October 27, 2004

Fidel makes a move in the Geopolitical game of Chess


Cuba responds to America’s continued Genocidal attacks on its populace by way of sanctions and embargo’s by putting a ten percent surcharge on the U.S. dollar starting Nov 8, 2004. What this means is starting on the eight of November, dollars used in Cuba must be converted over to the Cuban Peso and there will be a ten percent tax on the dollar. Cubans have until that date to convert their dollars over without the tax but after the eight the tax on the dollar will become law. This tax will only apply to the dollar and Castro has released a statement saying to those who live abroad if they want their relatives to get more bang for their buck, they should send their relatives money in Euros or the Canadian dollar that will not be taxed ten percent on the dollar. An interesting statistic that should be pondered, Seventy percent (70%) of Cuba’s 11.2 million citizens were born after the U.S. imposed trade sanctions in the early 1960’s. One thing the Cubans have to their advantage is their proximity to the U.S. but could you imagine if this was a nation far from the U.S. wherein the vast majority of its population has grown up under America’s embargo and sanctions. This would be a breeding ground for would be terrorist.

Personally I think this is a good move by Castro and while some will argue it will not affect the U.S. in anyway, it does affect those who send money to Cuba and it draws attention to America’s embargo on a Nation where the vast majority of it citizens were not alive during past conflicts. Thus the new generation of Cubans suffer because every white man that have ascended to the Presidency in the U.S. has carried on their life long white supremacist born hatred of Castro for his refusal to bow down to their idea of how he should run his nation.

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At 12:12 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Yes...can you believe that this little island nation has been able to stand strong despite all this US pressure against it? Of course, if Cuba enventually have an economic collaspe...it will be said to be the resultant of the inferior communist system. What will be ignored is that the failure of the system was induced by USA unfair policies.

Remember CUbas role in SA liberation? Cuba also sends their doctors to many third world countries to help teach medicine and help the local. Cuba is one of the most literate nations in the world. Excellent educational system. I honestly do not believe Castro is a bad person. Living under a dictator with a descent heart can be superior to living under a democracy where the majority (whites) that rule have racist and greedy hearts. Hence, the tyranny of the majority.


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