April 08, 2005

Misguided and Uninformed criticisms of Black Leadership! Part 2

Have you ever been suspicious of something or someone but you gave them the benefit of the doubt simply because someone, whom you trusted, trusted them or it? This has been the case for me in regards to what I think of a site called “Afromerica.com” A sister I have grown to know and respect for her passion about our people brought this site to my attention. The very first time I went to this site, on the front page of this site was an article criticizing our brother Michael Eric Dyson over his usage and observation of the “N” word. I had my suspicions after reading that piece but I thought my sister likes this site so maybe there is more to it.

A few weeks pass and my sister tells me that she will be interviewed by the owner of this site on his internet radio show, so of course I want to tune in and listen to my sister do her thing. While attempting to listen to the interview I clicked on the wrong link that was a recording of another show the owner of the site did. I listened to what was being said and much like the op-ed piece I had read on this site, what I heard seemed like misguided if not out right attacks on Black leadership and Black intelligentsia. Listening to that show is what sparked me to write the op-ed on “Misguided and Uninformed criticism of Black leadership.” I did not mention the site in that piece by name out of respect for my sister and the growing relationship she has with the site and its owner, but I can no longer do that being that I am convinced the brother who owned this site and go by the name C.R. Hamilton is using what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad called tricknology. This brother is mixing truth with falsehood and offering it to the people but it does not stop their, his tricknology reeks of white supremacy and he quotes sources in his pieces and on his site that is overtly racist and has a vested interest in demonizing Black men and women.

On Afromerica you will find a propaganda piece written by Lee Mc Grath for the anti-Black web magazine run by David Horowitz “Frontpagemagazine.com", entitled “The Ten Biggest Problems Facing African-Americans Today”. These ten things are all conservative talking points for the most part, that takes truth and mixes it with falsehood in an attempt to degrade and demonize Black leadership and the on going fight for Reparations. Also the mission statement of this site makes it known that the mission and purpose of this site is to attack Black Leadership, but what it does not say in the mission statement that is so obvious in the other propaganda on the site is that while they are attacking Black leadership they will be buttressing Conservative agenda and ideologies. This site much like other Negro-Con sites uses the word “liberal” like it is a bad word as witnessed in its mission statement.

“We intend on educating the masses of Black-America to the ways in which white America and the tokenized team of liberal Black leadership continues to undermine our efforts and accomplishments.”

I am not bothered by the pointing out that there are token Black folk that are Liberals, I am disturbed by the totality of the arguments presented on this site that explains what is meant in this part of their mission statement when they write about the so-called “tokenized team of liberal black leadership”. If there is any group of Black folk that deserve to be called tokens it would be those Negro men and women that are talking heads for the Conservative Agenda, but C.R Hamilton. and his site ignores that mainly because they appear to me to be a front group for Conservative ideology.

In a discussion with the owner (C.R. Hamilton) of AfroAmerica about a piece he wrote and posted on a message board I am a member of, Mr. Hamilton said in defense of his propaganda piece that used the Heritage foundation as its number one source of information about welfare that;

“Welfare and child support are liberal policies that seek to raise a socialist system”

This set off a red flag for me more so than his poorly researched piece he posted and could not defend when I challenged it. If this is not the ranting of a Negro-Con I don’t know what is, I am willing to bet that C.R. have no idea how socialism works and what benefits it provides to those who live under a socialist system. Of course Socialism like all forms of government has its drawbacks but I do not think he was referring to those drawbacks when he wrote the words as quoted above.

Under the “How will we Achieve” part of Afromerica mission statement it says;

“We will diligently stay attuned to all current issues that relate to our rights as citizens and human beings and will not hesitate to bring any injustices to the attention of those who would intentionally harm our growth.”

However, in their covering of the expiration of the voting rights act, their focus is not on the expiration itself, they are focusing on Black leadership and accusing them for all tense and purposes of letting it happen because they did not bring it to our attention years ago versus in the “midnight hour” as written on AfroAmerica but had he himself been in tuned with Black leadership he would have heard about this years ago, hell, there was even a spam styled e-mail sent all over about this a few years ago. C.R. and his site go on to say about Black Leadership in their piece covering the expiration of the voting rights act;

“They had their chance and where has it gotten us? Back to square one: possibly fighting for the right to vote.”

Oh, Black leadership did that? Negro Please……


At 3:55 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

Faheem, B-CON's who get pub like that only want to replace the Black "leadership" they claim to despise so much. They want to be The Numero Uno Negro in the White Man's Favor. That's why they are so prone to play the Who's The Better White Man game. And they are only embolden by if not outright created by White CONservatives.

If it wasn't for the intentional and focused assault White CONservatives have aimed at "traditional", authentic Black Leadership these suckers wouldn't dare open their mouths about anything because they know who they are owned by and they know how they BS won't fly.

They are like the little kid who all-of-sudden gets real brave and boisterous when someone "bigger" and 'badder' than his opponent has his back. It is important to note that these Negro CON's hardly have a genuine interest in anything relating to Black people unless it is something that will curry favor with White (CONservative) America.

At 6:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yall are so wrong on this one. I, CR Hamilton, am not a racist conservative. I staunchly follow the theories of X. To hell with the negro liberal leaders like Jackson and Sharpton, they are deceived by democrat pimps. Man, yall got yall guns aimed at the wrong people.

At 10:36 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

If that is not the case C.R. than explain all that I have pointed out. Why do you use propaganda conjured up in conservative white think tanks to make a point about anything concerning Black men and women? Why do you have that top ten B.S. from Frontpagemagazine.com on your site? Why are you blaming Black leadership for something they are fighting against (the expiration of the voters’ right act)? You claim Jessie and Al are deceived by Democrat pimps but you have not laid out the case as to how they are deceived, you do nothing more than make false and or unsubstantiated allegations about them that is normally the talking points of the Negro-Con. The problem with you and your site C.R. is that you think Jessie and or Al responding to something that has happen to someone in our community or happened in our community is somehow their fault. You are twisted, and believe me your writings prove it. I am not making allegation without pointing to something that backs it up like you are doing with your attacks on Black Leadership.

It is not surprising that you claim the theories of X, my brother Nmaginate has written extensively on Conservatives trying to claim X. You think X would support that top ten B.S. you have on your site? You think X would be blaming Black Leadership for the expiration of voter’s right act? You think X would use the Heritage Foundation as a source of information about Black people?

Make no mistake about it C.R., I will not stop exposing sites like yours that are masqurading as pro-Black but are really nothing more than propaganda sites for Conservative lies and distortions about Black Leadership and Black people.

At 1:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's cool bro...do what chu gotta do.

At 8:50 PM, Blogger animeg said...

We all have our opinions, but it's best if you don't quote from bizarre sources like that Horowitz who wants to make it easy for white students who simply don't want to learn to sue their professors for telling the truth, while black students who would love the education, would treasure it, aren't getting it.

So that is why some people may be insulting you, because the company you keep speaks well or poorly of you.

At 7:48 PM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Why do you use propaganda conjured up in conservative white think tanks to make a point about anything concerning Black men and women?[/quote]

With this being the case Faheem, many of the mainstream economic thoughts and ideas within the Black Community sound very "Ted Kennedy-esque"

These thoughs are transformed from the commentary on the CURRENT CONDITION of too many African-Americans being poor as it relates to their particpation in a system that generates wealth INTO a more permanent ATTRIBUTE of Blackness as being POOR.

Through constant repetition these people are reminded of and CONDITIONED TO think of themselves as BEING IMPOVERISHED with little they can do about it but to remain on the DEFENSIVE.

With the locus of control being OUTSIDE of your own body you can only hope to survive by living IN REFERENCE TO that external entity which houses your LOCUS.


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