October 12, 2004

The Media is Bias! A complaint a few decades late.


The bias reporting of the news has always been a topic of discussion in the Black community. Black men and women have complained for decades about the bias in the media when it comes to reporting news about us. In this day, the media bias complaints are coming from a different group of people; White Conservatives and their Negro-Con cohorts are the number one complainers of a bias in the media. When we look at some of the reasons given by them as to why the media is bias, we see the same reasons articulated by Black men and women for decades but simply dismissed as us being paranoid or schizophrenic.

Conservatives number one way of proving that the media is bias is by proving that those reporting the news are Liberal. If he or she is a liberal surely he or she must report the news with a Liberal slant. This argument was dismissed when it was articulated by Black men and women. Our position was that the use of all white reporters in reporting news related to our community has an inherent bias in the reporting because of who the reporter is and who he or she work for. We were rebuked and were expected to believe a white person that has absolutely no contact with Black men and women and carry around all the ill informed preconceived notions about us can report the news about us accurately and without a bias.

Conservatives also complain about bias liberal teachers and professors in schools and universities. If conservatives looked at themselves, their life ambitions and the kind of jobs they take it will be easily understood why there is an over representation of Liberals in the media and in teaching positions. Conservatives are not concerned with making the human family better; Conservatives are driven by their capitalist ambitions thus those jobs that are liberal by nature will not draw very many conservatives. Conservative complaints about a bias liberal media and bias liberal teachers and professors are true to the extent that these professions are not jobs that appeal to capitalist conservative thus their opinion is under represented in these professions.

However, this is not the case with Black men and women. While we vote with the democrats and hold many conservative values, the bias reporting of the news concerning our community is carried out by both liberal and conservative whites and now a group of Negro-Cons have jumped on the bandwagon putting up a site called “Black media watch” where they will critique the Black media liberal bias. What kind of foolishness are these Negroes into. The Black media tells you out front that it is bias by virtue of it being “the black media”. Critiquing the Black media is a waste of time and trying to prove that there is a liberal bias or a bias leaning towards the voting habits of black men and women is an exercise in futility. It is tantamount to critiquing Black introspection to see if we mostly speak to the issues that affect Black men and women.

It is foolish and a belief that has no basis in reality to believe that the personal biases and affinities of men and women reporting the news will not spill over into their reporting of the news and this is why I believe the complaints from White Conservatives and their Negro-Con cohorts only prove what Black men and women have known for decades; there is a bias in the media and that bias has been a disservice to the Black community for decades.


At 7:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the talk radio show hosts spend all of their time complaining about what liberals are doing. The big complaint now being pushed by conservatives is Blacks voting democratic. They are now whining about how they just don't understand why Blacks vote democratic. One talk show host had the nerve to act like he really cared about the welfare of Black people by proclaiming that the democratic party is abusing Us. He claimed that the party lies to Us, does not keep its promises to Us and takes Us for granted. And We are suppose to believe that the conservatives would treat Us much better when the record already shows that conservatives have no real interest in the problems of Black people. One of the biggest complainers is the racist, pill popping, can't keep a wife, draft dodging Rush Limbaugh, who recently referred to Jessie Jackson as a "...chocolate chip...". Here is a hypocrite who once proclaimed that those who use and abuse drugs should be put behind bars and left there. He said this when he was at the same time abusing drugs. This is the profile of a true conservative.


At 5:27 AM, Blogger animeg said...

I don't see why they think we should just vote for republicans although their policy would hurt us. We're not poor whites! We know what policy is good for us, and what is bad for us, and we'll stick to it. I'm sorry, but we have seen what sticking to "Maybe they'll be against those darkies" has done to the poor white folk. Maybe they feel good, but their situation hasn't improved.

At 5:05 AM, Blogger Scott said...

So you think the Voucher Program for Washington DC students is against our (black People's) interest?


Do you think NCLB act which has increase federal funding of education by over 40% with most of it to Title 1 schools is against our (black People's) interest?


I am not sure you are paying attention.

At 6:43 PM, Blogger animeg said...

I like how they send us down the voucher dead end. Why not actually try to improve our schools instead of acting like private schools will fix everything. Most people don't get big enough vouchers to cover tuition, and so it's a waste of money- we are being used as pawns, for their silly 'let's privitize everything agenda'

And teaching to the test is pretty useless- it just leads people to game the test, by having the stupid kids stay home on test day or pushing them out of school altogether. I don't think pushing black kids to drop out is really a good move for their future.


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