April 05, 2005

The "Classified" reaction to Peak Oil.

The crisis in oil is actually more threatening to America than terrorist ever could be. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that those hurt the most by Energy peaking will be those gluttonous energy consuming nations.

If anyone still believes that America has the benevolent goal of spreading democracy and capitalism, then peak oil should change their mind. If, as the say, capitalism promotes wealth and prosperity, it also promotes increased energy consumption as wealthy people consume more energy than poor people. Energy cost money and most poor people do not have the money to afford much energy. Thus, the spreading of capitalism to spread wealth will only result in rising the demand for oil to a level greater than reserves can supply, leading to higher oil prices that would be depressing to the US economy.

The truth is that the bottom line for everything is economics. The US economy faces many external threats to its viability and standard of living that it affords residents. If economics fail, power and politics in America will be overthrown by disgruntled citizens who have been spoiled by the expectation of an extremely high standard of living. Consequently, the economic and political elites will, if human past history is any indicator, conspire to sabotage third world population growth and economies, in order to protect the American way of life and allow the elite to maintain their control.

If Noah and Faheem know of the threat posed by peak oil, then the powerful knew about it a long time before we did and have been conspiring and acting to protect their interest. The revelation of peak oil should allow the objective person to look at our recent military actions in a new light. Indeed, if one really understood the potential threat to America’s economy and way of life from Peak Oil, the 911 incident would be dwarfed in comparison. In fact, it would give a detective reason to see the 911 attack as an “Inside job” given the motive of Peak Oil, the means of a terrorist attack upon the USA, which gave the USA the opportunity to invade strategically vital oil regions. Not unlike a spouse who will sacrifice their mates life for the insurance policy to keep their lifestyle or business buoyant, insiders should definately be suspect.

If anyone believes that America will just stand still and allow the growth of the world’s population, combined with the growth of developing nations to ruin its standard of living, then they do not understand human history and nature. As the great Hannibal, the Carthaginian general, noted; “Its not that I must succeed….its that others must fail”. In the zero sum game of scarce resources, in order for the US to continue winning, the developing world must be promoted to fail in regards to population growth as well as economic growth, because the two combine to deplete and bid up the price of scarce resources, threatening the USA and developed worlds standard of living.

For a long time, capitalist sold capitalism as a “win-win” phenomenon. They propagated the idea that wealth is infinite and that the whole world can duplicate in the wealth and consumption of the USA, if they would just follow our dictates. They used adages such as “if you give a person a fish they can eat for a day, but if you teach them to fish, they can eat for a life time”. All these theories were based upon the assumption that economics was not or is not closer to being a zero sum game, than it actually is. Theoretically, if global economics was not a zero sum game, then the USA should not be negatively impacted by the growth and development of China, India or Africa. Yet, it seems that there gain is coming at our loss, not only in regards to Jobs, but in relation to the demand for finite supplies of fossil fuels used to energize economies. Indeed, if economies are fueled by finite fossil fuel resources, eventually economics will become an almost absolute zero sum game when these resources start to run out.

The West, in its infinite wisdom and God blessed superiority has concluded that the world is over populated, nearly 50 years ago. Most certainly the manifestation of peak oil will only exacerbate this belief. The traditional means of population control has been disease and wars. It would not take a great leap in logic, extrapolating from human history and nature, that some humans are playing God and orchestrating wars and disease in the third world in order to reduce the world’s population and reduce the demand on finite supplies of fossil fuels. The US government is the biggest arms dealer in the world and many of the CIA’s activities are classified, but economic and political destabilization is a known method of operation during the cold war era. Science has advanced to such level that diseases can be engineered and warfare can manifest via biologically engineered weapons.

In conclusion, Peak Oil poses a greater threat to the American economy, standard of living and way of life than the spread of communism ever did. Oil is the blood of America’s economic life. America will and has taken dramatic steps to protect its future and many of those steps will or have come at the expense of the lives of others. In order for us to win, others must lose, but it will never be sold like that. Rather, it will be sold as something that sounds as if we are doing others a favor, not unlike how slavery was rationalized by Christians are bringing civility and modernity to savages.


At 7:31 PM, Blogger Scott said...

You are 100% wrong. Peak oil is not a problem for America at all. The fact is America has been doing research on replacing oil for over 30 years. And the research has paid off with many many viable technologies.

We have zero energy homes that can generate more energy than they use.

In fact as oil runs out lots and lot of people will make a lot of money converting american to other energy sources. America will do it faster and better than others leaving us back in the technological lead.


At 9:18 AM, Blogger LouisChauvin said...

I understand it is about a month later, however, I must admit there is something to be said about reoccurring themes; War, Economics, Greed/Standard of Living, and Power. These factors drive most Americans, with me included. It is my belief the widespread impact of peak oil warrants some discussion. I did read this article a few weeks ago, but it did not trigger a reaction until I saw part of a show explaining some alternative energy cars. I thought to myself that in the midst of the high gas prices alternate fuels might be the way to go. More importantly why is there such a spike in the price of gas?

Scott does not account for why these technologies are not catching on. I wonder how much economic turmoil would be induced if someone introduced a new type of energy source cleaner and more EFFICIENT than oil. I would love to think that power can be attained through non-violent means or a technology that does not promulgate any consequence. So please excuse my pessimism. If oil is in limited supply which I readily accept as a fact, the question is, how much of our lives are dependent on oil? Right now today if the price of gas went up another 50 cents a gallon I would have to make some serious lifestyle changes. I don’t think three dollars a gallon of gas is unheard of in the world market. http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/international/gas1.html I think Americans are turning a blind eye to the world market. (Again, I fall into this bunch too.) http://www.energy.ca.gov/gasoline/statistics/world_gasoline_prices.html

Iraq, Iraq, Iraq……… Why Sadaam? Why Kuwait? I thought it was interesting to understand Sadaams background and why he is such a villain. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/saddam/interviews/aburish.html
In summary, and according to PBS, Saddaam was trying to bring the Arabs to unified Arab modern world. Once, Kuwait was taking money from his projects, by producing so much oil that Iraq was losing money, the stuffing hit the fan. Sadaam wanted to put a stop to loosing money so he invaded Kuwait to get his money right.

Since this inconvenienced the west something had to be done. Throughout all of this the production of oil is going up which keeps the price of my oil down. I don’t think I need to explain what high gas prices mean to Americans or, a change to the American standard of living.


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