September 29, 2005

Don't call it a come back!!

In preparation for returning to Blogging on a constant basis I went back and looked over much of what Noah and I have shared on this Blog and I have concluded, if we were to stop Blogging today, the content on this Blog would be relevant for years to come. It is quite interesting watching the evolution of various Blogs and Bloggers. I have witnessed some Blogs go from being about the content provided to being about the Blogger him or herself, and this made me ask the question why do I Blog. I do not think the reason I Blog is far different than why most Bloggers do, or started to Blog except that many Bloggers have gone off course and it is now about how many hits they get, winning various Blog awards, earning a particular ranking in the Blogsphere, having sponsors and advertisements on their Blog. I am aware that some have taking Blogging up as their full time job, such is not the case for myself or Noah which explains part of why we Blog as we do, meaning sporadically, with you the reader not knowing when you will get new content.

When I am not Blogging you can find me on various forums and message boards basically taking my arguments to the people, which is far more engaging than Blogging and serves as a sharpening mechanism for my many beliefs and positions. Participating in discussions on message boards and forums are far more stimulating than writing an op-ed or two for this Blog. If you want to see what I mean come on over to one of my favorite forums run and owned by Brother MBM and one filled with thinking Black men and women whom I agree with and disagree with on many things. Once you are done there, browse over to the Cocoa Lounge which is run and operated by our Sista Shawna and have many forums for almost any and every thought that enters your mind

This will be the beginning of many Blogs to come but don’t call it a come back.


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