March 09, 2006

Chicago Jews and their arrogant anti-Black posturing

If you don’t know from my past writings, I was born and raised in the City of Wind, Chicago! I keep up with all the happenings in Chicago being that I have family there and to me it is still my home away from home.

In recent months there has been a big brouhaha surrounding the anti-discrimination panel in Illinois. The anti-discrimination panel has its roots in a campaign promise by former Illinois Governor George Ryan and was established in 1999 as a means of combating discrimination, hate crimes and enforcing Illinois anti-discriminations laws under a 1979 statue. When George Ryan left office in 2003 and Blagojevich (Governor of Illinois) took over, the anti-discrimination panel set dormant until August of last year when Governor Blagojevich appointed twenty new members to the panel and one of those panel members he appointed is Claudette Marie Muhammad. Claudette is a member and an official in the Nation of Islam under the leadership of Minister Louis Farrakhan and here lays the problem for the anti-Black Jewish community in Chicago.

The anti-discrimination panel setup by the Governor apparently and to the surprise of no one had quite a number of folk from the Jewish community on it as does most so-called anti-racism and anti-discrimination panels around the nation. When Claudette was appointed to the panel in August, her name and all other panel members names were released to the media and to other panel members, it was accompanied with her membership in the NOI beside it. It was not a secret nor was it hidden that she was in the NOI. I will not give sister Claudette resume here but I will say sister has done extensive work in and around Chicago and she loves Black people, her appointment to this panel makes sense and she is more than qualified to be on this panel.

As of today five members of the Panel have quit because Claudette is on the panel they have taken the arrogant position that they can dictate what a Black person believes, who we should socialize with and what groups we can be affiliated with it. Of the five members that quit four of them are Jewish and their reasoning for quitting range from their superiority complex, to their belief that they can make a Black woman apologize to them for being in the NOI not to mentioned their arrogant demands that she condemn the words of Minister Farrakhan.

These so-called prominent members of the Jewish community who quit the commission had the backing of the Jewish Community Relations Council that represents 46 Chicago area Jewish groups and adopted a resolution “strongly endorsing” the decision of the quitters to quit.

This whole debacle in my estimation is a clear sign of Jewish arrogance and belief that they can arrogate the rights and ability of Black men and women to associate with whom we please, believe what ever it is we please and support whom we please. These Jewish folk that quit the commission and the Jewish Community of Relations Council have taken an anti-Black position and if anyone should be apologizing it should be them for believing they can control Black men and women and make us bow down when they make unreasonable demands.

As of today the Governor stands behind sister Claudette and I hope he continue to stand behind our sister, let those Jewish quitters stay home and personally I must say, they can go to hell.

March 08, 2006

Future wars will be about European survival...

For some people it is hard for them to fathom white folk carrying out an act or taking a particular position because it is about their survival more than it is about the issue itself. One such issue that comes to mind is abortion, most people are under the impression that white folk anti-abortion stances is about their religious beliefs because they cover their arguments and oppositional stances in religious dogma, but what white folk fear more than anything is global annihilation and or marginalization.

The Wall Street Journal ran a piece entitled “Babies Win Wars” (posted on a forum) wherein the author spoke to the reality that white folk are dying out all over the world, they are being overtaken by the genetic, cultural and religious strength of other people. The author begins his piece by noting that dying nations are defined by nations having a 1.5 or lower fertility rate and by using that definition 30 European nations are dying. We must understand this is not simply an informational piece this is a call to arms, an attempt at awakening white folk to the world that they will be facing in 15 to 20 years. The author writes;

“In 2020, there will be one billion "fighting-age" men (ages 15-29) world-wide; only 65 million will be Europeans. At the same time, the Muslim world will have 300 million males, often with limited opportunities at home.”

How important is this fact? What does it mean to white supremacy? and to what extent will the contemporary guards of white supremacy go to maintain white supremacy? What will be the number of African fighting age males in 2020, and why specifically mentioned the number of Muslims males there will be? is Islam or Muslims the biggest threat to white supremacy or the biggest threat to the next form of world oppression that will replace white supremacy? Make no mistake about it, I am a Muslim but I am well aware of Arab belief in their superiority over the African and I am well aware of African men and women in Africa no less, who self identifying as Arab when everything about them is phenotypically African. Also what’s the importance of mentioning their will be limited opportunities at home? Is it to say these 300 million Muslim men will not be staying put in their Muslims nations?

The Original Population Bomb.

If history is our best teacher than it is about time we start paying attention to what is being spoken about in closed sessions and why Michael Savage is constantly beating the drum of “Borders, Language and Culture”. While it may be tough to get someone like Michael Savage to admit it; his fight for “Borders, Language and Culture is directly related to the decline in European births and the real possibility of a global marginalization of the European.

In the aforementioned article the author writes about the defeats Europe suffered “after 1945 from Indochina to Algeria to Timor “. He states these defeats have been referred to euphemistically as “the emancipation of the colonies” but the real reason he states these defeats were possible was because of the decline in European birth rates, he then boldly states that;

“If Europeans had continued to multiply like in its imperialistic prime, the world would still tremble before their armies.”

He then makes it clear as to what he is arguing when he writes;

“if Europe had merely matched the fourfold increase of the United States (to 300 million from 75 million between 1900-2006), the continent's 1.6 billion would still dwarf China (1.3 billion) and India (1.1 billion). Yet, Europe's share of the world's fighting-age males, which stood at 27% in 1914, is lower today (9%) than it was in 1500 (11%). Thus, the new clothes of European "pacifism" and "soft power" conceal its naked weakness.”

Make no mistake about it, the European is afraid of becoming a minority in respect to power and influence around the world, the European understands that the worlds darker people have not forgotten about its Imperialistic past, and while it may not be as transparent today as it will be tomorrow, the European is worried about his survival and he will fight to no end to survive even if it means nuclear war.

Lastly, the author basically hopes for the fall of Europe so that its brightest and bravest men can flee Europe in a panic to the U.S. thus strengthening it economically and militarily, he writes;

“With a fertility rate at the 2.1 replacement level, the U.S. is still defendable. But how many times can America send out their only sons to prevent all those second, third or fourth sons from engaging in acts of violence abroad? In some ways, the faster Europe collapses the better it will be for the U.S., whose chances of defeating global terrorism would improve by a panic-driven influx of the Old World's best, brightest and bravest ready to strengthen it economically and militarily.”

All wars in the coming years will not be about capital as they have been in the past, many of them will be about European survival in a world where they are slowly becoming a minority in regards to world power and influence and they can not fathom living in a world like that and they will do everything in their power to prolong such from happening.

March 02, 2006


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