October 11, 2004

Dr. Claude Anderson defends his Africa Town proposal

Here are some quotes from a Detroit Free Press interview.

"It's not being divisive; it's me telling you what you already got," Anderson said.

He said his stance on immigration is about competition in a society where immigrants are surpassing blacks.

For example, he said because of bilingual education, school districts spend more to educate immigrant children than they do to educate black children.

He said immigrants have displaced blacks from affirmative action programs, which were originally meant to correct injustices against blacks by the federal government. As a result, he said, the concept of affirmative action has been polluted.

"Black folk do not benefit from it," he said. "Immigration has had a negative impact on black folks and nobody wants to address it."

See the complete story in the DETROIT FREE PRESS. However, take a close note of the Freudian Slip by the Free Press reporter who stated that slavery ended 240 years ago...and not over 140 years ago. White folks are always trying to make slavery seem like something that happened 1000 years ago...to make any claims by descendants seem all the more absurd.

When "Truth" becomes divisive and promotes animosity it is not the messenger or the people being wronged in the truth that is at fault. Rather, it is all those who become upset and angry. Black people should not be intimidated away from truth.


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