October 08, 2004

The Dynamic Duo of Bush and Blair showing hyper interest in Africa's Problems

Tony Blair, Britain’s Prime Minister, has made a pledge to put Africa and its problems at the forefront of G8 nations concerns, at their next gathering. President George W Bush, of the United States, has recently also given much rhetoric on Africa and the need to help the continent. My question is why all the sudden talk of benevolence about problems and conditions that have existed centuries there, in no small part, the negative by product of Western imperialism?

The first thing that the Africans should remain cognizant of is that the West does not act unless it’s in their self interest. This is not benevolence and altruism that is motivating this attention. Rather, it is the fear of terrorism and failed states in Africa being the next big incubator and recruiting grounds for terrorism. Most certainly the Africans as much, if not more, reasons to hate the West than does any group on this planet. Certainly there is no other peoples disenfranchised to the degree of the African and recorded history has many fingers pointed at the West for contributing greatly to this situation.

Back in the days of the Pharaohs, some pharaohs were cognizant of the danger posed by the male offspring and descendants of the oppressed and victimized. Thus, they undertook campaigns of killing male born, lest they rise up in numbers and seek to do unto the rulers what the rulers had done unto their peoples. Every action produces reactions and sometimes the reaction does not have the opportunity to manifest for generations or more. The reaction to what the West has done to African/Black peoples, for the last 400 years has yet to be reconciled against the West. The West is still enjoying the benefits, without having to be burned with the full cost of their actions.

The biggest allies of the present white man is the past white man; for the past white man has created many assets from the exploitation of non white peoples, that has accrued and passed down to current white nations and peoples. The biggest enemy of the white man, however, is also that same past white man, who past their burdens, liabilities, reactions and ill will towards them as to the future generations of whites. The problem is that they want the assets from the past, but are unwilling to reconcile the liabilities from that past. They are now going about the world trying to destroy or placate their perceived enemies, when the real enemy is themselves in that the enemy is simply the creation of the reactions, from white historical actions.


At 11:42 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH.......".....Downtown, Rwanda's diplomats work in an unusually well-constructed building that contrasts with the decrepit structures nearby. A short distance away, next to the prime minister's office, crews are putting the finishing touches on a convention center.

All three are "gifts of the Chinese government," said Donald Kaberuka, Rwanda's finance minister. And unlike aid flowing from Washington, Paris, or London, this assistance comes with no messages about democratization or respect for human rights. "It's a different way of doing business," Kaberuka said recently, with more than a hint of satisfaction.

Through a mix of development aid, private investment, and high-level political attention, China is becoming a major player in Africa, according to African officials and Western diplomats.

With its billion-plus people and surging economy, the world's most populous nation seems to be casting an eye toward Africa's bountiful natural resources -- above all crude oil -- to preserve its rising standard of living.

"It's about feeding their gigantic economy," said Walter Kansteiner, who until last year was the US assistant secretary of state for African affairs. Even tiny, landlocked Rwanda factored into this calculation.

While China was financing projects in Kigali, Rwanda was a major player in the war over the rich resources of the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa's third-largest country.

Now, China has added attention to Africa, and is chipping away at the post-Cold War monopoly of the former European colonial powers and the United States, African officials say........."

Thanks to warrior NATURAL MYSTIC I have been enlightened as to the motives of the Europeans. I hate to use the analogy I am about to use...but the shoe fits...so here it goes. Africas pimps (the West) is scared that a rising playa (China) is going to mack their hoes.

All I can say to the African is to be ware of those who come baring gifts and making promises. Thats how pimps set up the vulnerable and insecure to be exploited. Not that China is looking to Mack Africa....Africans and black peoples need to ensure that the value of what the Get...equals the value of what they give up.

At 11:46 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

forgot to post the link to the site I got it off of from Natural Mystic....http://www.asiawind.com/forums/read.php?f=3&i=129759&t=129759


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