February 18, 2005

Fridays Rant

Aside from having been very busy, I have been suffering from writers block and apathy. Thus, I have not written my normal one or two essays a week, over the last several weeks.

However, inspired by the PBS series entitled “Slavery and the Making of America”, I presented an essay, from this blog, as a topic on a popular forum patronized mostly by Caucasians. I must say that I was not surprised by their reaction, but I was still disappointed. Only one person, out of likely hundreds who read the essay, accepted the idea that there needs to be a target effort on the part of this nation to undo the present negative effects of nearly 4 centuries of the oppression of black people. As a tribute to this person, let me present his quote:

Black Americans are a diverse group, with many able to function on a level totally removed from a long history of oppression, which lasted until late in the 20th Century, and lingers still in pockets all over the country. Still, to characterize the total population of ex-slaves as free to pursue the American dream from 1865 on is ridiculous. When I was a child, black Americans were portrayed in the media as simple and stupid. They had to go to the back of a restaurant to get served, eating outside the building. They rode in the back of the bus. They were murdered for being 'uppity.' In Houston they were considered too dumb to operate a city bus. Even after I grew up the places I worked were not hiring when blacks applied, but they were hiring whites.
What I'm leading up to is, when it is beat into your head for three hundred years that you are little more than a high grade animal, made to live in miserable poverty, not even allowed to look up from the sidewalk when passing a white person, there is a cultural mindset ingrained that high platitudes cannot penetrate. You can call the man who started this thread all the names you wish; you can preach the white man's version of self reliance, but you will be whistling in the wind. The mindset perpetrates itself, while the disgusted whites write them off as unworthy because they don't help themselves. Mental handicap is as debilitating as being a paraplegic. These people still are in need of a hand up. There goes the alarm bells in your rock hard mentalities. "Edgar wants us to put them on generational welfare." Wrong. I just want a real effort to be made to incorporate these folks into the human race rather than preaching platitudes at them. So here begins the circle again. "Why don't they get off their asses and help themselves", which is turning a blind eye to every word I've said.

This individual is a beacon of honesty and truth, although somewhat condescending sounding at some points. Soon after he presented that thread, the forum moderators closed the topic from further postings. They could not tolerate a white man agreeing with these ideas of reparation. Subsquently, when I tried to post a new topic they were all deleted. When I tried to post comments on others topics, my comments were also deleted. When whites have the power and no laws constraining their behavior....they snuff out all dissenters and threats like brutal dictators are known to do. The principles of freedom and democracy do not live within them; Rather, they are bound by the laws of freedom and democracy.

This is not a new experience for any of the writers on this blog, as we have a long history of being banned from forums and blogs, nearly all of them being patronized mainly by whites and or conservatives. However, I have been banned by Lashawn Barbers Blog. She is the first black site that I have ever been banned from; however, calling her site a black site is like calling the white house the black house because it was built by black slaves. Just because blacks do the construction and serving does not mean it represents black interest. Her site wines and dines white conservatives, who then gives her patronage and promotion for talking down about her people...so that they don't have to. Her site is simply the proxy for white conservaives to attack blacks and black leadership.

That having been said, I like forums that are patronized mainly by whites, because it gives me the comfort of knowing that I have given them the opportunity to logically demonstrate that my beliefs are wrong. Contrary to them, I seek out dissent, I do not ban it. In all honesty, my goal is the seeking of and acceptance of the objective truth or the most dominate truth in a composition of truths that make up the whole. Therefore, knowing that I am skewed towards bias, as everyone is, I seek out the opposition as a check and balance to my own bias. You see, logic and validity has no bias. It is not subjective and thus I present whites with the opportunity to rationalize their opposition to things such as AA, reparations or other targeted methods of addressing collective racial inequality. They fail miserably every time. There objection is rooted solidly in emotions and or willful ignorance. They then use erroneous reasoning to sell it as not being racist.

Everything happens for a reason. There was a reason or goal that allowed whites to rationalize the acceptance of our oppression for over 3 centuries. The reason was not hate, as most erroneously assume, the reason was economics and status. Wealth and relative stature was the aim and black oppression was a means to this end. Today, that end has been achieved. White wealth is 14 times that of black wealth in America and whites are by far, the wealthiest so called-race on this planet. They have the wealth, they have the stature and they have the power. Hence, there is no longer the incentive or temptation to be oppressive towards black people in America, because past oppression has allowed them to meet their objective. Consequently, today’s racism is not as much about creating the racial gaps, but rather, maintaining them.

Whites want to be judged by their self proclaimed intentions, as opposed to the effect of the practical manifestation of their ideology and beliefs. They mainly want you to believe that their intentions are not racist, even though their opposition to programs, policy and dollars designed to “even the playing field” for blacks, preserves the state of white privilege and superiority of conditions. Again, modern racism is not about creating the racial gaps; it’s about preserving them, via opposition to such programs. Indeed much of the ulterior motive behind social conservatism is the denial of attempts at policies and monies that are perceived to benefit African Americans disproportionately. They can attack liberalism, without being seen as racist by directly attacking governments attempt to right wrongs against blacks, thus maintaining white status relative to blacks.

We all know that there are syndromes that prevent an addict from accepting the fact that they are indeed addicts. We all know that there are people who will starve themselves because they think they are too fat, when they are skeletal like. We know that when the mind can and does often distort reality when reality is not something peopled are willing to accept. It’s called denial. How can one convince a person in denial of a reality they do not want to accept? The answer is that you cannot. When it is substance abuse, the people must hit bottom and become a threat to them selves, before reality kicks in. However, there is no “hitting the bottom” when one is a racist in denial. There is no phenomenon that I am aware of that will force an epiphany, because the racist in denial hurts others and not themselves. The only racist who might hit bottom is the racist motivated by extreme hate, which becomes damaging to their health and ability to function in an increasingly diverse America. The “rational” non hating racist only hurts others, because they actually think that they are good descent people, any many are, except when dealing with the legacy of oppression and black America.

Some people will ask why we are always concerned with what white people think. Such ignores the reality of power. If you want to really understand how we can invade Iraq on false pretenses and threaten to do the same to other nations, you have to understand that most whites are racist. It does not matter to them that no weapons of mass destruction were found. It does not matter to them that no ties to 911 were found. It does not matter to them that nearly 1500 Americans soldiers lost their life. It does not matter to them that an estimated 100,000 Iraqis have been killed by our invasion. The only thing that matters to them is the concept of protecting white safety, stature and wealth in this world after 911. They want to demonstrate to the world their power and want others to bow down to it in fear, so that whites can continue their gluttony in America. Besides, the people being killed are not white and they are not Christians; “God blessed America….and nobody else”. If God did not think we were right he would not have blessed us with so much and others with so little, many rationalize. Hence, our blessing means that we have Gods blessing to go around the world and spread our way of life. They never stop to think that the devil also exchanges earthly material rewards for souls.


At 9:30 AM, Blogger bombsoverbaghdad said...

I, too, enjoy writing and jousting on white conservative websites and blogs. Sometimes, I wonder why I spend so much time arguing with people with whom I have almost nothing in common.

It's ironic and sad that white people have not changed much since slavery. I've been watching the PBS documentary as well, and what stands out to me is that whites then, as now, hold themselves out as the very empitome of liberty, justice and morality--all while taking wholly incongruous actions. When confronted with the hippocrisy of their words and actions, they reacted now as they do today--by attacking the messenger, holding steadfastly on to false news reports, and total denial.

Check out this quote from Ms. Phyllis Wheatley. "God grant Deliverance in his own Way and Time, and get him honour upon all those whose Avarice impels them to countenance and help forward the Calamities of their fellow Creatures. This I desire not for their Hurt, but to convince them of the strange Absurdity of their Conduct whose Words and Actions are so diametrically, opposite. How well the Cry for Liberty, and the reverse Disposition for the exercise of oppressive Power over others agree, -- I humbly think it does not require the Penetration of a Philosopher to determine."

At 10:03 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

It should be very disturbing to people observing the behavior of so called white conservatives. They cannot simply ignore dissent…they must some how exercise power over it, in order to subdue it. All they have to do is ignore my posts and dissent, but their fear of the message leads them to delete the message and ban the messenger. This happens 9 out of every 10 white forums that I have posted on. The personal characters of these people do not embody the principles and documents that this nation professes and was founded on. What they practice is the resultant of laws, not beliefs. When the laws that force fairness do not apply, they fail to practice fairness.

I heard that character represents what you would do if you knew you could get away with it. Most of these conservative peoples are a certainly way ONLY because they feel they cannot legally get away with being the way that is in their hearts. Eventually these people will work to change laws so that they represent what in their hearts or fears. For example: Patriot Act.

At 2:01 PM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...


I continue to fail to understand if you see the span in wealth between White and Black as evidence of suppression of Blacks from doing the things that Whites are doing to generate wealth or as part of your mission to get Whites to stop doing certain things that they do to generate wealth.

For example - is the presence of an energy distribution system that affords us electricity, the presence of gasoline and natural gas something that should be available to all men in the world or is this as a result of some extra-ordinary effort by man of which non-Whites have been heretofor prevented from building?

Certainly the fact that you don't have to carry a bucket of water on your head after walking 2 miles to the community well allows you do operate in a system that has a higher level of division of labor. You as an American spend less time DIRECTLY foraging for food and water than any other people around the world.

Do you believe that you will ever create EQUAL wealth in this country with just a few more well placed regulations


might another angle that thus far seems absent from the solution set of many be FOR YOU TO DEVELOP THESE SAME SYSTEMS IN AREAS AROUND THE WORLD THAT LACK SUCH INFRASTRUCTURE?

When I finally get you to focus on places around the world that attempt to enforce egalitarianism (Cuba, USSR) you then attempt to redirect the blame back to their battle with the USA which drains resources from their egalitarian quest.

At 2:43 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

All that I can say to you Renaldo is that you are a shallow thinker. You only think in terms of “what is”. That assumption will preclude the creation or evolution of something new, different, better…and yes more equal table. Any system or construct built upon competition, will lead to competition, which in turn will lead to winners and losers. Power and wealth creates an advantage that promotes incumbency, as the general rule, will lack of power and wealth promotes defeat, as the general rule, in the competition.

At 2:43 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

All that I can say to you Renaldo is that you are a shallow thinker. You only think in terms of “what is”. That assumption will preclude the creation or evolution of something new, different, better…and yes more equal table. Any system or construct built upon competition, will lead to competition, which in turn will lead to winners and losers. Power and wealth creates an advantage that promotes incumbency, as the general rule, will lack of power and wealth promotes defeat, as the general rule, in the competition.

At 3:02 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

When I get you to focus on providing EVIDENCE of Black CONservative EFFECTIVENESS in the area of Black COLLECTIVE Uplift you revert back to blaming the "traditional" Civil Rights leadership and followers. The very "leadership" (for all its faults and shortcomings) that changed the Suppression Dynamics. Something BLACK CONservatives haven't done.

So, again, show how B-Con's have been EFFECTIVE. Show were they are the effective creators of positive things like that school you send your kids to.

Did B-CON's build that? HELL NO!

What have B-CON's done, Renaldo?
What have they done to Uplift The CONDITION of Black People?

Now, while speaking of Infrastructure... What have the B-CON's done in that regard?

Where is the Uplifting Infrastructures in the B-CON plan?
Uplifting Infrastructures in the BLACK COMMUNITY, for the Black Community. Ideas at whatever stage that are the authentic creation of B-CON's. Ideas at whatever stage that are aimed at Uplifting the Black Community, first, foremost and focusedly.

This should be interesting.
I await your answer.

Also, please detail what B'CON's plan to do against a system that is set against what you seem to be proposing: Doing What Whites Have Done For Their Community... For The Black Community.

Renaldo, I'm all for you if you're serious about building infrastructure. But it seems you're too busy trying to praise the fact that we don't walk to a well for water...

I fail to see anything substantive in your remarks. I've yet to see you say much of anything (when trying to debate things here) in your remarks.

At 10:30 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

Noah, I posted my latest op-ed over on that site and prety much am getting the same BS you got from the folk over there.



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