February 22, 2005

The spreading of FREEDOM

When the Europeans were forming the rationalization and pretext for their imperialism of former centuries, they used the euphemism of spreading civilization and God to uncivilized pagans. In other words, the pretext that allowed these so called religious people to conquer, usurp, subjugate and exploit other peoples and their land was the ideal that in the process of doing this, it was a win-win situation for both sides. The non European peoples were gaining exposure to civilization and Christ, while the European elites were gaining access to their wealth and labor.

Today, in this current and relatively new century, it would appear that America is embarking on imperialistic incursions, like the Europeans of the past, rationalized and sold by the euphemism of the spreading and promotion of “Freedom”. Freedom, based upon the imperial planners, is defined by the absence of Democracy. It just so happens that those nations that are the real actionable targets of our spreading of freedom, sits on most of the worlds known oil reserves. Of course, that is not why we are spreading freedom. Our motive is purely altruistic, because as Godly people, we believe that all people have a basic right to be free.

The idea or concept that Democracy equates to righteousness, relative to other forms of governance, is a false assumption. Most people of this nation not only claim a belief in God, but lament that God is at the top of their hierarchy of allegiances. In other words, they say that they place God before country. Well, does not God run a dictatorship? Does not God set forth commandments to abide by? Does not God offer consequences for those who do not? Is Heaven a Democratic body with angels voting to elect the Supreme Being? The point being this: If dictatorial or single rule is inherently unrighteous, then does that make the construct of religion, Christianity in this case, inherently unrighteous too? Why is single rule, as a concept, so vilified when it is the construct of our chosen religion?

The evil is not in the construct, it is in the participants. If one has a righteous ruler or rulers, then the rule will be righteous. If one has an unrighteous rule or rulers, then the rule will be unrighteous. If in a democratic or pluralistic political construct the majority or plurality is unrighteous, then the rule and governance shall be unrighteous. Our nation separates Church from State, while at the same time exposing that God is at the height of our hierarchy. If God were truly at the apex, as most Americans claim, there would be no separation of church from state. However, the truth of the matter is that although Americans proclaim the belief in God and their Religion, they do not want to be held accountable to the dictates of the religion via it manifesting in our laws. They want “freedom” from religion and or righteousness.

Most Americans view theocracies as repression and oppression for those living under it. They see a lack of freedom inherent in those nations, where the people are bound by and to religious laws. In other words, they are bound by and too their religions definition of righteousness or the dictates of the creator. Most Americans are Christians, yet, most Americans would object to the imposing of religious law. Why, if one professes God as their greatest allegiance? Freedom, in this context, means the freedom to not be forced into righteousness. Freedom, in this context, means the freedom to pursue the pleasures and benefits of unrighteousness. People covet the pleasures and benefits of sin and freedom from religious laws gives them this.

I am not advocating theocracies. What I am saying is that the absence of a democratic construct is not the absence of righteousness and that the embodiment of a democratic construct is not evidence of righteousness. Thus, the spreading of freedom based upon democracy being the template of what is “right” is faulty. The concept of righteousness, as defined by religion or human nature, is what needs to be spread. Righteousness could be evidenced by the strength and stability of the family Unit. Any practice or actions by a society that leads to the weakening of the core institution of humanity cannot be righteous by religious or natures definition. It may not be a human rights violation, but such is a human nature violation. Our own democratic nation has wealth, but we are not righteous, in many respects. Indeed, our wealth not only masks our unrighteousness, much of it is the product of past unrighteousness accrued to the present.

The idea that we are going to free the world is simply a deceptive ploy. There are far too many contradictions to make the intent of altruism seem credible. In fact, most should know it is not credible. What America is truly trying to spread is capitalism and access and control of the resources, labor and consumer markets of others peoples, for the interest of the American elite and trickle down economics. America is engaged in a geopolitical chess game with high economic stakes that control the fate of economies. America is looking 20 and 50 years into the future and seeing the threat of the rise of many nations economically and what that will mean in regards to the control and allocation of scarce resources that fuels consumption, economic growth and wealth creation. America knows that the earth’s environment and resources cannot support (replenish, self correct) too many more economic success stories that lead to the consumption habits and environment degradation as the USA economy. So the USA is positioning itself to control the major oil resources.

The fundamental flaw in the thinking of the American people is the notion that we are “good” or morally superior to others. What creates this assumption, given the history of this nation, leaves me perplexed. As far as I can tell, the assumption is born from having the “true” religion. It is also born from the belief in superiority and idea that God has blessed America, evidenced by the wealth it has bestowed upon the nation. This belief permeates, even though America has subjugated religion to the State and not the reverse. Therefore, the American people willfully digest the propaganda that allows this nation to carry out imperialistic actions around the globe. The people cannot be told the truth, however. They must be given the euphemism. They must not be given the truth because they do not want to face the moral dilemma of their status of living being linked to the suffering of others, though many would support evil if given to them strait. If the American people were told that our economy would collapse in the near future if we did not secure Middle Eastern oil, which belongs to Middle Easterners, what would the nation vote to do? That is a question that leaders and elite would not leave up to the people to answer. So they create false crisis and scenarios that would more than likely win public approval.

Without truth and openness by leaders, democracy is only a farce. The people need the truth to make informed decisions. Classified information and secrecy is evidence of the erosion of democracy. Our current administration is one of the most secretive, as stated by reporters, in modern memory. Such a ramping up of secrecy does not foreshadow well for what’s coming down the line. Such secrecy means that this is information that the public might object to and thus thwart the ability for he plans to manifest. The character of this nation will soon be revealed, for trials and tribulations are the only true test of character. Trials and tribulations are in our near future and the ground work is being set by the current administration in Washington.


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