February 22, 2006

Need a doctor...

I came across this site today, it has great information and helps those looking for a Black doctor in their area to find one.


February 09, 2006

How did the Avian Bird Flu get to Nigeria?

How did the Avian Bird flu get to Nigeria? This is an interesting and important question. Depending on whom you believe and your own biases and affinities you will conclude it was deliberately given to Nigerian Chickens or some strange number of events took place putting the avian bird flu in a place there is no easy way for it to get to.

Let’s look at some of the ways in which those who planted it there, I mean those who are experts on this bird flu are saying it got there. For starters, UN Agriculture officials are saying “they are “sure” this bird flu will pop up elsewhere in Nigeria and beyond.” This bird flu has popped up in the dry Nigerian North. Some as quoted on NPR are saying the bird flu got there by migrating birds based on Nigeria’s position along the path of migrating birds from central and west Asia to West and South Africa. However Wetlands International an environmental group that has been monitoring migrating birds in Africa states emphatically;

“It has been suggested by various officials and media that the disease was transported to Nigeria by migratory waterbirds. This does not seem likely though, given that the timing of this outbreak is three months after their arrival, and the region of Northern Nigeria concerned is 250 – 300 km from the nearest wetland complex used by large numbers of these species.”

Both the location of the outbreak and the timing make it unlikely that the flu was spread by wild birds. Around thirty waterbird species migrate from the infected areas in Asia and the Black Sea region to Nigeria for the winter. Three of these have been identified by Wetlands International as showing a “higher risk” to spread Avian Influenza. They are: the Gargany Anas querquedula, the Northern Pintail Anas acuta and the Northern Shoveler Anas clypeata. A majority of these birds will have arrived in West Africa between September and November. If these birds carried the disease, it would seem reasonable to expect outbreaks earlier in the winter, soon after their arrival. The area where the outbreak occurred is dry with few wetlands, and is not attractive to congregations of waterbirds. The nearest sizeable wetland complex with large congregations of these species in some years, is Hadejia-Nguru, about 250-300 km north-east of the original outbreak area.”

The birds that carry this flu get weak and die in days thus eliminating the possibility of them having the ability to travel 300km to the area where this flu has popped up, that has no wetlands for the migrating birds to congregate which makes it highly unlikely this flu was passed to chickens by these wild birds.

In spite of this information, Joseph Dominick, the head of the UN Animal health for food and Agriculture organization does not believe the flu could have gotten to Nigeria any other way. The reason he believes this is most interesting. Joseph Dominick said in the interview with NPR he does not believe the flu could have gotten to Nigeria no other way because “there is no commercial trade between the Middle East or Asia and Western Africa” which translates to there is no trading of goods that could pass this flu to Nigeria between Nigeria and places already affected by this flu. So Joseph is saying this flu did not get to Nigeria via goods being traded and Wetlands International is saying Migrating birds did not bring it to Nigeria.

There is two other possible ways it could have gotten there according to reports. It could have gotten there via illegal poultry trading, which is not explained at all but throw the word illegal in there and it does not matter what illegal poultry trading is, all that matters is it is illegal and illegal mean bad and bad things happen to those who engage in illegal business. The final way it could have gotten there is by migrating birds, giving it to poultry in the wetlands they migrate to and then that poultry is shipped to the dry area where this flu has popped up, the only problem with that is no flu has been found in the wetland areas.

There you have it folks, the making of mass genocide in Africa, there is no cure for this influenza, once it infects a human; he or she will surely die.

Knowing what little I know so far, I conclude to the surprise of no one reading this; The bird flu was planted and this is an act of sabotage and soon to be genocide by whom I don’t know, but the UN sure as hell have a lot of excuses for why it is where it is already without having done any extensive research.

February 07, 2006


I would like to give big ups to the City of Detroit for proving the naysayers and critics of this nearly 90% black city ability to host a major event such as the Super Bowl. By all accounts and from the mouth of the NFL commissioner himself, the City far exceeded expectations with fans, the league and the media who all claimed Detroit the biggest winner of the super bowl.

Detroit is a city that America loves to hate. It’s the perfect Trojan horse because people can bash black folk without having to say black folk, but rather, simply saying Detroit. That is most profoundly true in the State of Michigan, as folks who live in the suburbs and out-state love to characterize Detroit as a cesspool of violence, corruption and decay, a city where the residents and government are its own worst enemy.

To be fair, Detroit does have more than its share of problems, but no more so than black America in general. Detroit, 90% black, is indeed a microcosm of the state of black America. If you take the black community in any city in America and extrapolate the conditions of that community over the entire city, you would have a similar situation that Detroit is faced with, which is a city that represents the legacy of black America, likely more so than any other city of comparable size.

Detroit is only an anomaly when juxtaposed with predominantly white cities, which represent the legacy of 300 years of white privilege in this nation. Those cities should come out looking a lot better than Detroit because they represent the legacy of the master and not the legacy of the slave. Despite that fact, people take an ahistorical analysis of Detroit and its problems which excluded the history of blacks in America, as well as, the decline of the auto industry. Detroit critics simply want to allude that Detroit is a microcosm for the inferiority of black people and the failures of liberalism.

I am here to say that Detroit has bottomed out and up and will rise, notwithstanding continued problems in the auto industry.

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