July 18, 2005

The more things change...

...The more they remain the same.

More examples of how black folks, in 2005, still are affected by white bigotry of the old fashioned type, back in my old stomping grounds. It is worth noting that one of the primary vehicles to wealth in this nation is home ownership. The history of housing discrimination and residential intimidation is one of the external factors that have created the wealth gap between blacks and whites. Also, schools are linked to communities and when blacks are intimidated or steered away from certain communities, they are also denied access to quality schools, fermenting the underclass status of African Americans.

The Taylor case is one of a string of recent incidents in which black people are being greeted with racial violence after they move into neighborhoods with no or few African Americans. With Detroit's black population increasingly leaving the
city for the suburbs, it's a problem some fear may continue. And it comes at a time when the issue of minorities moving in next door has become widely debated.

On June 29, ABC-TV canceled a series it had been hyping called "Welcome to the Neighborhood," a reality show that featured white evangelical Christians choosing from a diverse group of families to move into a home on their block. Some of the episodes ABC had planned to air showed white neighbors making bigoted statements toward minorities. After pressure from fair-housing groups, the network pulled the series.

In Trenton two weeks ago, police reported that two crosses were burned on consecutive nights on the lawn of a home owned by an African-American man who moved in the week before with his white wife and their two children.

•In Warren last month, an African-American family came home to discover someone had trashed their house and scrawled its walls with white-power slogans

The harassment took a psychological toll. Reginald Doster had trouble sleeping. The couple's daughter, who was 9 at the time of the arson attack, was afraid to sleep in her bedroom, which faced the back of the house. And their 14-year-old son, who had been an honor student, saw his grades slip.


I am sure that incidents like this will just go away if black leaders simply stop talking about racism and focus exclusively on black pathologies as the Negro Con would like.


At 12:32 PM, Blogger kiesha said...

I saw a special on PBS that put the housing discrimination in perspective, for me. It's called "Race: The Power of an Illusion." Black Americans have no idea of how much housing discrimination that occured in the 1940's & 50's affects us today in terms of the wealth gap. As White families continue to pass the wealth accumulated from their homes from generation to generation, Blacks are just getting started.

The media loves to downplay incidents such as those you mentioned above. This is why I don't understand the reasoning behind the term "liberal media."


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