October 09, 2004


The primary defense that the West uses to protect itself from responsibility and litigation, in regards to their role in the enslavement of humans, is there laws. Queen Elizabeth stated:
although the slave trade was barbaric and uncivilized, it was not considered a crime against humanity at the time the United Kingdom government condoned it.
Thus, she is ignoring moral law and cause and effect and simply focusing on what was “legal”. THat was here response in 2003 to a request from Rastafarian elders in JA to repatriate the descendants of slaves and to seek reparations from the British. She went on to say:
It is a fundamental principle of international law that events have to be judged against the law as it stood at the time when they occurred. We regret and condemn the inequities of the slave trade, but these shameful activities belong to the past. Governments today cannot accept responsibility for what happened over 150 years ago.

When people act unrighteous against the dictates of laws, they can be held accountable. However, who holds people accountable when they use laws to protect their unrighteous acts? A society governed by laws has no mechanism to hold accountable those who use laws to be unrighteous. Black people have no redress under the system of white superiority, which used and uses its law and legality to create a system of white supremacy.

It has become obvious that white supremacy is the product of and maintained by laws which are created by and for white interest in the West. Certainly black people did not have a say in in the formation of white supremacy laws. Today, whites want to make it illegal to erode the effects of white supremacy, by challenging the legality of actions and programs designed to help blacks up. Again, this is whites using laws, created by whites, to preserve white supremacy of privilege and conditions…blacks have no chance under such a construct.

The challenge or obstacle for black people is how do we fight white supremacy in the courts, when the laws and courts are designed to preserve white supremacy? That is the proverbial fox guarding the hen house. The system and courts of laws are how whites established their wealth and supremacy. The system of courts and laws today are designed to preserve white supremacy.

The only way for blacks to get justice is if we play counter to their rules. We will once again have to FIGHT the system. We will have to take measures such as refusing to pay income taxes…but only if and when we get massive support from other black people…because they cannot arrest and prosecute some 25 million working African Americans who refuse to pay taxes. Once again we will have to become confrontational as we did in the 60’s.


At 8:19 AM, Blogger animeg said...

I like how if white people do something, everyone is full of excuses about how it's not their responsibilty, but if a black person does something, like being born, we hear all about personal responsibilty. While I agree something has to be done, I am a bit skeptical about the feasibilty of a mass tax boycott- how would we convince so many people?

At 2:27 AM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

I would have to do some research... but one of the Reparations angles I heard an N'COBRA rep. (I think) speak on was litigating on the massive smaller crimes of murder, theft, etc.

The Queens citations are fallacious.
Most every situation where mass atrocities have occurred have been under the vail of the Legality Of The Time. That is, governments that have subjected any particular population to persecution of one form or another have always passed laws or other binding measures that justified the persecution.

I challenge those of that opinion to find such a case where it was technically "Illegal" to persecute any such population... Pull out the usual subjects of the Jews, Native Americans, Japanese Americans, etc. and you won't find any one of them who were persecuted when the laws of the respective country explicitly prohibited it. To the contrary, laws and executive orders were purposely passed in order to explicitly justify persecution, to sanction it and to give it all the authority to make it as far-reaching as possible.

So, the contradiction and hypocrisy is full exposed. All the aforementioned... all have received some form of reparations/restitution... and I doubt if anyone can point to something that made it illegal at the time to persecute anyone of those groups.

And, for those that dare... the utter irony of perhaps the Japanese American saving grace was no doubt purchased (as most all "minorities" in this society) with the Price Of African blood.

At 2:46 AM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

All this is Noah is DRED SCOTT 2004:

Clearly, "[The Black Man] has no rights which the White Man was bound to respect."


At 6:08 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

How can she accept being the “Queen Mother” if we are to leave events in the past behind us? Her status is a good parallel. The reason being is that her current status is the resultant of events of the past and lineage. All the pomp, wealth and power that accompanies the thrown, although only ceremonial today, is simply the accrued value of the Kingdoms crimes against humanity for the last 400 years.


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