February 10, 2005

Primitive Accumalation

All societal systems are born from something, what that something is varies dependant on the societal system in question. However, there is one thing most if not all societal systems have in common and that is their need to accumulate capital. Capital is but not limited to material wealth in the form of natural resources, human resources and or property. When we look at a dictatorship it is easy to see how a dictatorship is maintained. Most if not all dictatorships are maintained with brutality and with the people living under the threat of violence, and this threat serves as their primary motivator in all that they do. Thus a dictator accumulates capital on the back of and at the expense of his people and in most cases it is to benefit him, his family and friends while the majority of his people starve. It is easy to see the exploitive nature and brutality of a dictatorship because most of those whom are exploited and brutalized are right under the Dictators nose. Capitalism is a bit different.

Capitalism is a societal system born from the exploitation of the weak and the poor to maintain the wealth of the rich elite imperialist. Let me qualify that. Capitalisms require two things, Capital and a means of attaining that capital at a price cheaper than it will yield. In order for a Capitalist system to work their must be capitalist accumulation and in order to have capitalist accumulation their must be capitalist production. Regardless of the business one is involved in, if you have a means of accumulating capital without giving of your self what is taking from those upon whom back you attain your capital, you can then parlay that Capital into anything you want, which allows once criminals to become legit business men.

For example: It is widely known that Eric “Eazy E” Wright was a big time drug dealer before he bought Ruthless Records. Eazy life as drug dealer served as his means of accumulating capital without having to give of himself what those who used and sold his drugs gave of themselves. Eazy was able to parlay his exploitation of the poor by way of his drug dealing into a multi million dollar record company. In essence Ruthless Records does not exist unless Eazy accumulates capital at the expense of those who used drugs and those who made far less than he did selling it for him, thus drug dealing serves as Eazy’s primitive accumulation or simply put, drugs is his start up resource that led to him acquiring Ruthless Records.

With that said; what is it that served as the Primitive Accumulation that fueled American and all Western societies. What is it that, were it not a reality, America and the West would not be a reality? Our Brother Chairman Omali points out without contradiction as I see it that the Primitive Accumulation that fueled and Fuels American and all Western Societies is the enslavement, rape, murder, exploitation and colonization of the African in American and around the word. It is also the rape of the homelands of the Asian, African and Indian by taking the natural resource found in our homelands and parlaying it into wealth for Europeans. Without these things the disease infected barbarous European will still be stuck in Europe with little to no resources that could be used to build wealth like that from our homelands.

Do not miss my point by focusing on me referring to the European as disease infected and barbarous, those things can be easily proven, what I want to draw our attention to is that WE, Black men and women in America are Primitive Accumulation as much as the land on which we live is Primitive Accumulation. This is especially relevant when making the case for Reparations.

Today we live in what economist and politicians alike refer to as a Global economy. One would think that the idea of living in a Global economy is new, when in fact the world has been pillaged and raped time and time again to benefit a few and at the expense of many thus the idea of a Global economy is not new in fact the whole idea behind a Global economy in a capitalist system literally means, in order for us to maintain a capitalist system, there must be capitalist accumulation and to have capitalist accumulation you must have capitalist production and the only means of attaining capital at prices cheaper than it will yield is to break into markets where labor can be found for pennies on the dollar in comparison to what is commonly referred to as the developed world. This is why China is booming right now, it does not have anything to do with natural resources being available in China, there was no oil field found in China, the resource the imperialist found in China is the Human resource and all the raw materials can be shipped in.

To be continued....


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