July 01, 2005

A Friday Rant

In listening to the rhetoric of black conservatives, who knowingly or unknowingly parrot the ideology and philosophy of white conservatives, I have recognized a not surprising pattern. The pattern that I recognize runs contrary to the supposed conservative’s principle regarding “Victimology”. You see, to take their statements at face value, one would purchase the impression that focus or attention on external forces that assault opportunity, is what keeps black people down, as opposed to the supposed external impediments keeping them down. Ergo, conservatives believe that it is the blaming of ones condition on outside factors, as opposed to looking within, that keeps people down.

The pattern is that conservatives do actually believe that people can and are held back by external forces, however, they reserve the exclusive patent rights to claim who or what is the victimizer of a given people. As an example, conservatives feel that blacks are held back by Black leadership of the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Many believe that the black masses are being led astray by these leaders focus on racism and not internal causes of black problems. Another example is the liberal ideology which implements policy which the conservatives believe rob people of the will and incentive to work and be personally responsible. Then you have the plight and poverty of the masses of sub Saharan Africa always being blamed upon corrupt black leadership. All these are examples where whites and conservative black folk are willing to see blacks as victims.

The more you listen to conservative rhetoric regarding race, the pattern and patent regarding victimology becomes clear. Conservatives play the "black victim card" subjective to who the accused are. When the accused is whites and America they say that focus on what others are doing to blacks works to keep blacks from doing anything for themselves. On the other hand, they are quick to point to other black people or liberalism as forces that are keeping black people down. As long as the framing or blaming of cause and effect is of the nature of black keeping blacks down or liberals keeping black down, its ok to validate and point out blacks as victimes. On the other hand, However, when the blame is placed on whites and America, it becomes a taboo and an invalid crutch that blacks should immediately cease talking about if they want to get ahead.

It is common knowledge that the plight of a people is often linked to other people and external constructs. People had little trouble linking the poor standard of living and freedoms in Communist nations to communism and its leaders during the cold war. People had little trouble linking the plight of the people of Iraq to its leader Saddam and his dictatorship form of governance. Hence, people were compelled by leaders in this country to not expect these people to be responsible for changing their plight, but were convinced that they needed our help to better their lives and to spread freedom and opportunity. Of course, it was ignored that corporate America profits from the spread of “our system” to other parts of the globe. Thus, victimology is often validated by the right when the right sees that it can profit from its truth and when the truth works against their interest they must seek to discredit and obfuscate the truth to protect their interest.

When it comes to linking leadership (white) and political economic construct to the plight of black people in America, it is quickly shot down as being invalid or an obfuscation to hide personal irresponsibility for ones own condition. The problem is that there is much evidence that America is the land of opportunity and also much evidence that this is a land of white supremacy. All one has to do is to look at the Senate and the heads of corporate America to understand who the disproportionate opportunity is really for. Whites have always thought highly of the intellect of the Asian, while historically categorizing the Negro at the bottom of the intellect totem pole. Consequently, their power and control resulted in a self fulfilling prophecy made true by unequal treatment and opportunities which manifested a condition of social and economic inferiority.

In conclusion, the dual beliefs of white supremacy and black inferiority, in a country dominated and lead by whites is bound to manifest a victimization against black people, whether by conscious intent or not. If people in Iraq can be victimized by a dictatorship and if people living under communism can be victimized by the leaders and institution of that ideology, than surely it is valid to believe that blacks are victimized under the system of white supremacy.

Bush to the People of Iraq Quote: "We will Stand down when the people of Iraq have stood up". In other words, we will help Iraq unti Iraqis get their act together.

Conservatives to African Americans: Paraphrase: "Pull your lazy selves up because helping only makes you more lazy, dependant and irresponsible!"


At 4:38 PM, Blogger Scott said...

"The pattern that I recognized is that conservatives do actually believe in the validity of victimization, however, they reserve the exclusive patent rights to claim who or what is the victimizer of a given people. As an example, conservatives feel that blacks are victimized by Black leadership of the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. "

You are totally correct in this. And it is very very counter productive. To many people are in it for ego. Instead of positive change.

The fact is Farakan is a very conservative leader but he doesn't have to dis jesse and friends.

And you have leaders who kiss the heritage foundation ass, complaining that Jesse is kissing democrats ass.

There will NEVER be another MLK, and unlikely that there will be another malcom. What we need are thousand of resonable men (and women) who are willing to stand up for themselves, their families and their communities.

That is one of the reason I challenge you guys to say what you are doing. Noah seems to have hands full with this blended family which is can fully occupy a person. Maginate who knows what he does he calls it a distraction whenever I challenge him to tell me what he has done. I myself have taught in elementary school, multiple after school programs in harlem and various mentoring programs.

At 4:40 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Sorry left out something I wanted to say. Doesn't matter were you come from black nationalism, science, basketball etc, but as long as you help young people become responsible capable adults you are helping the community.

At 9:28 AM, Blogger DarkStar said...

The general thrust of this is on point.

At 9:34 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

The hatred of oneself and anything that looks like them that runs rampant in and amongst Black Conservatives is what causes them to reason as you have articulated here. The idea that external realities contributed to and continue to cause the condition that is prevalent in our communities seems almost impossible to believe in their little world, after spending the last two weeks in Chicago with friends and family, I am even more convinced that the majority of what we see in the Black community is the result of external forces creating these condition by way of shutting doors, mis-educating and out right disrespect and racist behavior towards the Black community. I have always known this having grown up in the Black community and I can say that those who speak of our community without having lived there and actually speaking with the men and women in our community are only fooling themselves. The entrepreneurial spirit that runs deep in our community is unmatched, and this spirit is fueled by the very things that cause the violence and hopelessness in our community. That is the biggest irony, the continued racism, shutting of doors, mis-education, marginalization and lack of faith and belief in the system is what fuels the violence and the entrepreneurial spirit our community.

I bet it would be easy for the Negro-Con to see the high entrepreneurial spirit in our community as the result of us having no faith in the system but yet ignore this same lack of faith is what also causes violence and disorder.

At 4:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would have to assume that black conservatives wield a great deal of power considering the amount of coverage you give them. If external forces are the root cause of black misery, why spend so much time tearing down African-Americans on the conservative side of the political divide? It just seems like more black inter-cultural self-annihilation and cultural effacement: all of which contributes to the African-American community’s enduring state of disunity. In short, black liberals and conservatives need each other if we are to overcome white supremacy. Political disagreement should not impinge on our necessity to work together against a shared foe.


At 6:46 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Poor Claudia, when did exposing the enemy of Black rise be they Black or white become proof that they wield a great deal of power beyond that which we speak about? Speaking about the Negro-Con is more about acknowledging their treachery than anything else, in the same way we acknowledge all treasonous acts. If you have been a reader of this Blog you would know, our disagreement with the Negro-Con is not political and we claim no political affiliation and acknowledge the disrespect shown to our community by both political parties. I would like to hear how Black upward mobile progressive Black men and women can work with Black Conservatives when the Black conservative serve as the puppet of his white counter part and have no original idea's of their own? I take it since you did not address what was written you accept it as truth and want to obfuscate.

At 8:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Again, if black misery is the result of external causes (white supremacy), why spend so much time acknowledging the treachery of black conservatives? Are there not treacherous black liberals as well? I’d like to hear about them since you acknowledge the disrespect of both parties. Also, I’m curious, which black conservative puppets are you speaking of exactly? In your post you mentioned listening to the rhetoric of black conservatives, but you don’t give any specific examples. You say conservatives think this; their patterns suggest that, etc. etc., but you don’t offer us a single quotation or source. I want to respond to what you’re saying, but you really haven’t said anything at all (at least nothing that is supported). Can you do that for me?

Also, that “conservatives to African-Americans” paraphrase that you cited; what source did you paraphrase that from? Are you paraphrasing (restating) something that someone else said, or did you make that up? It’s a bit unclear to me because paraphrasing (or loosely quoting) implies that you were restating what someone else said. I just want to know who that person is, and what source it came from. It appears to me that you were not actually paraphrasing; but were instead creating a fictitious, generalizing account of what you “think” conservatives are saying to black Americans. Is that true?

Anyway, if you could provide your sources, and clear up some of these concerns, I would really appreciate it.


At 8:54 PM, Blogger Scott said...

ah faheem I missed you.

My nephew said something very one point. At our barbeque. If you are in Jail its your own damm fault.

He told the great, "I was innocent story about a guy in apt with guns and drugs" still claiming innocence as if he didnt' realize that was a less than optimum place to be.

At 9:38 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Scott, I am glad to know I was missed. ;\.

Claudia, I say again if you are a reader of this Blog you already know we do not write what we write for any one person and this includes you, thus you must know, we have no concern for what you would like to hear. If we wrote what you liked to hear than you might make the same arrogant mistake Renu did by thinking this blog should be renamed after you being that addressing things strictly for you would mean you hold an importance on this blog that you do not. Simply put, you will get what ever we are moved to address or write about.

I have no idea what you are referring to when you ask about a source being quoted. If you are writing about something from the essay above, a closer look would inform you I am not the writer of it. It was written by my brother and your brother Noah The African. I am sure he can respond to any questions you have about his writings.

We address white supremacy in the many ways it is expressed and one of the ways it is expressed is through Black Conservatism. Clearly you are bothered by this and rather than speak to the points being raised you would rather ask why the points are being raised when the answer is obvious, Addressing Black Conservatism is addressing one of the proliferators of white supremacy. Hope that helps! If you want to read about Black Liberals or Liberals in general go to any of the Negro-Con Blog sites, they always have something to say about Black Liberals and Liberals in general. I wonder do you visit their Blogs and demand they speak ill of Black Conservatives or Conservatives in general as you are requesting we speak to problems Liberal pose.

At 1:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry Faheem, I guess I’m posing these questions to Noah.


At 5:51 AM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...


It is a tragedy and a travesty that you and Noah keep running this game about the Black Conservative.

You claim that "we" keep repeating the same rhetoric as the "White Conservative".

I make the case that the Black Liberal Progressive Fundementalist sound a lot like Ted Kennedy and other LIBERALS who can't get beyond their altruistic and paternalistic view of Black people as helpless and hapless.

As long as you keep voting for them they will continue their distribution of crumbs to your causes. Just enough to keep you pacified from rioting, not enough to make you free.

I simply don't understand how you and Noah focus so much on a force that you admit has little power within the Black community. . Why are BCs such a threat to you? Could it be that we serve as a perfect check to your rhetoric, having you to deal with unpleasant truths that you don't have to deal with when you are blaming White folks for everything?

I ask everyone to watch the PBS series POV and their episode called "Street Fight". It is about the mayorial race in Newark between Sharpe James the long time incumbent and his DEMOCRATIC rival Corey Booker. The Black Niggeratti are show coming into the city to support James despite his presiding over failure of the city.

This documentary PERFECTLY captures my frustrations with you and others. You are defending IDEOLOGY rather than demanding effectiveness from your leaders. In the end you get what you have invested in.

At 9:15 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

Renaldo you make a claim that we sound like Ted Kennedy but now let’s put it to test. What have we written on this Blog that you have heard come from the mouth of Ted Kennedy? You are simply comparing position we take versus the analysis we give to the position that Ted Kennedy takes. Ted Kennedy stands in opposition to the Negro-Con and Conservative Politics as much as we do but he does not articulate anything that you will find on this blog nor do he speak about white supremacy, white skin privilege as we do being that he himself has benefited from those things. So in this instance you are drawing from the enemy of my enemy is my friend analogy but Ted Kennedy himself is the enemy as much as the Negro-Con barring that he may support legislation that help Black men and women. I can run down a list of things we have wrote about and continue to write about that Ted Kennedy your favorite whipping boy will never open his mouth and mention.

At 10:32 AM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

Ted Kennedy is a prime representative of the ideology that is expressed among many a Black politician.

Though YOU might find Kennedy reprehensible in some ways, Kennedy receives an "A" each year on the NAACP legislative report card.

It is interesting that in this instance you attempt to disassociate yourself from your normal "guilt by association" that you use constantly against Black Conservatives and the White Racists who stand against Black people.

I ask you again - As much as this "Friday Rant" is about the changes that are necessary in WHITE FOLKS.......What say you about the changes that are nessary in Black people for us to achieve a higher state of being in this world?

Just as folks say to me that their absence in demands for change in Black people, I say to you that my critical focus on Black people does not mean that I don't see systematic efforts from White folks to act against us.

At 11:30 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

Ted Kennedy and Black Politicians express the same ideology because they are both politicians and agree on political matters but Kennedy is not one who we can say agree with politicians like our sister Cynthia McKinney on matter of race and racial politics. I have no say in who or what get an “A” from the NAACP, but I will say this, the NAACP is clearly grading Ted Kennedy based on his support or non oppositional stance on its on own agenda and issues it raise.

I have not disassociated myself from the guilt by association position in regards to you and your love and defense of white conservatives. I believe it should be clear to you now that it is not I who is Liberal in the sense that Ted Kennedy is Liberal it is you who try to say I am like him, without showing where he and I actually see eye to eye. On the other hand you repeat the mantras and defend the position of the white supremacist and their respective think tanks. This is the difference between you and I, I don’t defend or quote the Ted Kennedy liberal wing as you defend and quote the Negro-Con wing of modern conservatism.

I ask you Renaldo which is it, do we only focus on white folk or do we only focus on the Negro-Con? We are accused of doing both. We have laid out in several op-eds what Black men and women need to do however we understand that responsibility does not end with Personal Responsibility, Responsibility is all encompassing and that includes but is not limited to moral, spiritual, and economic responsibility of this country to correct its past and present day indiscretions and crimes against Black men and women so that parity will become a reality. If you truly see racism of white folk and this nation you would not be in constant disagreement with what we write being that we do not seek to excuse Black pathology we seek to show how and why it is. Your ilk simply tries to sum our pathology up as proof of Black inferiority and Black Introspection vehemently disagrees with that. Your so-called critical analysis of Black folk lack depth and ignores the complexities that encompass how we arrived where we are today. We seek to bring forth those complexities because without them one will conclude from your analysis and those of other Negro-Cons that Black men and women are inferior.

At 7:03 AM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

If you truly see racism of white folk and this nation you would not be in constant disagreement with what we write being that we do not seek to excuse Black pathology we seek to show how and why it is. Your ilk simply tries to sum our pathology up as proof of Black inferiority and Black Introspection vehemently disagrees with that.

There were other points that I wanted to address in your post but I will focus on this one.

If you see, for example, the current movement against "Islamic Terrorism" by the "West" (US, UK) as being an example of this White Racism and Supremacy that you speak of I come back to Black Americans to ask - Why do you continue to CONSPIRE with these same forces? Your lack of decision making authority at the table of power does not mean that with your presence in and contribution of tax dollars in America is not assisting in this global effort of White Racism and Supremacy.

I have learned to ask questions from a different framework in order to understand if the challenge that you pose can ever be addressed satisfactorally by your measure. The question that I have to ask you Faheem is "What does the world look like in your mind where there is no White racism to counteract all that you and other Blacks attempt to do for development?"

Since it is a given that Whites by definition need to protect their gene pool from intermixing with melanated races lest they be no more I wonder if you will ever see the day in which certain tactics are NOT used to ensure their survival. It would seem to me then that the only way to check that which you are concerned about is from seperation back to our respective land masses and then the establishment of adequate defenses in one's homeland to insure that no outside force intrudes upon your people.

You and others promote the fight against White racism to the top of your agenda. I challenge this strategy by asking if the absence of racism from White folks because you are now seperated as above will automatically mean that you will build your society up to a high standard of living absent the primary antagonist that once stood in your way? My inferences that are seen in Africa lead me to believe that the answer is NO!!!

It seems to me that such a negative force of racism is only overcome by having an equal and opposite force in which you are in control of your own institutions and not looking for a "level playing field" with someone else being the groundskeeper.

I further conclude that there are many Black Americans who are not willing to give up the benefits that they receive today in America despite the continued "racism" that stems from our interaction with White folks. Their biggest fear would be to have to take the step backward that is needed in order that we might move ahead in the long run, having established a system of our own.

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

First off, Renaldo there is no such thing as “Islamic Terrorism” this is a term coined by the west to shield their hatred of Islam and the continued spreading of it. The west is fighting Arabs and the Arab culture of death and hatred of women that is not rooted in Islam but that’s a whole different subject.

You are right about the tax situations, Tupac even recognized this reality when he rapped that through our tax dollars we are funding our own oppression because our tax dollars are being used to pay the police who abuse us in our communities. With that said, the truth is Renaldo we can not stop paying taxes if we wanted to, in fact before we even see our wages earned by way of trading our labor for money the government has already stolen some of our money to do with it what ever they choose. I can become a barber and work under the radar and not pay taxes, or I can become a big time drug dealer and not pay taxes but we know what happen to those individuals, they go to Jail for tax evasion, which literally translates to you are going to jail for not giving the government money to do whatever the hell it wants with your money. So the only way to offset the government taking of our money is to contribute our time, intelligence and resources to causes that oppose the government illegal actions be they over seas or right here in America. We can not be judged on actions we have no control over but you can look at actions we have control over and conclude one thing or another.

As far as what a world would look like if there is no white racism to counteract, how could I know this being that white supremacy has spread throughout the globe that includes all African nations where you will find our brothers and sisters are worshipping a white god! White supremacy and white racism has been woven into the way in which damn near every society operates on this earth barring the few Asian nations that have managed to keep white folk out and remain homogenized. So looking at African nations is no template as to how the world would be without white racism, because all of Africa was and still remained colonized in many respects thus there is no place that can serve as an example of what the world would look like without white racism to counteract because it is everywhere.

I will address this further in the coming days… I am sure you will recognize it but be mindful it was not something sparked by your question but your question will definitely be used in what I am preparing.


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