October 27, 2004


Deductive reasoning involves starting from a base of given facts, which are then used to logically infer conclusions about the unknown from what is known. Mathematically, this could be represented by Giving that A = B and B = C as fact. Then infering deductively and logically that A = C. In life, in order to deduce out what is truth, in regards to human proclivities and behavior, we have to start with the most common denominators which are life’s prime directives.

In life, the main thrust of our biological directives involves maximizing resources to secure our survival and maximizing our rank in order to compete for the alpha mating choices. Much of the proactive competition that results in the shaping of the world and its conditions is born from the male’s competition with other males for rank.

Men will never alter the course of their behavior as long as it continues to be rewarded with resources and alpha mating. Indeed, securing control of ample resources is also synonymous with securing rank in the competition for the best females. The reason being is that women covet provisions or the ability to provide in a man. Thus a man with many provisions, relatively speaking, has rank and hence powers all things that attract the female and her instincts that such a man can pass those traits of strength to the offspring. It is an example of natural selection; as such a man is only going to couple with females with the strongest survival biological traits, which manifest in women via looks and external symmetry and characteristics (beauty).

In this male human competition for resources and mating, we have a characteristic that separates us from all other animals in the natural selection process. That characteristic is one of evil. In the competition of the survival and reward to the fittest, the propensity for evil can tilt the competition in ones favor. Maybe evil is not the term, but rather, ruthlessness and lack of compassion for fellow human life is more appropriate. One simply has to look at the empirical evidence to realize that empires and riches have been created and accumulated from the traits of ruthlessness and non compassion for other human life, while benevolence and compassion has never built such on this earth.

It is not hard to see why many women are attracted to the “bad boy” nature is many men, because historically this trait has lead to males who have the ability to acquire resources and rank. There exist the bad boy characteristics within the frame work of the system and outside the framework. Those within the system follow a script and are sought as corporate executives who can un-compassionately squeeze the workers for corporate profit margins and huge executive salaries (note how most corporate leaders are republicans and how the republicans reward corporations in a quid pro quo fashion). Such people then become the darlings of Wall Street. On the other hand, those bad boy traits outside the system leads to drug kingpins and Gang leaders, each controlling territory and resources and receiving the favor of the alpha women in their strata.

When one looks at the world order, is it the product of the survival and ranking of the fittest, or is it the product of the ranking of the ruthless and uncompassionate (evil) or a combination there of?


At 2:43 PM, Blogger Scott said...

"we have a characteristic that separates us from all other animals in the natural selection process. That characteristic is one of evil."

Interesting most people would have said, ability to reason separates us from the animals.

Also how do you know animals don't know evil ?

At 7:00 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Evil is a reasoned decision to act out in a certain way. Thus, our human ability to reason is what gives us the capicity for evil, as well as goodness. Animals do not have those cognitive abilities in degree and thus are not subject to evil or goodness, but rather, simply bound mostly to instints.


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