June 07, 2005

The "other" insurgency

There is another, less publicized, insurgency or resistance movement taking place below the radar of most media attention. Most people know about the insurgency going on in Iraq these days, but few people are aware or view what is happening in our own nation as such. There is indeed a stealthy resistance movement going on in America, without roadside bombs and suicide bombers, but instead, by social and economic guerrilla warfare.

The civil rights victories of the 1960’s can be viewed, arguable, as the end of the conventional war against a racist societal structure. Since that time, racist have abandoned their overt uniforms and rhetoric and have dispersed among the general population as stealth resistance fighters. There goal is to conserve or preserve the state of white superiority and to prevent any restitution or responsibility for its brutal regime, which could help lift up black people from three centuries of brutality by the old regime.

This American insurgency has millions of independent, decentralized fighters and millions of more tacit sympathizers. The fighters that can and do inflict the most damage are those who are in positions of economic or political power. Circumventing law, these fighters deny people employment, deny them loans or charge higher interest on loans, give longer time for crimes and generally make life harder at every turn for black people to reach a state of parity.

The goal of the resistance movement is to preserve white superiority of condition. The insurgency is really two different ideological groups, with the same objective but a different means to their end. One ideology believes in the old traditional methods of the old regime like discrimination to keep blacks from equality, while the other ideological resistance is contra any attempts to undo the effects of years of assault from the old regime. The latter ideology believes that they are morally superior to the former, although fighting to keep people down is in truth morally equivalent to knocking them down.

The insurgency movement is dominated by the “don’t knock them down… but keep them from getting up” ideology. In fact, this group often expresses opposition to the ideology and practices of the other group. However, even though they express opposition, once the other group knocks blacks down, this group’s goal is to make sure that blacks don’t get any help to get back up. Hence, their ideological opposition to the other group seems counter intuitive and may actually be an attempt at subterfuge, to hide the fact they have similar goals. They maybe in opposition to setting off bombs, but they are in support of not sending in the ambulance to treat the wounded from past and present bombings, so to speak. That is a distinction with virtually no difference.

An asymmetrical opponent is much harder to defeat than a symmetrical opponent. The white supremacy insurgent movement is clandestine and indirect these days. There is the political conduit and there is the economic conduit. The political conduit is often a Trojan horse that hides the true motives of insurgent members. They can and do often claim to be against “Big government”, but what they really are against are government monies, whether their taxes or someone else’s, being used for policy or programs used to treat black victims of the past regime and the current insurgency. The vote is the primary weapon of the vast majority of insurgents whose goal is to keep down the victims, whom through insurgent propaganda and psychological warfare are discredited as being victims, but rather sees as the creator of their own wounds. As I noted earlier, the economic conduit is carried out in the private sector by bosses, hiring managers, loan officers, police officers, judges, real estate agents and other, who discriminate to knock black people down.

One of the most ominous developments in the insurgency is that in their psychological warfare aimed at cloaking their true motivations, many insurgents have brainwashed themselves, in their attempts to fool others. Consequently, the majority of insurgents no longer even realize that they are insurgents fighting for continued white domination. The front line economic discriminators realize and know they are insurgents, but most will deny it out of fear of repercussions. The other resistance fighters, the voters, have so politicized their mode of operation that they see it as politics of right vs. left, rather than the insurgency of whites against blacks. When the Dixie-Crates abandoned the left, do to losing the civil rights war, the political mode of insurgency was born and has flourished hidden behind the politics of the right. It is often seen in politics as the “Southern Strategy”.

The sad reality of this insurgency is that there is no counter force, outside the target victim group, fighting it or attempting to treat or offset the work of insurgents. Once the symmetrical war was won and the last remaining overt laws and practices of black oppression were removed, the government (the people) abdicated any further responsibility to deal with the matter. The primary reason for this, in our representative republic form of governance, is that the government is representing the interest of the insurgency that make up a large portion of the electorate. Consequently, the government is an instrument of the insurgency, more so than it is an instrument that helps the target of the insurgents and this has grown true each year post winning the civil rights war.

The only people currently fighting this insurgency are people willing to speak out about it to bring it to the attention of the nation. However, the insurgency power, influence and propaganda machine has been able to make those attempting to fight the cause and effects of the insurgents as the people who are the real threat to society. They are labeled as anti-Americans, people who promote divisiveness and condoners of irresponsible behavior. The unfortunate truth is that the insurgency and their propaganda are winning the hearts and minds of many American….even some black ones.


At 7:00 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Not a bad metaphor, I have always said racism is like a virus, it needs no mind or direction to cause damage and kill but Iraq style insurgency is a great metaphor for it too.

And just like Iraq we all have a different plan for fighting it.

BTW: What programs or policys do you support "to treat black victims of the past regime and the current insurgency."

I also find it interesting that you think "The vote is the primary weapon of the vast majority of insurgents whose goal is to keep down the victims" but you don't vote yourself and you advocate against voting.

At 6:30 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Yes, I recognize that the primary weapon of the masses of insurgents is the vote. Remember that racism and discrimination was all about DENIAL. Thus, through the politics of denial, of monies, polices and programs, they wage war against black people. I don’t vote because the combination of insurgents and those who ignore the insurgency manifest in majority rule. Consequently, I feel my vote in impotent in fighting the effects of insurgents.

At 7:46 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

Beautiful analogy Noah! Anyone who thinks that the various think tanks that serve to circumvent Black progress are anything other than war rooms is fooling themselves. These think tanks particularly the conservative one serve as strategy centers just as the pentagon sever as the strategy center for the war in Iraq. We all know how important it is to win friends on the other side to help infiltrate and possibly over throw strongholds that help the progress of the opposing side. This is the purpose of men like Ward Connerly, Jessie Peterson et-al.

At 8:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


One thing that I found disturbing when the government began using the term “insurgency” (in relation to the Iraq war) is that there really wasn’t/isn’t an insurgency. An insurgent is an individual, or member of a political party who revolts against a civil authority, or government leadership. When the U.S. began using that term, Iraq was devoid of any official authority whatsoever – it was anarchy. Put more pointedly, when the coalition forces overthrew the Iraqi government, there was no longer a civil authority. The contradiction is that it was only until recently that a government authority (a puppet one in fact) was put into place. The current government (if you can call it that) is what South African’s call a “Bantu Stand:” a term that defines the type of “invalid” and phony government set up by colonists. Hence, the Iraqi people do not view it as legitimate.

Even further, the U.S. government has continually denied any intention to govern Iraq, so the resistance effort could not be characterized as an “insurgency.”

The so-called Iraqi “insurgents” should be more accurately termed: “colonial resistance fighters” not unlike those in Algeria in the late 1950s who fought and successfully overthrew French colonists. Iraqi fighters are not engaged in a political “coup;” they are fighting for their way of life against a greedy “imperialist” force.

Our government is a master at semantic, or “semiotic” evasion and manipulation. They use terns like insurgency, purely as a means to disingenuously misdirect the public’s understanding of important events. And of course, the American people are kept too ignorant and sedated to know the difference.

We must problematize the terms our government uses to brainwash us…

My point is that I caution against allowing the government to wrongly influence our worldview, and the terms (language) in which we articulate it. What you’re describing is just good ole’ fashioned American racism; and it’s much more legitimate and “above board” than an insurgency. Furthermore, it just flat out isn’t an insurgency. “There can be no insurgency with government complicity.”

While America officially outlawed legalized racism, the specter and legacy of our Jim Crow past still haunts us as a nation. Remember that slavery ended because other nations placed economic sanctions against us (boycotting), effectively cutting off trade to the U.S. unless we put an end to it. The same was true for our practice of segregation. Despite the elimination of legal discrimination, in many ways, America still thinks and lives as a separate nation (and it prefers it that way). In sum, the U.S. government simply has not yet “fully” committed itself to creating a climate of equality and fairness, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, and gender – and this intolerance continues to trickle down to the populace.

Ultimately, American racism and intolerance doesn’t hide; it doesn’t lurk around in the shadows planning an attack, it is not covert – and it certainly does not work in “violent” opposition to the government. Conversely, it is a frowned upon, though omnipresent set of cultural practices that continue to maintain the divided character of the nation. I value the strategy of appropriating the master’s words and using them against him; but in this instance, I don’t think it is meaningful. Nevertheless, your analogy is playful and creative, but I argue that it is not an accurate assessment of racial politics in the United States, and it also mischaracterizes what an insurgency is. Of course, that’s exactly what the government wants us to do anyway.


At 8:48 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Renu, I can appreciate and concur with the truths about Iraq and the terminology being used. Those facts were not lost or abandoned in the creation of my essay. What I attempted to do was a little verbal jujitsu, by using the leverage and weight of government working definition of terms….against it. I simply take the way America chooses to define a term, whether erroneous or subterfuge, and use their working definition to describe them.

You see, their resonates a negative connotation associated with the term insurgency, in the hearts and minds of most Americans, due to the governments mischaracterization of what has and is transpiring in Iraq. I want those negative connotations to “flipped” and placed upon American racist, who have been fighting a long “cold war” to keep black people down. For me, it does not really matter what the “proper” definition of a term is….as all words are simply meaningless without being mapped to a thought, idea or concept. I simply take the thought, idea and concept attempting to be conveyed….and use it against them.

At 11:52 AM, Blogger Scott said...

But you still can't answer the simple question, "What programs or policies do you support ?"

Everything on this blog is anti-this and anti-that but you can't vocalize what you support.

I think you guys need to each write a piece saying what actually policies you support and how you see them working to correct the inequality you discuss.

btw: reparations is not an answer unless you can say how much and how they will be distributed.

At 12:25 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Thanks Scott, you have anymore instructions you would like to hand down to us? The solution to every problem is simple. Find the cause and the the solution would be to stop what ever is causing the problem. we chronicle how the problems are caused (cause and effect) thus the solution must be formed from what what causes it. Your problem is you see our pointing out the causes of the problems as excuse making thus limiting your own ability to see the solution is to stop whatever is causing the problem.

At 12:28 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Scott, I was not clear on what you were asking me. I did not interpret a qualification of “existing” in your question as to what policies I support. Hmmmmm…of course I support affirmative action. The problem with answering your question, Scott, is that the government has few, if any, programs that are tailored specifically for the specific African American condition. The government implements generalize cookie cutter approaches to solve social problems that are born from many different causes. As a resulted, the treatment is too watered down and generalized to have the needed impact.

That having been said, I am in support of the transfer of tax payers dollars, including my own, to help solve these problems, with the hope that the programs and policies will be varied treatments targeted at the varying nature of social problems. Along with that, such policies and programs would require aggressive oversight to ensure efficaciousness. Of course, oversight will increase the cost even more.

At 1:20 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Faheem you can't have it both ways saying that they are obstructing plans to right the wrongs of racism and then have no idea what plans would right the wrongs of racism.

You have become a cat chasing its own tail. They are out to stop you so you must stop them from stoping you. But you put all your effort into stoping them and nothing into doing the thing they wanted to stop you from doing in the first place.

At 1:26 PM, Blogger Scott said...

So besides affirmative action which helps more white women than black people you have no idea of what policies you support.

that is sad. We have black people in congress for years and if you had them all in your living room you couldn't tell them what laws you would want the to advocate for.

that is very sad.

At 1:44 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Scott, I am well aware of the primary beneficiary of affirmative action. Did you qualify the question with “that only benefits blacks or benefits blacks mostly”? Nope. You did not even qualify your original question with “existing”. How am I supposed to answer any of your questions when you are intentionally being vague in order that you can retort with something that point the finger at ME, instead of the insurgency? You are not slick…I no you are simply trying to set me up…you are coming across sounding like a proxy agent for insurgents. Have they slicked you?

What exactly is SAD Scott? Is it sad that there are simply few polices that merit acclaim for their impact on black uplift or is it sad that such polices exist and I just don’t know about them? Is what you call “SAD” the reality of the insurgency and the old regime and its impact on the black condition? Please qualify and quantify the root of this “SADNESS” Scott? I think the thing that should make you the saddest is the old boy regime and the insurgency…because all the other sadnesses are born from it.

Besides, if a law is the law, what would I need to lobby congress for what already exist? Maybe it is your line of question that is sad.

At 1:56 PM, Blogger Scott said...

I didn't say what laws do you support I said which policies.

For examples black conservatives support school vouchers so they can have choice in which schools they go to. It is not law in many places, and where it is the NAACP and other democratic shills are trying to destroy it.



We support faith based initiatives because the black church is still one of the cores of the black community and it should be able to administer self help programs to its community.

We support inheritable social security benefits as a way to allow working blacks to pass on the benefits of a life time of earning to their children when they die.

These are all things that can help increase equity but you call us sell outs for wanting them. But you don't even have an alternate program to propose.

You are lost.

and it is so very sad because you believe you know so much.

But then anyone who believes the vote that people died to get us useless is obviously unclear on
some very basic issues.

At 2:25 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Scott said:"I didn't say what laws do you support I said which policies."

Scott earlier said:
"We have black people in congress for years and if you had them all in your living room you couldn't tell them what laws you would want the to advocate for"

Come on now Scott...I am trying to work with you here...but you are making it very hard with all your double talk.

Also...you keep forgeting that I don't vote for liberals or conservatives. Does it not make sense that If I don't find policies that I advocate, in the context of black uplift, that I would not vote?

What do I care about what black conservatives support? You have no leverage so it only pays to support the white platform...to full yourselves into believing you got some power or say in the matter...when you DONT.

At 2:35 PM, Blogger Scott said...

You are powerless, I am powerless what a great mantra for a man who wants to change the system.


Ok what do you advocate personally even though nobody else does.

For example I advocate giving the apts to people who have lived in public housing to the occupants as condos.

I also advocate tax deductions for the money people pay in rent.

Do you have any idea of what you want?

Over six months making this blog and not one positive idea.

So So sad.

At 2:47 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Whoooaaaaaa…hold up dog!! Your approval is not the litmus test for what is a positive idea. You are always talking about positive ideas…but fail to qualify what you seek from us by noting that the only ideas you think are positive are the ones you agree with. Why should I waste my time?

If you do not recognize your strengths and weakness, your power and the lack there of….then you have no baseline for expectations. If you want to test your power…as a black republican…try forwarding a unique idea to the republican national committee and see where it goes..brother. Black conservatives are impotent in regards to the republican platform. Thus, you all don’t try to take new ideas to bed out of fear you won’t be able to get it up.

At 7:03 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Noah to have a positive Idea you have to first have an IDEA.

You have NONE.

That is fucking pitiful.

You are like a two year old child. You know you aren't happy so you scream and cry, but have no idea what he can do to fix his problem and you wait for someone else to figure out whether you need a bottle or having your ass cleaned.

So fucking sad.

At 7:41 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Cursing is usually the resultant of the lack of the ability to express oneself intellectually or the attempt to speak derogatorily of others. You don’t know what I do on the positive tip Scott. I have more ideas than you have curse words and I dispense them based upon the integrity and consciousness of the listeners. If you don’t know what my positive ideas and plans are….its likely due to the fact that you are not person of integrity and consciousness to have heard them.

At 8:00 PM, Blogger Scott said...

One can not know, that which doesn't exist.

At 6:06 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Your perception is your reality. Hence, anything that you don’t know therefore does not exist. If a tree falls in a forest and Scott does not hear it….it does not make a sound. The absence of perception is not the absence of reality.

At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The insurgency debate was interesting. This childish discussion you're having (Noah, Scott) has nothing to do with the original post.


At 2:37 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

That’s true Mathew. It is a childish discussion, one born from the misdirection and obfuscation by Scott….the insurgency enabler. I should have been the bigger man and just ignored him and assume responsibility for being led into a childish debate.

At 5:35 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

"...misdirection and obfuscation by Scott..."

What's new about the bulk of the dissenters who come here? Do they ever speak to the point or topic?

I started to respond earlier and would have just simply said if SCOTT or whoever genuinely wants a discussion about the "positive" things (programs, policiy prescriptions, overall socio-political, economic changes preferred) then they can simply do so By Invitation.

SCOTT has a blog. It's not that hard for him to say, "Noah... Faheem... I want your thoughts on the positive things we can do on this topic." The fact that SCOTT & The Dissenter-dores have not done that and established a forum, a discussion, a dialogue structured in a way to elicit the type of response they pretend they desire... the fact that they have not done that shows they are not genuine and really have no other logical motive than to shift the discussions here to what they want to talk about and onto their ideological and philosophical platforms.

SCOTT mentioned the things he advocates (as a Black CONservative)... Given his accompanying rhetoric ("Ya'll call us Sell-Outs for wanting them...") and the fact that he and his Black CONservatives have little or no power on their own to bring even those said policies into being then such talk about This Policy and That Policy amounts to nothing more than MASTURBATORY PONTIFICATION.

Obviously, thinking outside the box is just too damn hard. Stuck in their Left/Right rut, these Dissenter-dores' actual presentations contradict their professions. Nowhere have they proved they want to have a genuine dialogue or discussion on "positive" ideas. The truth of the matter is, they not unlike so many others in this Blog and Message Board universe seem to only want others to talk about certain things as a way to assert or reassert things they want to say.

It's like a SCRIPT they follow that they believe nobody else knows about.

There is a way to have discussions on "positive" ideas. SCOTT did not approach that way here. I'm sure both Noah and Faheem will accept your Invitation. But keep in mind, such a conversation must be necessarily stripped of overbearing ideological notions. Too bad you can't break away from that BS, SCOTT...

At 5:49 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Scott does not dictate the direction of this Blog nor does he have a say in what I or Noah write. Although he do sometimes get us off topic as he has in this thread by trying to have a discussion that has nothing to do with the topic. Noah and I are use to this as well. Even so, we will continue to write as we choose, Black Introspection is one of a kind in the Blog cesspool of Negro-Cons and I will be damn if one of them dictate what we say and do on this Blog.

At 5:48 AM, Blogger Scott said...

I love it, you have no plan to fight "The "other" insurgency" because I didn't ask you nicely enough.

You guys are a joke.

No plans, just hate and excuses.

At 8:21 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

"Hate".... Ha! Ha!

Now that's the sad part SCOTT!
You revert back to some BS you've never substantiated.

And, FYI... "Hate" is a human emotion. Nothing about it is inherently problematic. So please say something, even in error, that's like actually relevant and carries the disparaging connotation you intend by virtue of the TRUTH of what is represented here.

Labeling things here as "hate"... does what for you SCOTT? Does it make you feel good and replaces the hurt you've felt when you had to weasel your ass around points here? Does it make you feel more comfortable in your self-torment of feeling like you are every SELL OUT every alluded to here because you have this inexplicable STOCKHOLM "love" or something?

You've brought up Vouchers before. I told you what I think about Vouchers and showed you how Renaldo can attest to something other than Vouchers working and, no doubt for the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number. But you still keep a hold of you party line and ideas From The Lips Of WHITE CONservatives.

Needless to say, when we do talk about "positive" programs, etc. that don't align with your ideology... you get quite pretty quick.

And I know your ass isn't talking about being "nice"... You licked PEG's wounds night and day because I wasn't "nice" to her.

So don't even go there.
You know you and your points have nothing to stand on.


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