June 27, 2005

Competition dem a run

The primary trigger of the high homicide rate in the black community is competition which serves as a conduit to confrontation. Competition is a naturally occurring phenomenon in nature that aids in the “natural selection” process by promoting and rewarding the strongest, whose genes then have a greater probability of being passed via merger with alpha females genes. However, what has happened is that you have a group of people (blacks) that have historically been dehumanized and devalued under white supremacy, being inundated with drugs and guns, coupled with poverty, triggering a deadly form of competition in the black community.

Much of the violence in the black community, and indeed all communities, emanates from the male. The primary goal of male competition is survival, rank and mating with alpha females. In the black community in general and the poor black community in particular, this competition has often become deadly. This is because violence is seen as a means of survival, as well as a means for achieving rank and respect among males (this was conditioned through years of violence used dominate and control blacks by whites). Once one achieves rank and respect among males, one also increases in attraction to females, who biologically are predisposition towards attraction to ranking males, for protection and survival. Of course, this is not an absolute rule by any means.

The proliferation of drugs and guns, combined with poverty and the rise of individualism, has resulted in a fusion that has created a “culture” of violence in the black male community. With so many guns and an illegal underground lucrative economy, the envelope of what it takes to achieve survival and rank has been raised. When you live in a community of armed and warring drug dealers and thugs, to achieve survival and rank among them, many often feel that they have to be just as violent . To have an alpha female in the hood, one has to have enough rank and respect to deter aggressive males who would otherwise play spoiler by disrespecting the male and his mate, in order to lower the males manhood in front of her, which in turn increases the perception of his own manhood.

In light of this, this is why so many young males attempt to create an image of being “hard”. This is also why you will hardly see a black male youth smile for a picture. The “screw face” is the preferred face of black youth because its goal is to promote respect and to deter challenge from other males. However, in the arena of drug dealing and gang banging, as well as other criminal activities or the "streets" in general, being recognized as hard requires more than a screw face, it often involves the demonstration of callous disrespect for another life in the form of cold blooded murder. Once you get the reputation as a person who will kill without conscious, you have thus achieved the pinnacle of respect and rank among males as someone not to be F___ with.

The problem with the existence of such people, besides the obvious, is that it creates a “quick draw” mentality and culture. When people know that they are commingling in environments with armed killers, competition and its derivative of confrontation results in a kill or be killed mentality. If there is a confrontation then survival is promoted by being the first person to pull and shoot, lest you become the shooting victim. This is how a culture of violence snow balls as a result of fear of your competitors killing you. Consequently, many people arm themselves and as soon as a confrontation occurs, fear leads them to be quick at the draw. The resultant is that you have a high number of armed males engaged in competition for respect, drugs and women, creating the type of violence that plagues many of our inner cities.

In order to reduce the level of violence, there needs to be a reduction of guns, or reduction of drugs, or a reduction of poverty, or preferably, a reduction of all the mentioned. These three phenomenons are combining to ravage the black communities of many of our strong alpha males. In the absence of a national commitment to those goals, blacks should avoid certain kinds of competition with one and other and promote unity and cooperation instead. If one decreases competition they will decrease confrontation and hence deadly violence. There once was a time where the collective interest and struggle of black people was a powerful force in the behavior of our youth. Today it’s all about individualism which increases competition and reduces mutual cooperation and love, substituting confrontation and animosity towards one and other, in its place.

Nah try sit down ina another man chair
Cake it so big and every man have dem share ....

well, many are call but only few are choose
don't try to put your foot ina another man's shoes
then you know you only would a get confuse
impersonating rastaman do refuse
and corruption bingiman exclude
nuff a dem a come with things dem a try prove
competition dem a run we know dem a go lose
all who a try fi eat another man food
bwoi then you know you the rude



At 5:55 AM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...


Competition among humans is a fundemental aspect of our reality as individuals and groups.

The problem is NOT the presence of "competition"


When Coke and Pepsi COMPETE in the market place NO ONE DIES.

Someone is free to quit their job at Pepsi and join the enemy without his life being on the line.

When I talk to you about the FAILURE of the current Black Liberal Progressive Fundementalist leadership it is a FAILURE to do INTROSPECTION and build these type of systems because they are so focused externally on the White man's systems.


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