. Why are white folk not as disturbed by the spending in Iraq as they are in the plan for spending on Black folk in America, it is because they are in direct competition with us and do not believe we deserve what they received and that is structural empowerment in order to attain wealth.

Top Ten things said about Iraq that you will never hear said about Ghettoes in the U.S. 10-6

This is a list compiled by Constance Rice for an interview she did on the Tavis Smiley show. I have taken her list and added my own comments to it being that this list is full of irony. This list chronicles statements spoken and written about Iraq that are juxtaposed with the condition and actions in America and mostly how they relate to Black men and women in America, This is 10-6.

10. “Isn’t it great that Iraqi’s are free to flood their streets with tens of thousands of protestors in open demonstrations.”

As the celebration of the ability of Iraqi’s to protest after being under the rule of Saddam for so long goes on, the right to demonstrate here in America is being thwarted by chain linked fences, zoning that stipulates that demonstrations and protest are limited to a particular area as seen at the recent political Conventions and any time the current President visits a city. Protestors are also being questioned by government agencies as to what are their plans when they are planning a demonstration.

9. “There is no physical security without economic security”

This was said by the Great Don of the Pentagon Rumsfield. Quoting sista Constance; “doesn’t this sound like no jobs, no peace”? This administration and white folk in general seem to understand that without economic security it is almost impossible to maintain physical security in Iraq but dismiss this idea here in America. How can there be a reasonable expectation of security when the majority of the people living in any one area are unemployed and need to feed themselves and their families. People in need will do whatever it takes to get by, i.e. rob, steal, sell drugs, steal cars etc. In America you will find that most of those in prison came from economic disadvantaged conditions that lead them to a life of crime and subsequently prison. The idea there is no physical security without economic security is rejected in America but embraced as a reality in Iraq.

8.”Iraqi’s can not recover from forty years of Hussein savage brutality overnight, it will take decades.”

This is one that always gets my attention. Here is yet another instance of white folk accepting a universal truth about Iraqi’s but dismiss this same truth as it relate to black men and women in America that survived four hundred years of white American savage brutality, only to be rewarded with Black codes, Jim crows, mis-education, lynching, rape, castration, being made to love other than ourselves, the list goes on but we are expected to recover overnight. If Iraqi’s will need decades to recover from forty years of savage brutality by Saddam how long would it take a people to recover from four hundred plus years of savage brutality unequaled to anything witnessed or experienced in all of Iraq?

7. “Political quotas will facilitate fairness and the political viability of the Future Iraq”

This aught to make everyone’s mouth drop! This administration not only admits but they articulate and help past legislation for there to be quotas as to facilitate fairness in Iraq. How is it that this administration is as understanding of the real world as it relates to Iraq but not here in America as it relates to Black men and women. The very mention of quotas here in America especially in politics gets white folks blood boiling but yet in Iraq they have created a quota system that guarantee the Kurds, Sunni, Shiite and women spots in politics and decision making positions. This again is indicative of the belief in white supremacy and the inferiority of everyone else. The only people capable of being fair are white folk thus quotas in a majority white system is not necessary.

6. “We are confiscating thousand of guns to reduce violence and killings.”

I thought guns didn’t kill people, people kill people? This is of course another example of this administration hypocrisy. Here we have this administration removing guns from the hands of Iraqi’s saying it will reduce violence but yet this same administration just allowed the ban on assault weapons to expire. If we follow the same logic that is accepted in Iraq the assault weapon ban should have not been allowed to expire. The late eighties and early nineties seems to be in the distant past but the truth is with the expiration of the assault weapons ban we will see the return of the UZI and AK47 to the hands of killers and criminals and you can guess who will be affected most by this ban not being renewed.


Can there exist black empowerment without black political and economic control?

In light of the recent Detroit city council plan on creating an “Africa Town” zone in the city of Detroit, It is high time that I presented my “Mississippi Plan”. The goal of the Mississippi plan is to create a de facto zone in America, in the form of a State, whose population is to be overwhelmingly black, with an educational system, media and economy to cater to the specific needs and aspirations of African Americans. The reason such a plan is needed is due to the fact that our minority numbers prevents our ability to influence the “System” to be reflective and representative of black interest as apposed to that of the white majority interest, in a majority rule political construct.

Why Mississippi? The plan could manifest anywhere, but the fruition has greatest efficiency where a states population is relatively small and the black population is already a considerable percentage of the total population. Mississippi meets that criteria, with a population of around 3 million, nearly 40% of which is black. With an influx of a million or more blacks, blacks would easily become the plurality in the state, creating the likely hood of a constant black governor, as well as, constant black senators in congress. Both the former and the latter are rare occurrences, notwithstanding over 3 centuries in this land. Our interests are simply not represented at the highest level today, as is.

The key aspect of the Mississippi plan is to not just attract any black folk, but to attract pioneering black people who have technical and professional skill sets, as well as those with monetary capital to invest in business ventures. This would be the segment of the population that would be the Producers and owners who would create employment opportunities for the citizens of the state. There is plenty of such black folk fragmented around America, who could, in one way or another, play a vital role in such an exercise of black self empowerment.

Special trade and exchange relationship can be made with the continent of Africa, the Caribbean and other black nations in the buying and selling of the others goods and services. There are many potential benefits of blacks having control of states tax dollars as well as monies allotted to states from the federal government. Blacks could then use the money in a way that will serve the interest and thinking of black people and not others looking at black problems through the prism of racism and inferiority.

The idea would be that once blacks gain control of the state, politically, then we could start exercising a paradigm shift. Paramount to that shift would be gaining control of politics, media and the schools, thus allowing the ability to socially engineer cultural change, that would change behavior and attitudes. Currently, there exists a Eurocentric implicit realty in the politics, media and schools, which is not even recognized by most white people. Thus, it is hard for blacks, under their system, to properly engineer a healthy attitude and outlook in regards to education and behavior under a Eurocentric construct. Moreover, the construct created by whites simply is not working to uplift the poor black masses and we can never change that construct while it is under their control.

The thing about this plan is that there is nothing illegal about it. In order to create a black state, we simply use white aversion to live under black governance to our advantage. The more the state becomes black, the less that whites will want to stay there. The older whites will hold their ground because they have lived their whole lives there. That is fine, the plan does not force anyone to leave or stay, however, younger whites, via empirical evidence, will tend to move away when a place become too black. Mississippi is currently the state with the highest percentage black population already…making it the best choice to pull something like this off.

Black Statistics: The most segregated Metropolitan areas in America

number to the right of city represents the percentage of black people whose adjacent neighbor(s) is black also.

1. Detroit, MI…………...85 6. Newark, NJ…………...80
2. Gary, IN…….………...84 7. Cleveland, OH……….77
3. Milwaukee, WI……..82 8. Buffalo, NY…………..77
4. New York, NY……….82 9. Flint, MI……………...77
5. Chicago, IL…………..81 10. Cincinnati, OH..75


No plans have been finalized, but the proposal continues to headline in the Detroit area, with splits along racial lines. It is worth noting that the City Council President, Maryann Mahaffey, is a white women who voted in favor of the proposal.

No proposal is complete, no financing finalized and no land identified, but there is plenty of emotion over a Detroit City Council plan to create a black business district known as African Town. Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's administration is distancing itself from the plan; council members want to separate the rhetoric behind the plan from what they say is a need for the city to help black entrepreneurs, and Detroiters share mixed -- albeit heated – feelings.

Detroit Free Press Story.

I think it's one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard about and frankly insulting," said Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson. "How wouldresidents of Detroit feel if I would propose having a Honky Town in Oakland? I would be run out of office, and rightfully so.

September 25, 2004

Bill Cosby & why his remarks should be denounced

Bill Cosby’s comments regarding the bad choices and irresponsible behavior of the black underclass needs to be repudiated. Not because bad choices and irresponsible behavior is not taking place in a segment of the black population, like it does in segments of every race or ethnicity. The reason being that Cosby ignores the root causes, as well as, sets a false baseline of comparison.

The most profound and effective means of socialization of learned behavior, in all animals, is via emulation of the behavior of those like it in its environment. All animals, including humans, look, learn and copy. This starts from infancy and continues through life. Thus, when people are reared in poor environments, they are socialized by that environment to perpetuate the behavioral patterns of that environment, which helps to perpetuate condition. The same is true for affluent environments as well.

Bill Cosby and others like to look back and tell the black youth of today that they had it much harder because racism was more oppressive back then. The implication being is that if blacks such as he, and others, could educate themselves, be responsible and achieve success, back then, there is no excuse for the youth and parents of today not to be able to pull themselves out of the abyss of poverty and questionable behavior and choices.

What is not mentioned by Cosby is that white racism and oppression did come with a few beneficial side effects. The forced segregation of the past created black communities composed of educated professionals, the working class and the poor. This allowed poor blacks to see successful blacks on a daily bases. They were tangible and visible templates for emulation, advice and connections. Also, the oppressive nature of whites manifested a strong black collective unity. Blacks truly looked out for one and other and their children. Many would take risk helping others out…that is just how it was when the enemy of white racism was overt.

That is the world that Cosby came from and benefited from that he now ignores is lacking. Today, with integration and assimilation, upper and middleclass blacks are parroting the behavior of whites, that resulsted in the original creation of the ghettos. As soon as they can, they try to get as far away from black/poor folk as possible, the difference being is that blacks are discriminating by race and class and not just race, like whites did.

People like Cosby are part and parcel to the problem that the criticize and point the finger at others for. They are, by becoming reclusive elites in the suburbs, exurbs and gated communities, depriving poor blacks of the tangible role models of success that many older blacks enjoyed when they were growing up. Back in the day, black leaders did not sit on pedestals up high, criticizing the behavior of the black poor below. Rather, they criticized their neighbors, because they were right down their in the trenches with them and could do so without having to air our laundry. If you are going to move away from the heart of the black community...then you have no right to complain about the conditions there...helped to incubate by your departure. When you point fingers, they point back at you.

If Cosby was living in these black communities, he would not have to say what he is saying through the media…talking “at” folks instead of “to” and “with” folks. That is true for all the black critics of the poor, who only speak “at” the poor via the white media. This is why diry laundry is being aired. The problem is not what they are saying, but who they are saying it through via proxy. If all these critics were down with the people, living their life and allowing others to learn and emulate from them, they would not need to publicize this rhetoric trhough white ears.

The old school black folk, who rose out of poverty, also lived in a time were the dominant culture was more moral, in regards to issues of family. Today, youth are reared in a much more individualistic immoral(Born from white immorality and irresponsiblity) society . All kinds of bad behavior promoting entertainment exist on television, motion picture and music industries, corrupting the minds of the most vulnerable or impressionable in society, which is the young. Cosby never had to deal with such in his day. The concept of “shame” still had power in shaping behavior back then, but today there is not shame in an individualistic American Culture.

Let us not forget…Bill Cosby criticizes the way black kids are talking these day, but he seems to forget the vernacular and non grammarian speakers he parroted in the “Fat Albert” popular TV comic strip. Heyyybeeee mannnnbeeeeee…how was he teaching black youth to talk back then…by example?

September 24, 2004

911 and the Death of the Reparations movement

Did 911 kill or greatly injure the multinational unity and momentum for reparations? The World Conference against Racism (WCAR) held in Durban South Africa in August of 2001, is a faint memory for most people. It was arguably, the most publicized and internationalized conference dealing with the issue of race ever. You may also remember it as the conference that the US boycotted due to language concerning reparations and the Trans Atlantic slave trade.

Prior to 911, the international momentum and kinetic energy was flowing positively towards a showdown with the former Slave buying and trading nations. The conference had succeeded in having that Trans Atlantic slave trade officially recognized as a “Crime against Humanity”, which is extremely important for legal purposes. The reason being is that crimes against humanity are not subject to statutes of limitations, which opens up nations who had engaged in the practice to be legally sued for damages. This was a tremendous first step in the journey to reparations.

I can recall that many black leaders, American and otherwise, lamented that reparations would henceforth be on the top of their agenda and that they would rally and push governments to reconcile the damages its past practices have created. Then, totally unexpected and not even a month later, our nation was attacked by terrorist….at least that is what they tell us. I have not the ability to bare witness to that truth, because I was not a creator or witness of it. Thus, I am left with the words of politicians, who are reputed liars, to tell what is supposed to be true.

I do not know about anyone else, but I don’t know if Arab terrorism was, before 911, a bigger threat to the West than the issue of reparations. Not only did the West face being legally held responsible for the payment of trillions of dollars to nations and descendants, it would have opened up a Pandora’s Box, with all types of others seeking compensation from the West for wrongs it committed in its accent to global power and dominance. The natives of the Americas would definitely have a claim to place Against the USA, Britain, Spain and France, who nearly exterminated their populations via wars of conquest and disease.

Not only that, but by highlighting the past, the reparations issue would bring to light the explanation of the present. By that I mean that it is no secret the present is the past’s creation. Thus, the link will be made apparent that the West rise was due greatly to a pattern of conquest and mistreatment of non white peoples, acquiring their land, their resources and their labor and converting it to wealth for European civilization (whites). It would be hard, therefore, for the West to attempt to play the moral superior role and to chastise and punish current nations who try to employ similar means to acquire power and wealth. If your own house has rooms that need cleaning and everyone knows it, it makes it hard for you to criticize others houses for being dirty.

After 911, the reparation issue was intimidated from the media and many leaders’ mouths. To talk about issues of reparations, while the nation was under attack, was made to seem divisive and unpatriotic. People were told that such issues plays into the hands of terrorist and that the nation should be presenting a unified front. Then our nation declared a global and never ending war against terrorism and invaded two nations. As long as the threat of terrorism exists, the reparations issue seems dead. Money that could be used for rebuilding the nations and people crippled by the slave trade is now going to rebuild nations and people that the US feared or coveted their resources.

The true enemy of the present Western man is the past western man. It is the past Western man that creates all the problems that the present Western man must deal with. Yet, he does not learn from history, because he fears looking at it and feeling morally compelled to accept responsibility for the liabilities that is part and parcel with the assets inherited to them from that past. Their goal is to accept all the benefit inherited from the past and write off the liabilities. When they are confronted with the cost of what they purchased or accepted via inheritance, they seek to crush those who dare bring it up.

Now, you will notice how Bush and Blair are always talking about aid to Africa and plans to end poverty in Africa, in an attempt to offer crumbs, instead of the whole pie of reparations.

You never really KNOW...You are mostly TOLD

September 23, 2004

Framing the issues and Arguements...


Professor Lakoff, a professor at UC Berkley has taken note of how Republicans have used “framing” to beat back progressive ideas and keep progressive men and women on the defensive. What he articulated in an interview he did back in 2003 about politics is also the same formula used by conservatives on issues of race.

Understanding how framing has been used in regards to race is simple but easily overlooked. In a discussion or debate about any issue “Every word is defined relative to a conceptual framework” as noted by Professor Lakoff. Take for instance the use of the phrase “Democratic Plantation” used by Negro-Cons and Republicans alike. We all know Black men and women were enslaved on white plantation, thus by referring to the Democratic Party in reference to Black men and women as the Democratic Plantation it is understood and conceptualized as Black men and women are being enslaved by the Democrats or Democrats are enslaving us.

Other acts of framing the argument and the issue can be witnessed with the use of words like “Victim” “Race Card” “Angry Blackman” etc. The idea is to put the opposition on the defensive before the debate starts such that they are working from a disadvantage. I noted sometime ago after watching a sixty minutes special on the “I have a dream program” that grants scholarships to “disadvantaged children” that the use of the phrase “disadvantaged children” is used only when those who are supposedly helping the “disadvantaged children” are being painted as saviors of these children. However, these same children are not referred to as “disadvantaged children” when the media and others are beating them down. They are referred to as inner city kids which carry the connotation of violence, poverty drugs and many other things but do not in any way say of them as being disadvantaged. That’s because the term “inner city” is another example of framing. Imagine if the headlines read “drop out rate at disadvantaged schools are growing” versus “drop out rate at inner city schools are growing”. Both say the same thing but by simply changing “disadvantaged” to “inner city” the connotation has changed.

We must be able to frame our own arguments and put those who are in opposition to our position on the defensive; we can not and should not adopt their terminology that is meant to put us on the defensive. Today instead of saying race is not at issue someone will simply say he or she is using the “race card” and automatically the person being accused of such is put on the defensive and will be dismissed. Understanding linguistics is important in the framing of our arguments and issues. One of the many reason some Black folk do not support Affirmative Actions and Reparation is because of the framing done to these issues by those who oppose them. Instead of dealing with rather or not reparations is deserved, the issue of reparations have become one that deals with where will the money come from, how it will be used and how will white folk react to it as if any of these things are relevant to the fact that Reparations are do and just. The same with Affirmative Action, it has been framed as being a quota system that put unqualified Black men and women in positions that should have went to a “more” qualified white person. Pay attention to those who oppose our issues and how they articulate that opposition and you will see the use of talking points centered around framing the argument to put us on the defensive when truth is on our side.

90% Black Detroit proposes Africa Town for black economic empowerment

This is a case study of how white people will always oppose blacks attempts to lift ourselves up by our bootstraps. See one popular white columnist responce. READ A WHITES REACTION

Therein lays the intransigence of white folks. They do not want to see black people “targeted” in attempts to lift up black people. What sense does this make? When the bald eagle was facing extinction in North America, the bird had problems relative to other birds. Thus, it was logical to “target” that bird for different treatment in order that it could reach a point of viability once again. It could not have been done by simply seeking a non specific solution that treated all birds the same. Such would have simply preserved the bald eagles demise.

What whites are essentially proposing is a non specific solution to a specific black problem. At best, such would be very inefficient, if beneficial at all. They proclaim that they want to help solve the problems of the black community, but at they same time, if it means “targeting” blacks, they are against it. What logical sense does that make?

Some people have asked why some blacks need to always talk about thee white mindset and what they are thinking. This is a good case to represent why such is necessary. White will use their power, based upon what they are thinking, to undermine black legitimate attempts to lift ourselves up by our bootstraps. The example that this woman presents works to send a message to whites that it is ok for them to discriminate against blacks, because blacks are discriminating against whites. Her spin will give whites justification for not investing in Detroit or not giving them opportunities for convention business or something else.

She has drawn a moral equivalence between the actions of the Detroit city council and that of white racism of the past that bared blacks, when there is none. If a person suffers and unprovoked attack of violence against them and then retaliates .
with violence in order to offset the effects of the aggressor, are both acts of violence the moral equivalent? No court of law would suggest such. Rather, it would be called self defense. Therefore, whites have not only decided that they are not willing to come to our rescue, but they are also attempting to deny us the basic rights of self defense/preservation.

September 22, 2004



To people reared in educated and or affluent environments and households, they may be taken aback when I say that no one ever sat down and told me the value of your credit rating in life. Not only was I void of this the most junior child, I feel victim to my elder siblings using my name and identity to get different types of credit. Needless to say, my credit was bad before I reached adulthood. I subsequently exacerbated the situation, not understanding the importance of it in combination with not making long terms plans in my life at that time.

I have come to realize, the hard way, just how important credit is in a persons economic life. Having good credit can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime, from big ticket items like homes, autos, boats and the like. Not only that, in order to rent a car and stay at many hotels, they want you to have a credit card. We are living in a credit society these days and your worth is judged by your credit rating score.

In light of the times that we live, having good credit can save you plenty of money in the long run and having bad credit can cost you. When I say cost you, I mean that it gives financers an excuse to exploit you. Financers can’t make much of a return off people with good credit, because they are given such great interest rates and other deals. Those people with terrible credit and who would end up costing the financers in bad loans are not given loans. Thus, the profit margins come from exploiting those with marginal credit. These are the people who are likely to pay, but have sometimes had late payments and a moderately low credit rating.

Some of the practices simply do not make much sense. For example, the insurance industry, in some states, charge higher premiums based upon your credit score. Is there a correlation between having bad credit and being getting into accidents or having more claims? The insurance actuary industry seems to think so. I would venture to guess that bad credit manifest in every class strata, but most profoundly among the poor. The poor tend to live in poor communities with higher congestion and crime rates, which likely lead to more accidents and property crimes, resulting in more claims. Thus, it seems to me that the higher claim volume is linked to poverty and not credit score. The insurance industry already penalize you for living in higher crime and congestion, thus increasing it for bad credit is simply penalizing them twice for the same phenomenon.

Not only that, what about home mortgages? If you have had an impeccable rental payment history, but have had some problems paying your car or credit cards on time and went into delinquency on other small accounts, the only thing that should matter is you rental payment history. The reason being is that people naturally place their bills in a hierarchy, based upon their needs. If people cannot pay all their bills, they will usually prioritize paying what they need the most, which is usually a place to stay. If a person does not have a rental payment history, then the credit score would have more weight. But if one has such a history, that payment history, and not credit score, should determine your credit worthiness and hence interest rate, but it does not.

It all seems rather counter intuitive. If a person has had trouble paying their bills or have a less than favorable income to debt ratio, then charging them more seems that it would only increase the probability that they could not pay it back. It seems akin to giving a person more bricks to carry, because he demonstrated an inability to carry previous loads. Does that not seem counter intuitive? On the other hand, the person who has demonstrated the abilityt to carry the load on time is rewarded with less bricks to carry. Its a punitive system.

The truth is that this is how a lot of finance companies are increasing their profit margins, by exploiting those with marginal credit and throwing in all these fees. Being black only exacerbates the situation, because studies have shown that blacks, even with good credit, are charged higher rates than whites, everything else being equal. Thus, a black person with bad credit, but not terrible credit, will be charged extremely higher rates for credit than they should be charged. Hence, if you plan on having something in life….PLEASE CLEAN UP THAT CREDIT and ALSO PLEASE TEACH YOUR CHILDREN THE VALUE AND NEED OF HAVING GOOD CREDIT.


Top 5 African American Metro Pop.

New York, NY.......1,565,651
Chicago, IL........1,529,810
Washington, DC.....1,178,059
Atlanta, GA........1,129,846
Detroit, MI........1,023,286

Top 5 Native African Metro Pop.

Washington, DC.........80,281
New York, NY...........73,851
Atlanta, GA............34,302
Minneapolis-St. Paul...27,592
Los Angeles............25,829

Top 5 African Caribbean Metro Pop.

New York, NY...........566,770
Miami, FL..............153,255
Fort Lauderdale, FL....150,476
Boston, MA ............62,950
Nassau-Suffolk, NY.....60,412

September 21, 2004


What is your disaster recovery plan? When I say disaster, I mean in regards to the nations economic fate. In other words, what is your depression survival plan? Are you and your loved one prepared to survive just in case this nation and the world plunge into economic abyss? Do you feel that the probability of this happening is good, fair or not a snowballs chance in hell?

If you really think about it, if there was impending doom in the horizon, the government and leaders would not release such information to the public. The reason being is that by doing such it would expedite the calamity by creating a self-fulfilling prophesy. For example, If a large meteor was seen headed on a direct path to earth, projected to impact within a 5 year window, it is not likely that such information would reach the public due to the immediate chaos that it would cause. Instead, the government(s) would work clandestinely behinds the scenes to alter the event or prepare a small subset of human population for survival.

In the same way, the government would and will keep certain information classified, if it has the ability of making the public panic and behave in a way that would threaten economics, peace and security. Such a reality could exist right now, with a secret group of people having a blank check to prevent an economic downfall of America. This could be accomplished via wars and gaining control of valuable resources via false pretexts. Without the ability to bare direct witness to the creation of a truth, the best most people can do is trust and hope we are being truthfully informed. Calamity could be in the horizon, but the public lacks the ability to bare witness.

Thus, again, the question is do you have an economic depression survival plan? Do you feel that it would simply result in total anarchy and that you would not survive, hence, no need to prepare? It is not likely that your current skill sets would do you any good. You stock portfolio will have crashed and inflation would erode the value of your money…plus…you likely would not have a job. Thus, how would you feed, house and protect your family?

I have one suggestion, and that is grabbing up some land that can support crops and livestock. My parents essentially lived off the land when they were share croppers in Mississippi growing up. The catch was that they did not own the land and that is how they were manipulate and oppressed. Thus, land ownership will is the REALEST wealth for human survival.


I like to take the time to pay respect to two long time spiritual movements that have been dedicated to the rise of black people for over half a century. Those two movements are the Nation Of Islam (NOI) and the Rastafarian movement in Jamaica. These two spiritual movements have something very much in common, despite their obvious religious differences. They both were formed in the early 1900’s as a direct response or reaction to white supremacy and the mistreatment of blacks. Thus, both movements have black liberation and rise as a cornerstone of their ideology.

In regards to the Rastafarian movement, particular respect goes out to the Nyahbinghi and Bobo Ashanti and their relentless attack indictment against Babylon and its mistreatment of African people.

This is not intended as a promotion of any religion, but rather, a Pan African paying respects to those who have and continue to carry the torch for black liberation and rise to our full potential as human beings.

Thanks and RESPECT!!!

September 20, 2004


Understanding the difference between Emotional and Logical RACISM

How is it that so many blacks can see racism from the actions of whites, yet, far fewer whites than accused can see themselves as racist? The reason that I believe most of this discrepancy in perception exists is due to two distinct and different phenomenons being combined into one term, racism. The different and distinct phenomenons are logic and emotions.

Most white people see racism as an emotional based phenomenon, where people act out emotional malice towards another race of people. When they visualize a racist, they envision a person filled with the emotions of anger and or hate, as their primary motivation. This fact is easy to detect in whites via their Freudian projections. This is when whites judge the motives of others as being racist, based upon what they project would be true of them, given a similar scenario. I myself (yes...really) have been accused by whites of being racist for simply discussing the history of race. From this discussion they interpret that I am angry (emotion) at whites (for this history), thus making me a racist. Hence, it is easy to see that whites think that the destination of racism can only be reached by taking the emotional path.

In light of this fact, whites who believe that racism only or most profoundly manifest via the emotional path and who harbor no strong emotions against blacks, see themselves as being void of racism. Due to the absence of these negative emotions, they fail introspection of their rational cognitions. Since rational cognitions are seen as logic driven and not emotional driven, whites thus ignore the possibility that their rationalizations and conclusions is what make them racist. More precisely, logical white racism is the belief of white supremacy and that white supremacy explains the world order.

In the past, white supremacy and white emotional racism were tightly coupled. People who hated blacks also believed that blacks were inferior and people who believed that blacks were inferior generally were angry at blacks for seeking equality that they were genetically incapable of getting or maintaining. Today, emotional and logical racism often is disjointed, due to society evolving a negative stigma or taboo associated with white racism. Thus, most whites today have learned to be emotionally tolerant, if not accepting, of other races, particularly blacks. However, their rational cognitions, for the vast majority, are still that of white supremacy.

When I say white supremacy I am speaking in the context of the juxtaposition with blacks. Some whites are no longer rationalizing that whites are the supreme race, given the performance intellectualy of Asians, however, they still believe that blacks are inferior. The metrics for supremacy is mostly that of intelligence and control of ones more primal side of human nature (blacks can't control their sex drive and are irresponsible eg). Thus, white supremacy, in the context of black issues, is akin in meaning to black inferiority. It is this rationalization, that usurps history and environment, which thus serves as the explanation as to why blacks lag whites all over the world, including here in the USA.

If you were to ask most whites, who say they are not racist, why whites in the world are so much better off economically than blacks, they will give you a rational explanation that implies or alludes some sort of black inferiority/white supremacy. For example, how many times have you heard whites say that if blacks simply worked as hard as everyone else.... (whites) The obvious implication here is that blacks are lazy. How many times have you heard whites lament that a black person seems intelligent simply from speaking and or writing in a grammatically correct manner?

Probably the biggest indicator of white’s assumption of their genetic intellectual superiority is gleaned by default. What I mean by that is that even though the physical and mental are not our only capacities, those two capacities are the primary criterion that mankind ranks itself by. Thus, with blacks dominating in sports, which is a showcase for physical capabilities, more than a few whites believe that blacks are physically superior based upon the resultant of competition. Thus, when white folks lament “white men can’t jump”, they are acknowledging a belief that whites are physically inferior to black’s in general physical competition metrics. Of course, we can look across the array of sports that blacks participate in and find the same patterns.

The reason that white folks are not insecure about their belief that “white men can’t jump”, is due to their belief that white men might not be able to out jump a black person, but he can out think a black person any day, as demonstrated by history and science. Whites put far more value in the intellectual capacities rather than the physical capacities, in measurment. Thus, they can feel superior, despite black’s domination in physical competition. If whites saw blacks as equal in intellectual capacity, while superior in physical capacity, the summation would be a conclusion of black superiority over whites. However, if this was true, those blacks are superior, then how does one explain the current world order in which whites are at the top and blacks are on the bottom? Therefore, white’s rationalization always must work to explain the current world order and any conclusions of black superiority or equality is not supported by the reality of current conditions.

Some people will lament…so what? The significance of knowing how whites think can help us better deal with the present and prepare for the future. While there are ample opportunities, white supremacy is relatively benign. However, when opportunities contract and economic opportunity become more competitive and closer to zero sum, white supremacy will metastasize into the malignant growth of white emotional racism. The reason being is due to the fact that whites will rationalize that they should have the disproportionate share of opportunities…because they are intellectually superior. They will rationalize that most blacks with good jobs received them over a more qualified white person and resent it. That is even manifesting today and has been going on for some time.

What blacks cannot afford to do is make the assumption that progress does not go in reverse. We cannot assume that things cannot revert back to the mid 1900’s in attitudes. What is the guarantee against this? There is none. However, if we allow ourselves to fall for this trend of not talking about race of racism, because whites no longer want to talk about it because whites say they are no longer racist…it will be us that will be the fools.

September 18, 2004

For Brothers and Sisters looking to relocate, check out the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St.Paul

This article is simply to help assist our brothers and sisters who are contemplating a relocation and seek information on the best options available. What people desire in a city will no doubt vary from person to person. However, economics, schools, quality of life, weather diversity are generally important to most folks. Thus, I would like to give provide information concerning what I think is an outstanding metropolitan area to work, live and raise a family. That metro area is the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul.

As a little background, I am currently living in the Twin cities area. After leaving Michigan, I lived in Atlanta for a few years, before settling here after some relative relocated here to start a business. I moved here in 1995 and experience culture shock after Detroit and Atlanta. Being the Pan African that I am, I was not impressed with the lack of black population in such a large Metropolitan area. Besides that, it was so cold that it made your toes curl…for all the wrong reasons…if you know what I mean.

I never figured on staying here more than a year…then I was out…so I thought. I had come here after my senior brother moved here at the request of our cousin who had moved here to start a business. I was fresh out of college and decided to give it a try. Now, its 2004 and I need a dang good reason to find another city to live. I still think about moving back to Michigan, but after living here, it would have to be to help out family, before I could move back there.

When I moved here I felt like superman. The gravity on Krypton was such that when Superman found a planet where the gravity was much less, it gave him super strength relative to the indigenous to the planet. That is how I felt after moving here from Michigan. Everything seems so much easier and less stressful. This was especially true in regards to the sisters. I won’t lie…my game was weak when I lived in Michigan, with all the ballers and hustlers sporting their “gators” and dressing on point. You see in Michigan, thugs were smooth and dressed on point to impress. It was not all that crazy thugged out hard core look like you see on the West Coast. Brothers who would kill you in a second…could not be differentiated from a regular player..but I am digressing. Anyway…my game was weak cause I couldn’t compete. But in Minnesota, I got play like I never got play before…probable due to the fact that for some strange reason, most of the brothers here are chasing white women. All I had to tell a sister is that I didn’t date white women and they wanted me to propose to them.

All that is fine, but the real deal about the Twin Cities is that it had the second largest percentage increase in the black population in the country, behind only Las Vegas. About 20% of the 200,000 plus blacks that now live in the area are native Africans. The area has one of the largest concentrations of Africans in the nation numerically, plus it has the largest percentage African population in the country, as a percentage of the total black population. Being a Pan African…I loved this…Especially them Ethiopian sisters…talk about grace and feminity…and traditional…man!

In regards the cities, there are extremely clean and well kept. When I first arrived and was looking for a place to stay, I went to check out these nice looking town homes in the black community on the North side of town. Come to find out…it was a housing project. I could not believe it. I had never seen a housing project that nice.

In regards to jobs, this is a white color community that is the headquarters of no less than 14 fortune 500 companies. The states unemployment rate is consistently a percentage or more below the national average, regardless of the economic conditions of the nation. The per capita income is in the top ten for cities in the nation. There is lots of wealth in the area and local business leaders are very philanthropic. It has one of the best cultural offerings per capita in the nation. Plays, symphonies, and all three major league sports.

The metropolitan area is estimated to be around 3,000,000 in 2004. Biggest drawback…long cold winters…but with global warming…my last for winters have been much warmer than my first four. A couple years back it was 60 degrees in December.

Improving Public Education In the new millennium

I am going to propose a radical idea here. I believe that 90% or more of the jobs currently demanded in our economy could be filled by high school graduates. I am not basing that statement on the current curriculum and structure of the k-12 public system. The statement is based upon the possibilities of free public education, if the system is overhauled to partnership with the real time needs of businesses.

It is common knowledge that roughly and conservatively, 80% of what is learned in high school and college finds little direct application to the modern economy. K-12, as it exist now, does set the foundation of the fundamentals. However, by the time a person reaches the 9th grade, fundamentals should be established thus opening up time for teaching, preparing and training youth for jobs demanded in the economy.

What I am essentially proposing is that High School should do what 4 year colleges do now. College would then be for advanced theory, research and professions that require many years of training, such as Physicians. The benefit of this is that the inability to pay for college, in theory, should not restrict anyone from 90% or more of the opportunities in the economy. Of course there will still be schools in poor communities that lack funding, but that is besides the point I am trying to make, which is the current system is inefficient and antiquated.

What has happened is that colleges and universities has become an industry. Colleges and Universities is one of the top industries in the nation. It employs hundreds of thousands of workers. What it produces, in theory, is what the economy is demanding of its skilled labor pool, as well as, research that advances science and industry. The latter is fine, but it does a very inefficient job at the former. In fact, much of what it does for the former is what I have proposed could be done in high schools.

A little over a quarter of all jobs current in the economy requires a college degree. In truth, when one earns their bachelors degree, whatever profession or discipline they are hired in only utilizes about 10% of the totality of what they were taught in college. Moreover, when a person is hired, they are often trained or sent to training by their companies in regards to the specific needs of that company. There are people with degrees in music and English, who are now software engineers by virtue of training opportunities offered at their jobs.

In light of this, it is obvious that the requirement of a college degree, for many jobs, is not really a cumulative prerequisite to the job, but rather, simply a way to filter applicants. Once a person receives a degree, society is compelled to reward them for their hard work and discipline, over those who did not get a formal college degree. This is because of the promise of our “system”. The promise/propaganda is that education is the key to success. Thus, if this is the mantra of society, then society must reward those who seek higher and advanced education, more so than those who do not, regardless of skills and intelligence.

If current trends continue with the old antiquated construct and the cost of college keeps rising more than twice the rate of inflation, then the only people being able to afford college will be the upper classes. Thus, the societies class structure will become more rigid than it already is today. Also, the percent of jobs requiring a college degree to earn middle class status and more, is on the rise. That is because the number of jobs where people could earn middle class wages, like auto production, is on the decline. These trends are bound to reduce class mobility, with the current education construct.

In conclusion, I propose shifting at least 70% of what is taught to achieve a bachelors degree in college, back to high schools. On a personal note, I have yet to use 90% of what I was taught in my Bachelor of Science degree, in any of my occupations after my matriculation. Yet, I was out 20K in school cost, that I am still paying back to this day.

September 17, 2004

Top 12 Reactions from whites regarding the topic of RACE

The black and white racial divide will continue in
America as long as whites continue these common
tactics in regards to discussing and debating the
racial history and contemporary plight of African

1. Avoid discussing the topic. Most whites seem very
uncomfortable with the topic of race. The human nature
reason being that humans have a propensity of aversion
to enter any situation where the probability is
greater that they will lose something rather than gain
something. Psychologically, whites fear being labeled
as racist, regardless of the merits of the label.

2. Attack the messenger. When a the words of humans
are truthful and irrefutable, those who brave a
response will usually try to destroy the credibility
of the messenger in the hope that by discrediting the
messenger, the message will then be discredited. This
is why many people always try to find dirt to bring up
and use against outspoken black leaders in an attempt
to discredit them and their message. Unfortunately,
this is a very successful tactic.

3. Point to the guilt of others. Humans, when
confronted with their transgressions or their group
transgression, will attempt nullify their guilt by
pointing out others who have done things bad or wrong
in an attempt to draw a moral equivalence of degree
and kind so that they will not appear as being out of
the ordinary in their actions. This manifest in on the
subject of race via whites attempt to claim that
blacks are just as racist as whites and that blacks
sold their own people into slavery. Regardless of the
degree of truth in those assessments are the fact at
hand, which is the guilt of the white society and
America, and the fact that blacks did not enslave and
degrade whites for centuries and as part of foundation
of their economic system.

4. Deny that the past has an impact upon the present.
This occurs when the facts cannot any longer be swept
under the rug, so then the aim becomes to deny that
the past has any relation to the present problems
people face. Thus, the people can then say that those
things in the past were terrible, but that all the
players and actors are now dead and nothing can or
should be done about it. This conveniently ignores
that every action produces a reaction and that the
present is in fact 99.999% the creation of the past
and that black problems of today are directly and
indirectly linked to past actions of this society.

5. Call to move on. This is an attempt to get blacks
to stop focusing on the history of how or problems
came about;which just happens to caste aspersion upon
white society. What this call ignores is that it is
not the HISTORY of race that keeps the race issue
alive with blacks. Rather, it is the social and
economic deprivation of blacks today relative to
whites today, that are the direct and indirect effects
of past racial prejudice and discrimination, that
keeps the topic of race from being moved passed.

6. Accuse the messenger of hate. Even though their may
exist nothing in the conversation or debate that are
evidence of hate, whites will assume the messenger to
be filled with hate and anger due to what psychologist
call Projection; Which is the phenomenon of humans
projecting what is or would be their motives, behavior
and reactions as being the motives behavior and action
of others. Thus, in essence giving insight into their
own thought processes and not that of the messenger.

7. Accuse the messenger of creating racism. Many
whites will use the rhetoric of people who point out
racial injustice as causing them to become racist or
to see blacks in a negative light, when they did not
before. This is what I call circular racism, which is
contemporary white racism fueled by the reaction
manifested in blacks to past white racism. Since every
action creates a reaction, this creates a type of
kinetic white racism. The simply fact is that an
articulately presented indictment of how blacks were
put down in order to help elevate white society angers
whites and creates a backlash or negative emotional
response from them directed at blacks.

8. Visceral, emotional responses. This is what happens
when all else fails and this is usually when the
subconscious mind takes control of the conscious mind
and reveals racial prejudice and beliefs of white
supremacy stored in the recess of their mind via the
psychology of suppression and denial. But of course,
they will rationalize that these feeling and belief
are the product or reaction to the messenger and not
something engrained in them by society or their

9. Try to convince blacks of their fortune. The goal
here is to highlight the fact that blacks in America
live better than blacks back and Africa, therefore, we
should feel fortunate for the enslavement and
oppression of 10 generations of our forefathers. They
want to take the social and economic juxtaposition of
blacks and whites and place it upon African Americans
vs. Africans outside America. However, the slave
trade, colonization and exploitation stagnated most
black people around the world, while facilitating and
fueling the uplift of Western civilization. If
Europeans had stayed in Europe and Africans in Africa,
I dare say that it would be the average European with
a much worse off lot in this world, than it would be
for blacks of the world.

10. Love America or Leave it. This is when they say
get out of America and go live in Africa if this is
such a bad place. Again, the goal is to get ride of US
(blacks) as opposed to trying to get ride of the
legacies and responsibility of Americas mistreatment
of us that manifest in so many problems today. This
approach also prevents them from having to change
their ways or to introspect their own racism that
contributes to the problems black face and the social
and economic gaps. Besides, that, why leave something
that generations of your family lived in humanity to
create. None has more right to any current fruits,
than do black people, but white still
disproportionately enjoy the fruits of our ancestors
sacrifices as well as the sacrifices of their
ancestors and others.
The fallacy that most whites assume is that it is
so-called black leaders who inspire the masses of
blacks to think the way we do, when nothing could be
further from reality. It is simply the HISTORY and
CONDITIONS that black people live with contemporarily,
relative to whites, plus the continued effects of
current white racism and ignorance, that keeps the
fire burning. The issue of race will never subside
until the legacy of past racism and the social and
economic gaps between the races are eliminated.

11) My ancestors did not own any slaves and I should
not be held responsible for something that happened
before my ancestors arrived here.
This should actually
move to the top 5. The first fallacy of this response
is that it erroneously assumes that black oppression
was limited to slavery. They can then reason that
those acts were terrible but that all the victims and
villains are now dead. However, black oppression was
not simply limited to being the property of whites.
Most historians on the racial history of Africans in
America say that the most brutal period for blacks in
the country were the first few decades after the fall
of the post slavery reconstruction period also known
as the Jim Crow era. In actuality, blacks were
oppressed overtly up until the late 60s in America,
and there are Millions of survivors living today.
Also, whites must understand that America is a
representative republic, where the majority rules.
Thus, when the citizens of a republic such as ours,
allows the discrimination and oppression of a segment
of the population, then the citizenry is complicit.
The reason being that this is a country of the people
for the people and by the people, thus, the people are
responsible. Furthermore, all American citizens
inherit the assets as well as the liabilities that
this nation has accrued from the past. It is a package
deal that cannot be split up. Each citizen is allowed
to enjoy the fruits and benefits of America that they
nor their ancestors created, yet, you never find white
citizens objecting to their use of the assets and
privileges based upon their lack of involvement in
their creation. But in blatant hypocrisy, they want to
deny their citizenship responsibility to past debts
based upon not having created or contributed to them.
If they [whites] can rationalize not being responsible
to the debts, then they have also rationalized the
taking away of their rights to assets created in the
past not related to them or their ancestors. Thus, the
only solution for them would be to leave the country

12) We are Superior!!! These whites do not even bother
to pretend. They come right out with their prejudice
and are not at all shamed of it. The other responses
are usually the responses or tactics of whites who are
in denial or who are trying to hide from themselves
and hide if from us as well.

September 16, 2004

Appreciation of the beauty that God gave us!

What makes a young child play favorites in regards to race? The reason that I ask is that I have come to discover that my 18 month old daughter seems to prefer white people over black (in regards to strangers). I am rather perplexed by this phenomenon, to say the least. When we are in the malls, or other public places, my daughter, who is just learning to talk, goes out of her way to say “hi” to the white people that she sees. However, when she sees a black person, she does not speak. She will even let a white person pick her up…without crying, but let a black person that she does not know try such…she will cry, scream and fight. What is going on?

We live in a mixed community, but nearly all of our close friends are black and so my daughter is exposed to kind and loving black people constantly. There has been no traumatic experiences, of a negative nature, emanating in a pattern recognizable as being associated with blacks. In fact, as far as we know, she has had no traumatic experiences, other than birth, shots, the flu and a few tumbles out the bed. So, It is not as if she has learned that black equals bad, by virtue of her life experiences.

The only thing that I can figure is that she became acclimated to the white nurses, after she was born premature and spent 7 weeks in newborn intensive care. All the staff were white. I am not sure of the imprint of that experience has left on her young mind, but she was there a long time, but my wife and I were there nearly all the time as well. However, they did administer some painful shots, so I would think that would count against them, in her young mind.

Maybe it is not that at all. Maybe she just finds their different appearance worth investigating. I mean no disrespect or direct comparison, but she is rather fascinated with dogs as well. I think part or a lot of that fascination is due to their difference from humans and hence herself. Thus, whenever she sees a dog, she goes “doggy…woof, woof”...she makes an effort to get the dogs attention. Maybe she thus sees whites as fascinating, in a similar way, because they look different from her and the black people who surrounds her life on a daily basis.

I will not consciously verbalize to my daughter issues of race at such a young age. I think that would be irresponsible, as well as damaging. I do not mind that she greets white folks or play with white children. However, what I do not want is for her to favor another race over her own. I do believe that every entity needs a bit of narcissism about who and what they are. I can’t help but to believe that those who favor traits that they do not themselves posses are suffering from an inferiority complex and can’t really feel that good about themselves or their loved ones.

I can remember reading of these studies where black children prefered to play with white dolls, rather than black ones. In their young minds, they associated the black dolls as being or looking "dirty". There were also studies that showed other dispariging choices of young black children, in regards to their own race or those that looked like them. The kicker was that the original studies were done in the 40's or 50's, but were repeated with the same results in the late 80's or early 90's.

Are we conditioned to dislike who we are in this society...from birth?

Kofi Annan says that the Iraq war was illegal!

Finally…its about time that someone of note spelled out the truth. However, the “coalition of the willing” has is bound to vehemently reject the position of the Head of the UN. Britain has already come out and said that it rejects Annan’s conclusion.

The contradiction that needs to be addressed, for me, is how the coalition can have used the UN resolutions as the bases for their invasion, yet, reject the UN rules in regards to when it is legal to go to war, according to UN charter. Why does the coalition presidents and prime ministers, think they understand the UN rules better than its acting president?

September 15, 2004

Africa‘s new and modern metropolis of Nigeria West Africa


One of the main dichotomies of human life is the competition between the need and desires of individuals versus the needs and desires of the group or collective. Individualism and collectivism are opposite ideologies or concepts that each help promote the survival and success of human life. To exist in either extreme is a bad for humanity. Thus, a society or people need to find the proper balance in order to maximize both the short and long-term viability of its people.

In America, the system heralds and promotes the concept of the individual and his or her freedom. This is one of the things that makes America so enjoyable and attractive to people. However, in every action, one must always look for the tradeoff reaction. The tradeoff reaction of promoting individualism is that it erodes submission to collective phenomenon, interests and institutions. Learned cultural and social behavior is an example of a collective phenomenon. For example, Southern Hospitality, respect of elders, respect for women, chivalry, being obedient to parents. These are all learned social behavior that is taught via collective culture. Also, collectivism can manifest as institutions, such as the family unit, which is simply a collective arrangement to promote the viability of children.

When individualism is promoted, as it has been in our society, it becomes part and parcel with the erosion of the above mentioned collective phenomenon of tradition, culture, family and group values. Thus, as individuals become more satisfied with their personal lives, they become less satisfied with the collective direction of the society...or everyone else besides them. What they fail to realize, however, is that latter is the creation of the former. People are happier with their personal lives because of their freedoms, but everyone doing their own thing sacrifices the ability of the society to control the collective direction and fate of the masses.

It’s akin the problem of traffic congestion. People want the freedom that comes with driving their own cars to and from work. However, metropolitan governments and councils want to promote the collective good of non congested roads and traffic via collective transportation systems. If individualism wins out and everyone chooses to drive their own vehicles, there freedom creates the collective problem of congested roads and traffic. Thus, their problems with congestion come as a direct resultant or tradeoff of their choices of individuality. It's circular causation.

In a nation of individuality, the only thing that holds society collective interest becomes its laws. If an act is not illegal and there is a benefit to the individual entity and a cost to the collective, the calculus will always lean heavily toward giving the individual the benefit. Thus, in an individualistic society, one cannot expect moral and ethical concerns for the collective, not enforced by laws, to usurp the benefit individual entities can gain to themselves from certain acts and behavior. Take as example negative rap music, which is a lucrative industry, but also misogynistic and civility eroding lyrics. The music industry and artist both benefit from this and it adds to the nations GDP, but it also produces a moral and social cost to the collective. Therefore, the promotion of individuality trumps the collective conscerns when the behavior is not illegal, most often. Expectations should therefore be managed accordingly, because one cannot have the benefit of individuality and freedom, without the associated cost.

People like to lament how at this point in time, America is the greatest nation on earth. However, the true worth or value of something cannot be measured until its costs are reconciled with the benefits, the debits balanced against the credits and the reactions fully manifest from actions. In the interim, things can appear to have a greater worth or value than they actually do, because the cost or reaction is not real time. Thus,leaving the present with only benefit and few, if any, cost. In such a society, where cost and reactions are conserved or pushed into the future, the future generations will bear the burdens of our benefits, to their detriment. Its kind of like the burdens that present white America refuses to accept, from past white Americas exploitation and mistreatment of blacks.

This nation has reached the point of diminishing returns. Its virtues and things that have made is so attractive are now things are causing the erosion of the nation.

September 14, 2004

The Geopolitical Chess Game

In the geopolitical chess game of global power, the USA has demonstrated the fundemental failure to look ahead. Indeed, one who fails to look ahead in chess fails to understand the nature of the game and how a seemingly good acquisition can place one in a quagmire, present or future>

The USA salivated at the thought of capturing a “rook” in the form of Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Even though the rook later proved impotent, by not being in a position to do much harm, the country keeps highlighting the capture as if it was an excellent move. In reality, the cost of that move has made us more vulnerable and not less. It has exposed our king and there are few moves that we can make to regain advantage, notwithstanding the conquest.

In short, it was a bad move. Our move was tantamount to sacrificing our queen to capture and impotent piece on the world chess board of power. It, Iraq, was boxed in and could not project itself outward as a threat. Now, the move has made the USA so tied up in Iraq and reputation is so discredited from the move,that other pieces like Iran and North Korea can now move with virtual impunity.

Iran is essentially showing their indifference to threats and coersion from the West, now that Iraq has proved such a bad and costly move for the US. They have even gone as far to say that they will continue their nuclear ambitions and that the rest of the world will simply have to accept it. We all know that North Korea is definitely not a fight the USA wants. They have 1 million soldiers and lots of, they might already have a few nuclear bombs.

Only the blind would not see that having weapons of mass destruction is the only thing that keeps the USA from invading those whom it proclaims are evil. Thus, now that the USA is tied up militarily in a quagmire in Iraq, it does not have the troop strength or public will to support/trust an attack on another nation with has nuclear ambitions. This has put Iran is a very strong position and has embolden their nuclear ambition. Indeed, with Iraq being their next door neighbors, it stands to reason that they have much to gain by promoting instability in Iraq and keeping the US forces occupied there.

The resultant is that the amateurish moves of President Bush and his advisors, who salivated over toppling Saddam Hussein, have actually put our nation more at risk than before. Of course, they will tell you just the opposite. They are hoping that their propaganda that highlights the move to topple Saddam, in and of itself, will blind people to the geopolitical resultant that puts this nation future more at risk. The move was short term and short sighted and the administration is trying to get the people to think short term and short sighted. That is the only way to mask the atrocious inept blunder, that is worthy of impeachment.

September 13, 2004

Multiculturalism\Diversity and Multicentrism; understanding the difference.

Black men and women need to take note and understand the difference between multiculturalism, also know as diversity and Multicentrism.

Multiculturalism and Diversity can be achieved and maintained in a structurally racist and Eurocentric system like we have here in America. Multiculturalism and diversity can also be used to represent something that is not actually what we seek, but because many of our people do not understand the difference between multiculturalism and diversity and what it represent versus Multicentrism and what it represent; black men and women continue to suffer.

Multiculturalism and Diversity is a goal that is sought based on outward appearance like different races and cultures being represented. Thus, we have Bush who claims to believe in Diversity and Multiculturalism and his Cabinet is proof of that. With Powell, Condi, Paige and the various other Black men and women in his administration we can not argue with Bush and his supporters that he embraces Diversity and Multiculturalism. However, when it comes to politics and policy making jobs it is not diversity and multiculturalism that should be sought, the goal should be Multicentrism.

Multicentrism, deals with multiple centers being represented and what differentiate one center from the other is the various perspectives held by each center. If you have ten groups of people of various backgrounds and ethnicity but they all hold the same perspective, you have only achieved Multiculturalism and Diversity, and you have not achieved Multicentrism.

In politics and on jobs where those who hold them are in positions to create policy that affects many communities, it is not enough to have a Black face in one of the positions that shape policy; that Black face should also represent Black interest if he or she is to be one who represents us. A Black face does not necessarily equal Black interest in this day. Having a Black face in politics is not the same as having a Black face working at Wal-Mart or General Electric. The goal of Multiculturalism and Diversity on jobs of no consequence or jobs that are not into shaping public policy is based on race, ethnicity, and gender and so on. We can not use the goals of Multiculturalism and Diversity when we are talking about jobs that shape Public Policy.

Multicentrism is and should be the goal of Black men and women in America for policy making positions. Multicentrism does not put a Black face at the table, it puts one who represents our views and our perspective at the table and that is key in affecting change if there is to be change. In the Bush Administration Collin Powell represents multiculturalism and diversity for the most part; he only represents Multicentrism to the degree that he supports Affirmative Action. Condi Rice and the other Negro-Cons in Bush Administration represent multiculturalism and diversity but in no way do they represent Multicentrism.

Once we understand the difference between Multiculturalism\diversity and Multicentrism, we can then understand the importance of why a sitting President can not snub a Black organization because their perspective is different than his and meet with another Black organizations as a sign of embracing the communities represented by these organizations. The Urban League and the NAACP while similar in function still represent two very different perspectives and are engaged in different battles on behalf of Black men and women, thus Bush meeting with the Urban league and not the NAACP is not only a snub of the NAACP but it is a snub of those whom perspective is represented by the NAACP.

We must understand the difference and make sure a Black face is not being used as a pawn in a dirty game of chess wherein we do not need a Black face but a Black perspective. Know the difference it will help make a difference!

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