October 13, 2004

Why do so many of our black Queens lack Kings

Why do so many of our black Queens lack Kings? There is an epidemic of single black women that is threatening to the future of black people in this nation. What is it about the black women, the most beautiful of her gender, which has lead to so many of them being lonely and without a husband or mate?

Many women say that it is a supply problem. They say that there are simply not enough black males in the mating pool to choose from, due to incarceration, interracial dating and homosexual leanings. I certainly cannot argue against those points. However, there is a demand side problem as well. That problem is rooted in the black female often becoming educated and finding success in the corporate world at a rate disproportional to black men and thus filtering the pool.

These educated black women are still compelled by tradition to look for a superior provider in the black male. Their standards are thus set higher from the benchmark of what they can provide for themselves as a single woman off their own career and income. Thus, this eliminates many otherwise “good men” from the pool simply because of incomes or careers not superior or commiserate with these educated and successful black females. Hence, many black women are turning their back on "moraly good" black men in their attempts to chase the elite economic black males. This is because women are conditioned by society and tradition to “date up” and not “down”.

What is not often introduced in the discussion of why so many black women are single is the empirical truth that marriage has always been maintained by the glue of dependency in a Patriarchal social construct, as much as tradition. Women, in such a construct, were dependent upon the men because of the combination of power, protection and provisions. Thus, in order for women to be protected and to have provisions for survival, she needed to have a man during our social evolution. Over time, this evolved into gender roles or expectations, that women are no longer constrained by.

Today, due to the summation of our history under white supremacy in the West, black men have relatively little power, ability to protect or the ability to provide, to a degree greater than the black women can do. In other words, the black males have been emasculated by the system. As I noted earlier, women are socially conditioned to “select up” and not “select down”, which is a biological evolutionary predisposition. It is called “natural selection” in which the strong get favored in the mating selection choices and thus those traits are rewarded more and passed on thus making the descendants stronger. Hence, a black woman “dating down” goes against evolutionary biological programming…thus, many remain single waiting for the strong alpha male.

In any population group where the females have power equal or greater than the men, you will see a much higher prevalence of single women. Contrary to popular belief, dependencies and roles have kept marriage strong as much as tradition. However, dependencies often lead to abuses and men have often taken advantage of these dependencies. Women are less likely to put up with such abuses and transgression when they can provide for themselves.

For those looking for me to provide a solution that benefits all…I cannot. The nature of existence is that all actions have tradeoffs. I do not think that the black woman is willing to give up her ability to provide in order that they may be dependent upon black males and thus increase marriage rates. I also do not believe whites will voluntarily dismantle the system of white supremacy which would allow black males to reach their natural equilibrium and not have to live under a system the priveleges white males.

Our problems will not be solved as a people while living in the West.


At 8:50 AM, Blogger Scott said...


Same Url as above:

In Australia, members of an aboriginal society called the Yir Yoront traveled throughout various regions in Australia in small bands. Each band acted as a cooperative unit that hunted animals and gathered various plants for food. In the early dec­ades of this century, the Anglican Church set up a mission with the goal of converting the Yir Yoront to Christianity. To reward those individuals who came to the mission and took instruction, these mission­aries passed out something that they thought would be useful: axes with steel heads. Prior to this time, the Yir Yoront had used axes with stone heads that they had made themselves. A few years after the coming of the Anglican mission, many Yir Yoront bands had ceased to function as cooperative social units and their members had become com­pletely dependent upon handouts from the mission. What happened? For Sharp (1952), the key lay in the impact of those steel axes upon Yir Yoront culture. To understand this impact you need to know more about that culture.

At 9:13 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

How does this relate to black women in America Scott...I am sure you are trying to argue that welfare did this to black peole....but educated single and successful black women not marrying does not have a Jam thing to do with welfare! Next!

At 9:41 AM, Blogger Scott said...

The main problem with your theory is the idea that women marry up. If that was the case then more black women would marry white men, since that would be the ultimate marrying up in your white suppremist world.

That is not the case. More black men marry white women.

So explain why white women marry down in your world and black women marry up.

And please don't give me the black men marrying white trash agrument when everyone knows intermarriage goes up with the education level of the individuals.

At 9:58 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

The first thing that dissenters always do is to argue against absolutism. In other words, you argue by interjecting exceptions to the rule. I am simply talking about the general rule of human evolutionary behavior and I am well aware of exceptions to the rule, but those exceptions do not negate the truth of the dominant rule. Thus, you will find some women who “select down”. This is no epiphany to me.

Why do black women not go after white males? Black women do not generally see white men as being strong in a biological sense. They see the white male stature over black men to be artificial and not the product of biological superiority. The subconscious instincts of many women, whether black or not, are drawn towards the black male because of the female biological senses in regards to honing into male traits that will produce strong children. You will probably find more women of different races fantasizing about black men then you will find black women fantasizing about other races of men. That is not to say that black women do not have such fantasies…I am just talking in degrees.

At 10:43 AM, Blogger Scott said...

[They see the white male stature over black men to be artificial and not the product of biological superiority. The subconscious instincts of many women, whether black or not, are drawn towards the black male because of the female biological senses in regards to honing into male traits that will produce strong children.]

See with a little discussion you get to the heart of the matter, women's (all women not just black) are using biological rational for choosing mates instead of logic that takes into account their evironment.

Thus you have women passing over nerds to sleep with criminals. If you are with men who are biologically "superior" but socially a "liability" then the logical thing to do is to not marry them.

There is no black man shortage. Women choose to be alone. They are still having children, so there is no threat to black people as a nation. So if they choose to be alone rather than marry a nerd. Then so be it.

I have a friend god father to easily a dozen children. So it a well understood he is a good provider, gets gifts at birthdays etc. But for some reason none of the women see him as a mate.

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

So what percentage of black men are you claiming to be “Criminal” or socially a “liability”? The criminal element among black male is an extremely small percentage of the total black male population. What you simply have is lot of recidivisms or repeat offenders in and out of the criminal system. If one includes white color crimes, white males are just as criminal. Thus your criminal theory is the exception to the dominant rule here.

The threat to the black nation is not in regards to population growth, but in regards to the social fabric of the black nation. Women and men need to be together to maximize the rearing of children with both a male and female role model. The absence of that produces more psychologically imbalanced youth, which manifest many negative effects upon the population.

This essay was never about the shortage of black men. This essay was about how white supremacy has corrupted the structural relationship between black men and women.

You sound like a person who was not selected by one of our Queens Scoot. Are you not an Alpha Brother…or did you simply make the choice to select white women?

At 2:47 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

He is not going to answer that Noah, I asked him sometime ago after taking note of somethig he said. It is clear that Scott is not defending an ideology more than he is defending himself and a choice he made. Most Negro-Cons have white wives, or non-black wives to say the least. I only know of two Negro-Cons with Black wives and that is J.C. Watts and Collin Powell and their politics in many cases reflects that, being that they have not totally disconnected themself from the Black populace. When the woman you lay with does not have a care in the world for our community, it is easier for the man to betray his people.

At 5:44 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

I was wondering why Scotts tone seemed so defensive...as if he was angry with black women or something. In his statement "there is not shortage of black men" and his other statement "they would rather be with strong social liability black men"...sounds like a frustrated brother who had little success with black women.

I too had problems with sisters...until I realized I had to improve upon my game and became more confident...plus I relocated to a place where I did not need as much game as in Michigan. Anyway, I did not take the easy path out...which was to start looking for a white girl.

At 4:30 AM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

Let's talk about SOLUTIONS.

Is it not then in the best interests of the Black community here in America to produce a new generation of Black males who are educated and in the superior position to the woman looking to "Marry up"?

I call for a 30 year effort to reprioritize the value system that our youth are indoctrinated with. No longer will atheletics trump the academic standing of a student athlete.

We need to take measure of the messages that are heard in the music that is blasted into their minds each day and determine if they support this effort or if the materialism, hyper-sexualization and egoism stand in our way.

Many of the obsticals that you speak of - incarceration, inter-racial dating and yes even homosexuality are born in the context of the outlets that the culture that we operate under affords.

Start by fixing this culture and the results will follow.

At 4:41 AM, Blogger Scott said...

I shouldn't have said “Criminal” I should have said "gangstar" which is a culture attitude that you all know.

And what is it about Michigan where you don't need as much game.

At 6:35 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Renaldo meet Scott…Scott meet Renaldo. You two are birds of a feather but Renaldo has an edge on your Scott, in his ability to articulate BS.

Renaldo…you are always talking about and offering solutions which you fail to say how to implement. You talk about changing the culture…I agree….but cultures are formed by isolation or a significant degree there of. The black people in America are immersed in the dynamics and influence of white culture. Thus, we have not the isolation from that outside influence to control or socially engineer our own culture. We speak the language of whites (we do not know African languages), we worship white religions, we assimilate the political constructs, we assimilate their social constructs, we assimilate the sexual behaviors and norms (going down town was long a black cultural taboo…now look),….we are inundated with white culture and influence and until we can isolate ourselves from this…we cannot control the destiny of our culture. Even white purchase of hip hop has worked to influence what type of hip hop is being produced.

Scott…part of your problem is your reading comprehension. I never stated that I DO NOT NEED AS MUCH GAME IN MICHIGAN. I said the reverse of that. I actually live in Minnesota now and I did not need as much game here as I did in Michigan. Go back and read…its FUNDEMENTAL. Too many brothers chasing white women in Minnesota resulted in a large pool of available sisters. Its supply and demand Jack…its just that simply. A brother would have to be really weak not to get a sister in the Twin Cities.

I do not agree with the "gangsta" theory either. Many women simply have an attraction to "bad boys". Bad boys are not simply "gangsta", mostly, they are "playas". You see...let me school you about sisters. No sister wants a man that she can control. A sister wants a man who is confident and who can dominate (but not abuse) her...because that accentuates her feminity and makes her feel more like a women. When a sister is juxtaposed with a man that she can dominate and control...she feels less of a women. The reason being is that the definition of men and women are formed by being the opposite of the other. Thus, being a "man" or a "women" is defined relative to the other. Now...take that wisdome and run and get yourself a black women!

At 1:54 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Player :) showing your age. But yes we are talking about the same thing. I am glad you recognize it.

At 2:14 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Slang is regional "Playa". a "gangsta" and a "Playa" are not the same thing. Neither is a "ballah"...at least not where I come from...sure I am 30 something now...but that does not change the fact that you were simply WRONG. You went from criminal, to gangsta and now to accepting playa....you do not know what you think do you?


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