March 29, 2005

One plus One equals Two? not all the time...

There are always studies being done in America about the Liberal and Conservative divide in various areas. A new report in keeping with this tradition is reporting that Colleges are overwhelmingly liberal. The study found that 87% of college’s faculty is Liberal, while 13% of them are conservative. I have always maintained that Liberal dominance in any area is such to the extent that the job itself is Liberal. Being a teacher is one of the most liberal jobs one can have, thus it only serves to reason that most teachers would be Liberal.

When ever the Conservative and Liberal dichotomy is explored and there is an undeniable presence of one over the other, those who look into these things believe it is only natural to conclude that such disparities can only mean that the dominant group is “possibly discriminating” against the other in ways that affect their hiring and promotions. The article states in regards to these matters that;

“Even after factoring in levels of achievement, as measured by published work and organization memberships, "the most likely conclusion" is that "being conservative counts against you,"”

This same song is sung as noted in one of my past op-eds when it comes to the overwhelming number of Liberals in the Media. Conservatives think the natural conclusion is the more Liberals you have reporting the news the higher the possibility and probability that the news is being reported with a bias and one that is more anti-Conservative than neutral or objective.

Such conclusions are dismissed as paranoia, victimhood and various other things when Black men and women point out the fact that the media reporting stories about us is overwhelmingly white, the police in our communities are overwhelmingly white, the places we seek employment are overwhelmingly white and most teachers with their liberal bias are overwhelmingly white, thus the natural conclusion would be that the dominant group is “possibly discriminating” against the other in ways that affect their hiring and promotions and when it comes to policing our communities it is only natural to conclude that the dominant group is policing our community with an anti-Black bias. We do not conclude such based on numbers alone as is done mostly in the cases of Liberal versus Conservative we conclude such based on actual events that are real and continue to happen.

Thus the question is, how is it so easy to see the “possibility of a bias and discrimination” based on numbers alone when the Liberal and Conservative dichotomy is being explored however when the Black and White Dichotomy is being explored and we have the numbers and provide evidence to support what we are saying, it is dismissed? This is more proof of the lack of intellectual honesty coming from white folk in America, they would have us believe one plus one equal two only in cases where one is Conservative and one is Liberal. In cases where one is Black folk and one is white folk, the conclusion to the equation is never two.


At 7:20 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Good points Faheem. I was going to jump on these finding myself...but you did a good job beating me to the punch.

I think that these conservatives are guilty of "projecting". They are simply projecting what THEY DO or would do when in the majority position....which is discriminate. Thus, they are assuming that others do or would do the same thing when they are in the Majority.

At 4:44 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

Here's my long winded, not particularly organized contribution:

Faheem, the funny thing about this (ironically so) is that it's CONservative Whites making the arguments.

You know... what this really represents is an internal White discourse. If you reflect on how White CONservatives speak about the CONservative Movement and ascendency complete with full-fledged Victimology-Speak (as they give their obligatory anecdotes when they were ashamed/ostracized for being CONservative...) then you will approach an insight into this internal discourse -- the dynamics of it.

Perhaps the best way to view this is through the extreme version of it: The White Poor enthusiastically supporting the Rich White Man's Party - aka the Republican party. Instead of seeing the Republican party or its policies as their enemy, a lot of the White poor embrace the GOP arguably because of its positions on polarizing issues with clear or subtle racial overtones.

Take Affirmative Action in hiring, for instance. If you recall the sentiment expressed on P&P along time ago by a White poster who cited the typical, "my brother lost his job because of AA" then you'll see where I'm going with this.

The poster there, when asked whose fault it was for a "unqualified" Black person being hired over or in place of a White person (his brother in that case), he said it was the Black person's fault for seeking the job. Now, whether his was being spiteful because of the way I turned the questioning on him (causing him to question his own underlying assumptions) or not, the fact remains that so much of the White working class angst against African-Americans is patently misguided and misdirected. Instead of taking issue with the White elitist ruling (and hiring) class, they take out their frustrations on Blacks.

Speaking about elitists, it's no wonder why White CONservatives refer to their Liberal brethen as such. Of course, is a rhetorical sleight for some - i.e. the Rush Limbaugh's of the world. There's nothing like an elitist calling another elitist, THE Elitist. But when you got the masses of White folks to fool, I guess you got to use all your tricks.

So what you have here are Elitist, power hungry White CONservatives using an arsenal of rhetorical weapons to secure more and more power and influence. Like they've said before (whether Democrat or Republican) during the Jim Crow Era, "Segregation Today, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever"... CONservatives intend on making the Revolution/Movement and its dominance a permanent fixture on the American political landscape. So, by all means, they will spare no expense and leave no stone unturned. That's why the college's are important: The Shaping of American Minds.

These are the people who brought you the Culture Wars. They have this concept of Fighting For The Hearts and Minds of the "American" people. Their rhetorical from their positions on AA is, again, instructive.

Think about... The Colorblind arguments. They are the most cynical, reactionary ideas ever thought up. They try to use MLK's "content of character" words as an argument against one the very things he is specifically noted to be in favor of. One of those things is what we call Affirmative Action.

Little else but spitefulness can explain their motivation. Such is their use of damn near authentically Black argumentation against "The Liberal Establishment".

They have no souls. They will use and misuse anything they get their hands on. So it really should come as no surprise that White CONservatives have used these "Black" arguments against their Liberal White brethren.

You must also consider the animosity White CONservatives have towards White Liberal for "siding" with Blacks - e.g. "How Liberals Hurt The People They Claim To Want To Help."

The discourse I talked about (or a back & forth, give & take dialogue, more accurately) represents this chasm and the internal dynamics of these two competing camps fight for ownership/rulership over America's White Supremacy machine... and all the weapons they use to secure or maintain their spot on the throne.


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