July 08, 2005

The Culture of African Americans.

Regardless of what environment humans find themselves in, there is the inevitable jockeying for rank which offers status and rewards relative to the environment. Whether humans find themselves in a prison, in a house of worship, in the inner city or the suburb, there is a culture specific to that environment which offers rank and status to competing members within those circles. Often times these subcultures are the offspring or reaction to actions from the larger culture that encompasses it, yet, different from.

What one must understand about human behavior is that it is guided by biological predispositions known as the prime directives of survival and mating. It is these two biological directives that result in competition to achieve such objectives in whatever environment that one finds him or herself. The desire to survive and to achieve rank, status and privileges is thus part and parcel to human or animal group dynamics. Consequently, one can or should expect the power of environment and culture to play a profound role in human behavior due to the environment or culture setting the value system and means for achieving rank.

When one looks at the African in America, otherwise known as African Americans, one can see the existence of a culture born from, but different than, the larger white culture created and shaped by white America. Of course, the creation of the African American sub culture is the evolution and summation of the experience of African peoples in this land. It is primarily the reaction to the actions imposed upon black people from the white culture, which includes slavery, Apartheid and other forms of discrimination, exploitation and violence targeted at black people throughout the centuries.

Despite the severity in degree and kind of the black experience in America, there has always existed the opportunity for blacks to achieve rank and status among other black peoples, whether in slavery or in an emancipated state of being. Thus, blacks have always competed and achieved rank and status among ourselves, if not among white America, for as long as we have been in this land. In light of this, black America has never been void of the opportunity for rank and status amongst our people, which has created a culture of intra-black competition which offers benefits for our biological prime directives of survival and mating, which just happens to be the same biological prime directives of whites and every other racial group.

It should be expected that those with competitive drive would seek status and rank in the culture. In most inner cities the alpha male, those strong and competitive, will naturally seek to establish rank by emulating and participating in behavior that offers rewards and status in the given environment and culture. In the black culture that is most often sports, entertainment or illegal activities such as drug dealing. If these youths were socialized in a different culture, they would be doctors, lawyers and CEO’s.

All humans, whether consciously or subconsciously, desire positive rank and status. The problem for many African Americans that to achieve success by the normative standards set by white America, they must resist the natural propensity to compete for rank in their immediate environment. This is because achieving rank in the inner city can and does often work against achieving rank by the larger societies normative standards set by whites. Whites are socialized by white expectation and emulation while blacks are socialized by black expectation and emulation.

The black culture of today is characterized by a hyper competition amongst each other, having been conditioned not to compete against whites, which has lead black people to feed off each other in a negative way. The “crabs in a barrel” analogy or syndrome is an example of how this division is helping to keep black people from putting up a good fight for social and economic parity with whites, along with the never ending presence of discrimination from the larger and dominant white culture. However, I must state again that the black culture is the direct creation of mistreatment and discrimination by the dominant white culture as some will surely suggest that black culture is internally created, when it is not. Black people were purposely stripped of their true African culture, which was replaced with a culture engineered by white supremacy to keep black people beneath whites.

Given that we have been conditioned to compete against, as well as disrespect one and other, the system of white supremacy has molded a reality where the frustrations and anger that should be directed outward are thus directed inward. The person looking at you all crazy with a “screw face” is most often another black person as any black male can give testimony to. This is because such a person sees you (another black person) as the primary threat to what they want, whether it is money, women/men or respect. When a black male sees a white male, he does not feel he is in competition with the white male, as a result of historical social conditioning and the decline of overt forms and practices of white racism against blacks. Consequently, when blacks become frustrated and angry, other blacks will likely absorb what should be directed at the “system”, but has been redirected inwards, which is how the white culture socially engineered it to be.

The African American culture is thus what allows drugs to be as devastating to our community as disenfranchised and poor black community it becomes a conduit to achieving social and economic rank through illegal activities. Add to the mix lax gun laws and the easy availability of weapons and you have a destructive mix of intra-black violence as poor blacks compete for a version of the “American dream” by warring with and destroying the lives of other black people. In many ways, we have been conditioned to see other black people as the primary competition and threat, otherwise known as enemy. For the longest time, society penalized blacks who tried to compete with whites or who manifested violence against whites, through the courts and through the intimidation of mobs. The dominate culture rewarded black on black competition and violence, while punishing blacks who attempted to compete with whites or who committed violent acts against whites. Such is an example of how black culture has been socially engineered to be self destructive.

This hyper-intra black competition helps to prevent the primary instrument to our rise, which is unity. Our culture offers status and reward and a means to achieve such by juxtaposition with other black folks, while ignoring the realities of white folks and the role they have played in our conditions. As long as we have something that other black folks don’t have, many of us have achieved rank and status, despite having much less than most white folks have. Consequently, many black folks don’t want to see other black folks rise up because such becomes a threat to their own status as status is only achieved by socioeconomic displacement and separation. In other words, in order to have status and rank, you have to have things other folks don’t have and in this case things other black folks don’t have as they are the primary juxtaposition for rank. This type of attitude is very pervasive and prevents black unity and the collective from moving forward.

These thoughts were inspired by my recent trip back to Michingan and my old neighborhoods. Thanks for reading them.


At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciate this post because you have aptly described the attitudes expressed on this blog (how wonderful… this is progress!). Your anti-black statements regarding conservative African-Americans (a.k.a. Negro-Cons) epitomize the intercultural bickering that engenders disunity. And as you stated, such attitudes are certainly pervasive. That’s why it’s especially exciting to see you acknowledge that your own attitudes merely foster black divisiveness. While you do utilize overly generalized and ill-defined umbrella terms like white supremacy; dominant white culture; etc.; the focal of your contempt is usually focused on black people that you disagree with. I am pleased that you have realized that such thinking merely exacerbates black disunity. Understanding that your anti-black attitudes are detrimental (as you have done self-reflexively) is a major step forward for this forum… Bravo!!


At 7:08 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Well, that is certainly one-way to look at it dear Claudia. One can take the era of divisiveness and competition between the house slave and the field slave and draw a parallel between the contemporary Negro-Con and all other black folks.

Often times the divisiveness and competition within the black culture is the proxy work of the white culture. Consequently, the fight against white domination and manipulation often means that black folk must fight against other black folk who work as proxy agents for white domination…ie. House Negroes and the modern Negro-Con…such as you, in reward for social promotion over the black folks who refuse to bow down.

So, in a sense that you probably did not mean, you are correct in that we promote black divisiveness when blacks choose to work as proxy agents promoting white domination. That having been said, the Negro-Con is noteworthy only to let white folks know that the black masses are not credulous to what they are attempting to do. I think many of you modern version of house Negroes think that we feel you have some power or that we are threatened by you or even hate and despise you, when that is not the case. The case is that just as white folks often you use you as proxy or a conduit to convey a message and aim at the black masses, we view you as proxy puppets to tell them to go to hell and that we aint falling for the okey doke. So go tell massa Charlie that it aint working.

At 6:38 AM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

Given that we have been conditioned to compete against, as well as disrespect one and other, the system of white supremacy has molded a reality where the frustrations and anger that should be directed outward and thus directed inward.


You say ANGER that should be directed OUTWARD.

Could it be that the current Black Liberal Progressive Collectivist Fundemenalist front that leads us ONLY KNOWS HOW TO OPERATE BASED ON "ANGER"?

Please tell me what business school teaches ANGER as a Best Practice?

The problem is that THEY only know how to HAMMER a problem - White Racism.

They are INEPT at the use of precision tools that are necessary to work internally, making proper adjustments to make the engine run smoother.

In your ANGER how do you hope to change the core properties of a particular force that is working against YOU? Are your protests going to get them to stop? Or does POWER respect OPPOSING POWER only?

YOU are one outwardly focused individual.

At 7:23 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Renaldo, life is not a business school, so cease with such talk as “Best Practices” and leave that in your business meetings.

What you fail to understand Renaldo is that human emotions serve a purpose. Emotions were created or evolved to promote survival and propagation. It is our emotions that provide the motivation for action, which you seem not to understand. Anger properly channeled and directed promotes survival and propagation and that is why we have such emotions. Obviously God decided that it is a “Best practice” to endow humanity with this trait or propensity in order to promote our survival.

You say that I am outward looking when the conclusion of this essay was a call for black unity, which is an inward solution to the problem.

You are always so way off point Renaldo.

At 7:52 AM, Blogger Scott said...

Noah, what brother has ever kept you down?

You post about this a lot. Yes we see it in the white controlled media with "black leaders". Even Clarence Thomas who you probably think is a perfect example of this stood up for black people against the government declaring their property forfit for community descrutive "urban" renewal.

Our community might not help each other out that much, but neither do we pull each other down. And in most cases I find brothers helping rather than hurting.

Please testify to one or two examples in your life when a brother pulled you down and hurt your life prospects.

I assert your thesis is wrong.

Not helping you get over is not pulling you down. Maybe you felt that you helped people out and were not compensated for it, like when you hire a black guy to clean your windows and he does a half assed job. But when you give charity like giving a job based on color instead of qualifications you can't complain if the quality of the job is based on the qualifications of the person and not on extra effort you think he should have put in to say thanks for picking him.

At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don’t hold your breath people, Noah’s not going to support anything, or give any concrete facts. Even if he wanted to he couldn’t because his views are not supportable anyway. But this has been firmly established already.

I love how he hurls the term “Negro-Con” with such force; as if he thinks it’s going to really sting. That’s his big insult… how cute. What a sweetie!

What you have to remember Scott and Renaldo is that Noah’s post is merely a thinly veiled and passive aggressive response to the dissenting views on this blog. The guy doesn’t have an idea of his own. Noah believes that blacks that disagree with him are anti-black unity; and that “all” conservative blacks are puppets for white supremacy. That’s about as deep as his thinking goes. Remember, the guy doesn’t read.

The hilarious thing is that his post is about black divisiveness; but he makes this point by tearing down other African-Americans. His favorite subject is the black conservative – whom he tears down viciously without regard for the striking diversity amongst the black conservative ranks. Not to mention the fact that such tactics will never achieve the mythical “black unity” he so disingenuously preaches about – simply because they are; well; anti-black unity. Even white conservatives and liberals are smart enough to realize they must work together when it comes down to maintaining national and global power (not to mention racial inequities in the U.S.). Once confronted with his own anti-black attitudes, he then says that he tears down other African-Americans for the benefit of the collective. I don’t know about you; but it sounds a little schizophrenic to me!

Black folks take intercultural political partisanship too seriously to the point that we allow it to divide ourselves. Why this dummy can’t understand this I don’t know? African-Americans must unify regardless of political affiliation, so we can work against a shared foe.

Just wait and see; his next anti-black rant will be in response to the dissenting views expressed on this thread.


At 9:46 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

It is interesting Claudia that you said Noah doesn’t read, which was mentioning in a discussion he had with Jones, either you have been a longtime reader of this Blog or you and Jones are the same person. It is really sad that you have used five different aliases on this Blog but basically say the same thing to give off the notion that there are tons of people that think like you, speak like you and hold the same position as you do. At least Scott and Renaldo have the decency to not hide behind anonymous postings using fictitious names, so here is what I am going to do for you Claudia Jones, or whatever other alias you have used, I will force you to register to comment on this Blog, we have tried to avoid this but your continue deception makes this change necessary.

Back on topic…

Noah, it is interesting that you point the competing attitudes of Black folk out, one of the things I always discuss is how Black folk in large gatherings of people be it in the hundreds of thousands or the millions seek one another out to fight with. I witnesses this at the Taste of Chicago recently where Black folk were probably outnumbered by white folk in attendance by ten to one and had our shoes stepped on by white folk, were bumped by white folk, had drinks spilled on us by white folk but when any of the offenders were Black for some reason we seen it as more than just an accident, it seemed to be an act of disrespect and so ensued the fights. The same was true when I went to Magic Mountain out here in So.Cal. The park was full of white folk but for some reason when Black folk see one another this rage or hatred of self takes over and they attack each other, they. I am not advocating we attack white folk but I am pointing out the manifestation of self hate that exists in Black people for one another.

Another aspect of this is when a Black person does attack a white person and it is all over the news, they say of the Black attacker he has a long criminal history of violence but here is what they leave out, before he ever attacked a white person the victims of his crimes were primarily Black and because Black life is not respected in this country even by some of us, the courts gave little to no time for the perpetrators attacks against Black folk and now expect us to be all enraged that he was on the streets after committing acts of violence against Black people and now has attacked a white person. A Brother I knew growing up got out of jail when I was home, he was in jail for killing another brother I knew, he did 12 whole years for committing murder, but let him now kill a white person they will say he should not have been back on the street, he has killed before but the lack of respect for Black life in America will not be apart of that discussion at all.

At 10:24 AM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

Not to mention the fact that such tactics will never achieve the mythical “black unity” he so disingenuously preaches about – simply because they are; well; anti-black unity.

Henry Ford once said about his Model T: "You can have any color you want. As long as it is Black".

Likewise the Black Fundementalists who call for UNITY among Black people are doing so with the full expectation that those of us who have began to ask questions as to their effectiveness will CHANGE, uniting under their flag rather than developing a platform of METHODS that have been proven to work.

Blacks vote in numbers upward of 80% in the same way. How is it that we have a "unity" problem?

What we have is the LACK OF A SET OF TRANSFORMATIVE PROCESSES to have us changed, directed toward the common goals that span both the progressive and the conservative.

This is about POWER and control more than it is about helping Black folks.

Please take a look at the lead story on www.blackcommentator.com. They focus on the left right divide rather than the current state of Newark, answering the question if Sharpe James has been an effective leader or incompetent.

The reason why I am not "unified" with the popular Black ideology of the day is because my eyes are open and I refuse to "get in where I fit in" unless a commitment toward effectiveness is adopted.

At 11:33 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Scott, you claim to have lived in Harlem yet ask me for examples of how blacks hold each other down? Negro iz you crazy? Don’t you know that DEATH is the ultimate form of suppression? Don’t you know what the black murder rate is today? Do you know how many black folks paralyzed or damaged as a result of the intra-black competition and wars that are going on? Not that you have ever been credible, but this statement of your really caste doubt about who you claim to be and or your intelligence.

Like Faheem, I just returned from de a yard (back home) and it was tense. I could feel the stares and the fact that people seen me as prey or predator (the po po) as my face is unfamiliar to many since I have been gone a long while. This is what inspired the essay. There should be no place that offer more comfort and love to black folk than communities of other black folks, but I am finding that what was once true is now becoming the reverse.

At 11:39 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Renaldo, the call for Unity does not require 100% participation to be effective. No one is asking or expecting a Negro like you to join ranks with the masses. The unity that I speak of is like-minded African Americans being more than unified in thought, but unified in purpose and activity for the benefit of the black masses. You and your house Negro cohorts an coconspirators of white supremacy are not expected to join, but rather, expected to simply get the hell out of the way because you only infiltrate and obfuscate our goals and objectives.

At 1:59 PM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

The unity that I speak of is like-minded African Americans being more than unified in thought, but unified in purpose and activity for the benefit of the black masses.

I have no problem with this portion of your post. I even wish you success.


Your insults don't bother me. They only show your desperatation. I too have a reference that I can go home to in Philadelphia. The high school that 3 of my brothers graduated from in the 1980's was then a solid institution. Today it is a school full of problems.

During a recent vacation when I gathered together with all of my brothers my youger brother told me that it is not fair that suburban schools receive so much more than urban one's. I challenged him to tell me the path of decline of our alma mater as it relates to declines in funding. I then asked him to map it to the changes in the community in which the once stable middle class community declined into an urban waste land.

Sometimes it does take a walk back home where you know the before and after to have you CHECK YOUR REALITY.

At 8:19 PM, Blogger Scott said...

"I could feel the stares and the fact that people seen me as prey or predator (the po po) as my face is unfamiliar to many since I have been gone a long while."

People looking at you hard isn't keeping you down.

Noah give me TWO examples of when a brother kept you down.

As your silly example shows you are expecting love, and sad you didn't get it. All I know is when I am uptown I am much more relaxed. I like being able to buy a ginger beer and some jerk chicken.

And I am comfortable in any black neighboorhood I have been in. Noah I don't see what your problem is.

So I ask you again Noah give me TWO examples of when a brother kept you down.

Real examples not imagined examples.

At 9:02 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

In truth Scott, you missed the whole point of the essay. The issue is not about how a particular brother has kept me down, the issue is how a black culture born as the creation and reaction to white supremacy helps to keep black people down. The black culture that I grew in helped to retard by progress because it was not equipped with the role models and connections that most white environments are equipped with in this competitive capitalistic construct. It also nearly stopped my progress by my momentarily getting caught up in the street competition for rank and respect that could have only lead to death or jail. It also momentarily stunted my progress due to a conditioning that directed my energies and ambitions to sports, given inundation of black athlete role models to aspire to.

@Renaldo, you might claim to be “OK” with being excluded, but majority rules bro. I do not have to qualify what blacks are part of this unity, when majority rules. It suffices to just say Black unity, because the like minded are the general rule while black people who think like you are the exception to rule. Thus, it is people like you who need to qualify that they are not representing a MAJORITY opinion among blacks. Even though the president of the United States only got about half of the votes, he still gets to speak in behalf of American and Americans.

At 9:24 PM, Blogger Scott said...

So basically Noah you are full of crap. You ignore studies and then say its all about people's experience, then you make up shit like this essay which you can't back up with your experience.

If you tired to play street hood then that your own damm problem and not other brothers pulling you down. That was your choice.

At 5:29 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Full of Crap is a statement projected using your self as a template of what is true of another.

What you are also to ignorant to realize Scott, like the chameleon Claudia, is that our society is structured on interdependencies. What that means is that the outcome of ones life is correlated with actions in the life of others. That is how the system works.

Socialization and acculturation is a natural phenomenon that manifest via EMULATION of others. You are a conservative NOT because you as an individual originated conservatism, but rather, because you emulated the preexisting mind set and ideologies of others.

The black culture was created or evolved in a climate of racial oppression, degradation and limited opportunity over a 300-year period. The present is simply the creation and summation of the past with the present adding slight mutations making it unique from the past.

People are held back when an environment of interdependencies does not provide the type of support and opportunities as another, given that everything is relative. The interdependencies and competition taking place in the black culture is not healthy relative to the interdependencies and competition going on in the white culture.

The black culture does not provide an equal template where socialization via emulation can put blacks in position to be competitive with whites. Blacks are socialized differently in America as a result of expectations born from a black culture which is a product of the influence of white supremacy and years of discrimination and mistreatment.

At 6:47 AM, Blogger Scott said...

Noah you hate of white, has turned into hate of blacks. Now I understand what Martin was saying when he preached about hate.

You are a lost soul. Looking for ways to justify your hate of the black community.

At 8:48 AM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

My take on the subject:


Is The Current Popular Black Ideology Able To Transform Us?

At 11:10 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

I responded on your Blog Renaldo... I am sure you will love my response...

At 5:05 PM, Blogger Conrad said...


–African-Americans were/are conditioned to fail.

–Black people ruthlessly compete with one another to their detriment. THIS IS THE WHITE OPPRESSORS FAULT.

–The dominant black culture is “not” politically conservative; so you are an aberration Negro-Con. The vast majority of poor, illiterate, and disenfranchised black Americans are either politically ambivalent; do not vote; or are Democrats. NEVER MIND THAT THIS PATH HAS NOT WORKED FOR AFRICAN-AMERICANS NEGRO-CON. IT IS STILL BETTER THAN YOUR CHOICE.


–All of your success Negro-Con is the result of your ability to mimic the oppressor; his language; his manners; his attitudes; and his values. Don’t be fooled Negro-Con by thinking that your personal success means anything, because you are merely being used by the oppressor. Despite the fact that conservatism worked for you; you are still a fool Negro-Con.


–Your bourgeois ways make you inauthentic. You are not “truly” black. If you were authentically black you wouldn’t speak so well, write so well, or be as successful. If you were authentic, you would think like me, because I represent all the “real” black people; because all the “real” black people think like me. I am a Pan African, because it sounds cool, empowering, and separatist. NEVER MIND NEGRO-CON THAT IF I KNEW WHAT PAN-AFRICANISM MEANT I WOULD REALIZE THAT IT WAS PREDICATED UPON COALITION BUILDING WITH WHITE PEOPLE.


–Speaking proper English is simply to have learned to mimic the LANGUAGE OF THE OPPRESSOR!

–I DON’T “HATE” WHITE PEOPLE NEGRO-CON, BUT THE WHITE MAN IS THE OPPRESSOR, AND THIS COUNTRY IS A WHITE SUPREMACIST NATION (WHICH I “HATE”). This may not make any sense, but it does to me (and the majority of blacks, whom “I” represent): and that’s all that matters.

–I can’t spell or write very well, but never mind Negro-Con: I am still very smart and am an “authentic” black man. Don’t you know Negro-Con that most of the uneducated blacks in America have high IQ’s? WE’RE NOT INFERIOR…PLEASE STOP CALLING US THAT!

–Stop thinking you are free Negro-Con because you are still the oppressors house Negro. Only the white man is free to choose his own lifestyle and political party. “All” black conservatives are house Negroes PERIOD! NO EXCEPTIONS! That means you Negro-Con.

–Black freedom means being against the white man at all costs (the white man is the oppressor Negro-Con… wake up!). Black Americans must “all” think the same way. LIKE MINDEDNESS MEANS FREEDOM FOR THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN. You don’t think like me Negro-Con; therefore you are a house Negro. Don’t you know that my views represent the majority view Negro-Con?

–The dominant black culture is trapped in poverty and self-destruction. African-Americans cannot change this, because it is the moral imperative of the white oppressor to do so. Everything blacks do is not their fault because they were slaves. When a black person is being held accountable for their misdeeds; they should not accept and/or admit any responsibility. No, they should resist this impulse, and recount the abuses of slavery inflicted by the evil oppressor – to the oppressor’s face.

–Blacks in America are victims that have no agency or power to speak of. And hence, their only recourse for uplift is to focus on forcing the white man to give them a piece of the pie. Stop letting the white oppressor off the hook Negro-Con, by suggesting that black people be personally responsible.

–African-Americans are preconditioned for imminent failure; and have no responsibility or means to alter their “own” plight.

–African-Americans “must” practice separatism. We must not allow ourselves to be diluted and poisoned by the white oppressor. Whites cannot help them in their struggle, despite the fact that African-Americans are not really engaged in one.

–The best thing for black Americans is continue on their current trajectory of non-action, nihilism, self-annihilation, and intercultural bickering because nothing is their fault. Eventually this will prove fruitful because the oppressor will eventually realize his misdeeds and offer the black man a helping had through reparations and humanitarian relief. This may sound strange house Negro, but if African-Americans become too educated and successful (i.e. white), they will end up like you.

–There are a few successful African-Americans that are “not” house Negroes: like me. I make money, but because I “really, really” hate the white oppressor; call myself a Pan-African; refuse to vote; hate Negro-Cons; wear Afrocentric T-shirts; and grimace at interracial couples, I am exempt from this distinction. NEVER MIND THAT MY LABOR SUPPORTS THIS WHITE-SUPREMACIST-CAPITALIST-PATRIARCHY. JUST SHUT UP NEGRO-CON!

–African-Americans must keep telling the white man off by throwing his brutality in his face so he will eventually relent, and give in to their demands. This strategy will work! GET IT NEGRO-CON: ALWAYS TELL THE WHITE OPPRESSOR OFF TO HIS FACE. THIS DOESN’T SOUND LIKE MUCH OF A PLAN – BUT NEVER MIND. THIS WILL WORK EVENTUALLY!

–Tell the white man about the “nature laws” and “natural truths” that illustrate his wickedness. NEVER MIND THAT THIS MAKES NO SENSE.

–African-Americans should continue to separate themselves from the ever-increasing hordes of traitorous black conservatives like you Negro-Con: you abettor of white supremacy.

–African-Americans are not Americans; they are Africans. They should not participate in this corrupt system (i.e. acting white) and should be Pan-Africans or Black Nationalists. They should avoid voting, unless they support a corrupt and racist white Democratic candidate that will not address their needs. Such a candidate would be far better than a racist white Republican candidate that will not address their needs. ONCE AGAIN, NEVER MIND THAT THIS LOGIC MAKES NO SENSE.

–Never mind that to live in America; pay taxes is America; and work in America, is to aid and abet America (which – according to “ME” – is a white supremacist nation). In a sense one could argue that that makes all African-Americans house Negroes. I know this is a contradiction Negro-Con, but never mind. YOU SUCK ANYWAY HOUSE NEGRO!

At 5:29 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Could it be, Is it, nah it couldn't be but sure as hell seem like, need I say more? Being forced to register is one hell of a thing ain't it man.

At 7:44 AM, Blogger Scott said...

And Noah having to back up his post with even the smallest amount of evidence seems impossible.

White man keeps me down, now the black man keeps me down. Or maybe .....

He is just a loser.

But yes I know its because of white racism......

And white people who are losers, I wonder what their excuse is.

At 8:19 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. If a tree falls in a forest, just because you are not there to evidence the sound does not therefore mean that there was an absence of sound. The fact that you have not and cannot evidence what I have written means that you are not in the Urban forest and likely have never been and hence cannot bare witness, but is dependant upon some “Study” to tell you what sounds are coming from black urban America.

At 12:27 PM, Blogger Dell Gines said...

I don't see competition against each other as the problem per se, that is endemic to the human condition in any society that has advanced beyond subsistence. It is the framework (which I think you alluded to) of how we compete in black America which I find to be the problem. Instead of competing to gain advantage for us and our family and our people, we instead compete in so many ways to curry white favor and jockey for position in the white hierarchy. This can be based upon materialism (IE the broke brother selling crack to get some rims) or it can be based upon status amongst the whites, token negroism, or amongst the blacks.

In terms of the negro-con I wrote an article on my block www.dellgines.com about the psychological advantages that the file and rank black conservative gains. But I consider them less of a threat than the moguls who advance in America by virtue of spewing poison to the masses, IE Damon Dash, Russel Simons et al.

The paradigm shift that will occur amongst us and lead us to success is one of competition internally in economic endevours with our businesses as well as white businesses in which the owner knows the entrepreneurialism side of development but also maintains a community conscience. We can win and will.

At 12:48 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Noah, you have provided NO evidence. Of a brother keeping you DOWN.

Giving you hard looks when you are stranger on the block is not KEEPING you DOWN.

Please give any EXAMPLE of brothers keeping you down.

At 1:15 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Let me make it perfectly clear that I realize that competition is a naturally occurring phenomenon of all life seeking survival and continuation of the blood and species line. However, just because something occurs naturally does necessarily mean that the degree in which it manifest is healthy. Defecating is a naturally occurring biological phenomenon, yet, prolonged diarrhea or constipations are unhealthy degrees of manifestation of the naturally occurring phenomenon. The same is true of competition, with moderation being and equilibrium established between cooperation, being the healthiest for humans in the long run.

The competition that is holding black people back is the competition between street gangs. It’s the competition between drug gangs. It’s the competition for respect that means other black folks have to lose in other that some can win. It’s the competition between black females for the attention of the black male that has increased levels of promiscuity and created a race to the bottom in regards to virtue. It’s a competition born from being separated from the array of more positive opportunities that comes with different levels of income and being a different race.

The thing to note about competition is that the natural outcome is winners and losers. Simply take note of the NFL. The league can never have more wins than losses. In other words, all the victories will be negated by losses. If black people simply compete against each other, how can there be a net gain to black peoples? The truth of the matter is that when white were isolated in Europe and competition against themselves, they were doing much worse collectively than when they started competing against now whites. In other words, they increased victories for their “League”, by engaging other “leagues”. That way, more people in their league could have victories as a result of losses that were being absorbed by others.

At 1:25 PM, Blogger Dell Gines said...

I have had brother maliciously keep me down.

At 1:38 PM, Blogger Dell Gines said...

Noah, you are arguing from what is called a zero-sum theory. You imply that there only one size of 'pie' and that as one person gets a bigger piece by default others will get less.

That is an incorrect assumption. In economics as productivity increases and free markets operate efficiently, there is theoretically no limit to how large the 'pie' will become. In other words the pie grows bigger and therefore those with even a small piece of the pie should have a growing piece.

The problem is not with competition as you provided excellent examples of how we negatively compete, which leads to self-destruction. The problem is the converse, we don't know enough about competing correctly. In addition, because of historic conditions we have limited capital, and because of these same historic conditions we have a distorted view of our own self worth and abilities which further lead us away from becoming productive.

So I agree with the point that we compete negatively and in a self-destructive fashion which needs to be corrected, however I disagree that competition in a true free market system is a negative.

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

It is not necessary to have absolute zero sum dynamics before zero-sum can manifest. The greater fallacy is the idea or concept of infinite opportunity and wealth. Today, economics is much closer to a zero sum game than it is to infinite wealth and opportunity for all. Thus, in the absence of infinite opportunity and wealth, when some gain others will automatically lose. Chinas and India’s growth and subsequent demand for opportunity and energy in the free market has not come without a loss to American workers jobs and increased fuel prices. If opportunity was infinite, China, India and the entire developing world should be able to grow and prosper without the West missing a beat, but that is not the case. If opportunity was infinite, what would be the purpose of competing? Competition serves the purpose of rationing and allocating FINITE resources and opportunities. If these resources and opportunities were not finite, what would be the point rationing and allocation, as there would be so much that competition for It would be superfluous.


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