January 10, 2007

Cultural Inferiority

What is culture? The anthropological definition is as follows: Culture, as a body of learned behaviors common to a given human society, acts rather like a template (ie. it has predictable form and content), shaping behavior and consciousness within a human society from generation to generation. So culture resides in all learned behavior and in some shaping template or consciousness prior to behavior as well (that is, a "cultural template" can be in place prior to the birth of an individual person) http://www.wsu.edu:8001/vcwsu/commons/topics/culture/culture-definition.html.

There used to be a time in the not so distant past that Negro people were believed to be genetically inferior. This was not simply the opining of uneducated Western masses, but the work and findings of white scholars, whose methodologies have sense been debunked. Notwithstanding, the belief in the inferiority of the Negro has persisted through the years. However, in this era in which whites fear the label or accusation of being a “racist”, the term “culture” has thus manifested to replace “Race” to qualify that which whites use to explain inferiority amongst the Negro population.

Biological and or Genetic explanations to black pathologies are obvious signs of a racist, but "culture" is a stealth euphamism that essentialy targets the same group. In short, the term protects whites from being called a white supremacist....when really that is what they are propogating. Note that the belief in inferiority of blacks has not changed, just the qualifying reason for it...ie "black culture"...a culture emanating from and endemic to people of black biology. If one is not talking about race...per se...then they cannot be accused of being racist, in their own minds or the thinking of others.

Given that culture is essentially learned behavior, how is it that blacks and whites are perceived to have different cultures while existing in the same environment of America for the last 300 years? Is not environment the teacher of culture and have we both not been exposed to the same environment of America? How could America have taught whites one thing while having taught black another, if two separate culture indeed exists? What phenomenon was the cause of the schism? Whose behavior created the isolation and segregation that would be a necessity for different cultures to incubate and grow while in the same nation?

It’s an interesting concept of which I find fascinating. Given that culture is learned and passed generationaly, what did black people learn from the peoples who were oppressing them? When one thinks back, did not slave owners father illegitimate children from some of their black slaves, yet they remained slaves? Did that teach black males to be illegitimate fathers too? Did the slave masters and overseers use of violence to control and intimidate their slaves teach blacks to be just as violent? Did the fact that the slaves did all the hard work while the slave master virtually did nothing in comparison teach blacks that to be successful is to be lazy? Did the general degradation and disrespect for black humanity and worth by slave masters and whites teach blacks to look at each other in the same way? Ect…ect.

If culture is a learned behavior then what is the resultant of a culture of racial oppression upon a people? What did they learn from it and how does it affect the behavior of the oppressed group? Hence, can a people develop an inferior culture by virtue of its people being treated as inferior for centuries in the same nation? If a culture is inferior due to a nation allowing and facilitating the oppression of a people is it not the responsibility of the nation to attempt to fix what it broke and can that fix be implemented without recognizing and targeting the group that it broke in the effort? Culture is essentially socialization via emulation.

I think a good test for the belief in racial superior and inferiority is to ask a white person if they believe this to be true: If white people had been taken to a black nation as slaves, and had essentially the same situation as blacks have had in the West, but in reverse, would they be in a better or worse situation than blacks are in America today? Would they have risen faster? Would they complain less? Would they seek Affirmative Action?

Of course, for them to assume that they would be better off clearly points to the belief that white humanity is superior to black humanity and can hence overcome odds in a superior fashion. To suggest that the situation would be the same is to suggest that the black condition of today is predictable given what they were exposed.

Whites will not answer this question. Why? Because it threatens to expose them as something they deny to themselves and others. Of course, some will dismiss this hypothetical as absurd due to the premise of the hypothesis implying that blacks could actually ever have the capacity to dominate whites…..which is absurd on its face when one essentially believes in white supremacy and its corollary of black inferiority.


At 2:17 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

There is certainly an argument that slavery played a major role in the ability of African-Americans to progress. Still, an honest inquiry of the subject must address the question as to why certain races failed to evolve beyond hunter-gatherer societies, even long before slavery became an oppressive tool of Europeans. Where are the great books, libraries, political institutions, philosophical thoughts, architectural achievements, medical and technological advances, improvements in agricultural methods, etc., etc.?While other cultures were making great strides along these lines, the black races of Africa were still stuck in 10,000 BC. While it will be admitted that blacks can learn to be anything that a white person can learn to be, a white person first had to come up with it so that the black person could copy it. What seems lacking to me in the black races is not intelligence, if we define it as the ability to learn new facts and assimilate them. Rather, there is a genetic lack of "exploration" and "counter-culturism". These factors are what separate those that descended from that small group, who left Africa to form European societies, and those that stayed behind. The key to new inventions and new thought is the desire to explore and break away from the tribal mindset. When that small group left Africa countless thousands of years ago to form new societies elsewhere, it became the first and longest lasting brain-drain the world has ever known.


At 1:25 AM, Blogger Virago Rising said...

Interestingly enough; I have wondered if black folks had imprisoned white folks and all of the history had the opposite way; what would be the dominant reaction of the black majority elite power structure?

Let me answer for you; NO DIFFERENCE THAN THE WHITE POWER ELITE; and how would an enslaved and dispossessed white population feel and act? NO DIFFERENT THAN THE CURRENT BLACK POPULATION!! you nitwits. Because of our SHARED humanity.

You folks are a godd enough reason to not vote for OBAMA; YOU GUYS ARE DEPRESSING but I love ya.

No white guilt here

At 12:44 AM, Blogger Daniel Belby said...

I think if things had happened in reverse, with black guys enslaving whites, the following would be true:

The whites would still be enslaved today because the black guys wouldn't be stupid enough to end it and cause the same situation we've caused;

The black guys, free from opression from European (and later) American countries, would have created a more harmonious international environment, and;

The whites might just well realise it's not necessarily better to be a master than a slave, and might realise how much better the world is without them in power.

When the abolitionists abolished slavery, I think the world would have evolved into a better place if the black populaces had been elevated to the position previously occupied by whites, and the whites made into slaves for at least as long as the slave trade endured. Not only would we be working towards a better future, where the whites' madness is tempered and chanelled into productive service, we'd be reparating for the atrocity against the black race.

Before people get up in arms saying either I'm a black racist or a white guy with a complex, I'm neither: I'm a white guy who just so happens to be thinking clearly enough to realise the truth irrespective of my own colour and race.

D. Belby,

At 2:25 AM, Blogger Wonder Bread Man said...

Yea just another white cracker, white bread opresser of blacks" come on people of any color wake up this is 2008not 1808!!

This site is just as racisit as any hating kkk blog! not that I have or ever will read into there ignorant bullshit..

The problem is that people "white black brown yellow green" whatever keep bringing the old race card out using it and beating it to death over and over and over...

MAN Amercian's and the world need to look beyond "not forget and learn from" the past including blackes whites browns yellows we are all born with the same "open mind to be filled in". With racisum it's people, culture and stereotyps, that teach us to hate based on color! vary sad concidering that we are all human.

We should judge people on character,
what we do with our lives and how we treat others around us. "not by the tone of our skin"...

And by the way blackes are not the only
group of people to be enslaved at one vary short amount of time just look at human history back to the dark ages millions apon tens of millions of people were enslaved and not just because of their skin color!!! still to this vary day, this vary second there is slave trading.

Im not saying that we forget the atrocities that have happend in our country or other country's.

Slavery was abolished in this county by Abraham Lincon's Emancipation of Proclamation in 1863 and for promoting the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution, for a vary simple reason "it's not right treat human beings as cattle or worse".
remember the American Civil War 1861-1865 yea this war was fought predominetly by the big bad white man to free slaves of the 13 states in the confederate south.

we are all red on the inside!! don't beleve me? Cut yourself and you will bleed red life giving blood. or better yet shoot your self if your an ignorant
self serving dumb ass that lives in the past...

So suck it up and stop beating the "White mans keeping the black man down" slavery drum.

Or we can keep pelling off that scab! that will never heal!!! if we don't move on with our human evolution.

Educate, love, respect and try to relate with the "PEOPLE" around you.
This goes for everybody...

THE WONDER BREAD MAN a.k.a white cracker ;)

At 7:20 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

Its amazing how the words on this Blog continue to strike at the heart of white supremacy so much so that it still force those who claim not to believe in it to respond to what has been posted here. WonderBread, we will forgive you for your ignorance, it is common and it is to be expected. The failure by you and those who think like you to look beyond the enslavement of the African helps explains why you cannot fully comprehend the Black condition in America. Therefore, I will give you an assignment since you like to reference history in your writings. You claim the enslavement of Africans was abolished in 1863. Right you are, but here is your assignment WonderBread, go and study the history of the freed African from 1863 to 1963. Key ideas I want you to look for and study are, Black Codes, Share Cropping, Jim Crow, Red lining, and Black Lynching’s just to name a few. Tell me what you find. Thank you.

At 4:22 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

It is much easier to point a finger than raise a hand. Much easier to cry foul than to go on and progress ever forward. Easier to blame others for our own grief.

Try it sometime. More can be accomplished by using the entire body and mind than pointing a finger and trying to place blame.

But, there are many who will fail to learn that reward is directly related to effort. Someone once said, "Ain't nothin' in Life that's for free."

The atrocities of slavery can NEVER be repaid. Don't expect that they ever will, not going to happen. However, the reward is that if we all work together, blacks, whites, yellows... we can be one. One with the strength of many.

I thank the Lord that our Souls do not have color.



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