July 07, 2006

I got so much trouble on my mind!!!

I got so much trouble on my mind!!!

The great words of Chuck D on what is my favorite P.E. song of all time, “Welcome to the Terrordome”. Now that I am settled in a new city, seeing new things, meeting new people I believe it is about time I get back into this blogging thing and give the Blogsphere more of what has been missing “Black Introspection”. Brother Noah and I have been slow to update the blog for different reasons but yet and still the hits the blog gets and e-mails I get continue to prove that our readers want more Black Introspection and I am obligated to give it to them.

One of the things I want to address is a web site I came across via a user group I subscribe to. This website is dedicated to what it calls dead beat dads. A sista has put a site up called "sorryassbabydaddies.com" where she will allow women to send in photos of their children’s father along with pictures of the child with a story attached to it that details why the Father is sorry. Of course this service meant to humiliate the Father is not free, one can humiliate someone for a small fee of 20$. The Fathers can submit a rebuttal to what has been posted about them but they too have to pay 20$. I am certain this sista did not give this site much thought and is only interested in humiliating men who do not take care of their children and making money. I do not particularly have a problem with men who do not take car of their children being exposed as dead beats but this site has no way of checking the information giving to them, and then to charge the men who are being humiliated on the site to respond is ridiculous and irresponsible on her part. Further more, posting the pictures of Children on this site is the most irresponsible thing a parent can do, what would posses a parent to put their child picture on a site like this is beyond me but we know the old saying about a woman scorned.

Switching topics, as we get closer to the 2006 election cycle we are being terrorized with news of foiled terrorist threats coming from all over. There was the foiled threats from Canada, and today there was news of a plot to blow up tunnels in New York, I am certain this is not the last of the terrorist threats that will be exposed as in the works before the November elections. The one threat that I found to be the most interesting of all was the one supposedly posed by the brothers down in Florida. These brothers according to the government had plans to blow up a few buildings; their plans were more aspirational than operational so says the government. These brothers according to the government wanted to go look at their potential targets but they needed, clothes and shoes to do it, they also needed transportation and gas, but it don’t stop there, they also needed a camera to do the surveillance with, the only thing these brothers had was their own person and their only connection to a terrorist was the government agent. These cats sound real threatening to me. They are about as dangerous as those North Korean missiles that are flying over our heads as I write this.

To be continued……


At 12:48 PM, Blogger abw said...

For the record, I think some men do need to be put on the spot as well, but if that site has the mistakes you point out,she needs to consider your complaints and correct those errors as much as possible. Bombsoverbaghdad, both the man and the woman need to know who they sleep with before they have sex. Both are responsible for giving birth to a kid. Both the men and the women on the site have to face the results of their mistakes. The woman,having to live with being the main guardian responsible for taking care of her dependents, and the man having to pay child support or being considered a deadbeat dad for not doing so.

At 11:13 PM, Blogger shashi singh said...

It was bad to hear what she did. She must have gonna the other way.


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