September 20, 2004


Understanding the difference between Emotional and Logical RACISM

How is it that so many blacks can see racism from the actions of whites, yet, far fewer whites than accused can see themselves as racist? The reason that I believe most of this discrepancy in perception exists is due to two distinct and different phenomenons being combined into one term, racism. The different and distinct phenomenons are logic and emotions.

Most white people see racism as an emotional based phenomenon, where people act out emotional malice towards another race of people. When they visualize a racist, they envision a person filled with the emotions of anger and or hate, as their primary motivation. This fact is easy to detect in whites via their Freudian projections. This is when whites judge the motives of others as being racist, based upon what they project would be true of them, given a similar scenario. I myself (yes...really) have been accused by whites of being racist for simply discussing the history of race. From this discussion they interpret that I am angry (emotion) at whites (for this history), thus making me a racist. Hence, it is easy to see that whites think that the destination of racism can only be reached by taking the emotional path.

In light of this fact, whites who believe that racism only or most profoundly manifest via the emotional path and who harbor no strong emotions against blacks, see themselves as being void of racism. Due to the absence of these negative emotions, they fail introspection of their rational cognitions. Since rational cognitions are seen as logic driven and not emotional driven, whites thus ignore the possibility that their rationalizations and conclusions is what make them racist. More precisely, logical white racism is the belief of white supremacy and that white supremacy explains the world order.

In the past, white supremacy and white emotional racism were tightly coupled. People who hated blacks also believed that blacks were inferior and people who believed that blacks were inferior generally were angry at blacks for seeking equality that they were genetically incapable of getting or maintaining. Today, emotional and logical racism often is disjointed, due to society evolving a negative stigma or taboo associated with white racism. Thus, most whites today have learned to be emotionally tolerant, if not accepting, of other races, particularly blacks. However, their rational cognitions, for the vast majority, are still that of white supremacy.

When I say white supremacy I am speaking in the context of the juxtaposition with blacks. Some whites are no longer rationalizing that whites are the supreme race, given the performance intellectualy of Asians, however, they still believe that blacks are inferior. The metrics for supremacy is mostly that of intelligence and control of ones more primal side of human nature (blacks can't control their sex drive and are irresponsible eg). Thus, white supremacy, in the context of black issues, is akin in meaning to black inferiority. It is this rationalization, that usurps history and environment, which thus serves as the explanation as to why blacks lag whites all over the world, including here in the USA.

If you were to ask most whites, who say they are not racist, why whites in the world are so much better off economically than blacks, they will give you a rational explanation that implies or alludes some sort of black inferiority/white supremacy. For example, how many times have you heard whites say that if blacks simply worked as hard as everyone else.... (whites) The obvious implication here is that blacks are lazy. How many times have you heard whites lament that a black person seems intelligent simply from speaking and or writing in a grammatically correct manner?

Probably the biggest indicator of white’s assumption of their genetic intellectual superiority is gleaned by default. What I mean by that is that even though the physical and mental are not our only capacities, those two capacities are the primary criterion that mankind ranks itself by. Thus, with blacks dominating in sports, which is a showcase for physical capabilities, more than a few whites believe that blacks are physically superior based upon the resultant of competition. Thus, when white folks lament “white men can’t jump”, they are acknowledging a belief that whites are physically inferior to black’s in general physical competition metrics. Of course, we can look across the array of sports that blacks participate in and find the same patterns.

The reason that white folks are not insecure about their belief that “white men can’t jump”, is due to their belief that white men might not be able to out jump a black person, but he can out think a black person any day, as demonstrated by history and science. Whites put far more value in the intellectual capacities rather than the physical capacities, in measurment. Thus, they can feel superior, despite black’s domination in physical competition. If whites saw blacks as equal in intellectual capacity, while superior in physical capacity, the summation would be a conclusion of black superiority over whites. However, if this was true, those blacks are superior, then how does one explain the current world order in which whites are at the top and blacks are on the bottom? Therefore, white’s rationalization always must work to explain the current world order and any conclusions of black superiority or equality is not supported by the reality of current conditions.

Some people will lament…so what? The significance of knowing how whites think can help us better deal with the present and prepare for the future. While there are ample opportunities, white supremacy is relatively benign. However, when opportunities contract and economic opportunity become more competitive and closer to zero sum, white supremacy will metastasize into the malignant growth of white emotional racism. The reason being is due to the fact that whites will rationalize that they should have the disproportionate share of opportunities…because they are intellectually superior. They will rationalize that most blacks with good jobs received them over a more qualified white person and resent it. That is even manifesting today and has been going on for some time.

What blacks cannot afford to do is make the assumption that progress does not go in reverse. We cannot assume that things cannot revert back to the mid 1900’s in attitudes. What is the guarantee against this? There is none. However, if we allow ourselves to fall for this trend of not talking about race of racism, because whites no longer want to talk about it because whites say they are no longer racist…it will be us that will be the fools.


At 10:23 AM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

Here's some links into my lastest Foray...
The latest site visited with that erie feeling that you've already been there. lol




At 1:52 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

No my brother...I had not visited that forum site..but I just did. I am trying to stay away from the Forum format because it takes to much time away...I get addicted to responding...even though I know 99% of the time people will not concede to you the truth, if it is counter to their beliefs.

At 2:11 PM, Blogger Scott said...

You guys spend a lot of time caring what white people think of you.

I mean what kind of victory will you achive if you change the mind of 1000 white people so they realize they are racist. How will it improve you life or the life of black people as a whole.

I think you guys need to think about your BLACK Adgenda. That exists irrespective of what white people think.

White man doesn't love me, oh woe is me. Don't you guys have anything better to do with your life.

At 2:23 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

If figured that such would come from the mouth of a Negro conservative. For a person who does not care what white folks think, you sure spend a lot of time parroting the white conservative’s platform. I venture to guess that 99% of the news you read comes from a white source, yet, you claim not to care what they think. Maybe their biases filter the spin of the information that they provide you for consumption. If you do not know of their biases, then you will not be cognizant that information could be misinformation.

The unfortunate reality of life is that it is much more human competition than cooperation. Thus, in a competitive world, the wise one are keen ponder what their competition is thinking about. The number one impediment in the black history of this nation, to black equality, has been what white folks think. It is true that I need to prepare an offense, but it is also true of competition that one must prepare a defense and to properly do that one must understand their opponents. Its like the game of chess…you have to think to recognize the patterns of thinking of your opponent in order to circumvent them.

At 4:22 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

Black Agenda...

Haven't we been over this Scott?
THe fact that you don't have one.
At least not one that does what you say it does.

Anyway... I was going to comment on the Education thread that we need to establish our own academies that operate under what we see the educational needs of our children being... in a more focused way.

You got some [White] Power/Policy maker friends who'll put down on that?

At 4:53 AM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

And this is the same Scott who was sending out invitations to all here to go where?

Certainly Scott a real Black Agenda confronts what we must do for ourselves both about ourselves and about other external things that impede us or hamper use utilizing or maximizing our full potential. That's where combatting racism comes in.

As a friend of ours says...
Are we suppose to just let them have that stuff on the House?

(Speaking about White Supremacy/racism past and present.)

Unfortunately, for all to many Black CONservatives (you included), racism receives too much charity and a Do What You Want Pass with a Silent Theatre bonus.

Certainly, "personal responsibility" and dismantling racism are not mutually exclusive.


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