November 24, 2004

Motives, Means and Opportunity

Motives, Means and Opportunity. These factors are the primary means that law enforcement employ to best determine truth, in regards to an act considered criminal. In this methodology of discovery, in the absence of the ability to bare witness, everyone connected is therefore suspect, or should be. This has been an accepted methodology for solving crimes for centuries.

This methodology of discovery, Motives, means and opportunity (MMO), should be employed by all Americans in the analysis of events connected with our government and nation. In events such as the 911 terrorist attacks, most Americans dismissed our nations and or agents of our nation, as potential suspects. This violates the rules of discovery, because it removes from the pool a suspect that has MMO, likely as great, if not greater, than other suspects.

The reason that the American people do not and will not consider its nation as suspects is because of to much emotional and personal investment into this nation. People in America like to see America, and hence themselves, as morally superior people who are above such acts, because this is a nation blessed by God, as evidenced of the abundance God has provided. Also, a nation of people who say that place God above country, do not want to deal with the implications and guilt associated with a nation that may be committing acts of evil that trickles down to the benefit of citizens.

As long as America provides a good living for the masses of its people, the masses of the people will in turn place its trust and loyalty in the nation. Thus, the inability to bare direct witness to truth means that what and who the masses believe is a simply matter of who they trust, which in turns is a matter of deeds done that have earned trust. It is not as if this nation has bribed it citizens, however, the benefits that this nation has provided its citizens prevents the citizens from looking at the nation as a suspect. The primary reason is that the citizens do not want to face the moral dilemma between wealth and righteousness, even though they claim that God is at the pinnacle of their hierarchy. In short, they do not want to bite the hand that feeds them.

If one is willing to take a honest look at all suspects with MMO, including the USA, it can be argued that the primary suspect in many incidents is the USA. For example, again look at the 911 incident and what will come out in favor and benefit of the USA. There is an oil pipe line from Central Asia oil fields that will run through Afghanistan. This oil pipeline is essential to a oil starved economy like ours. The Taleban government previously denied the building of this pipe line. Then there is Iraq, with the second largest known oil reserves with a nationalized ownership and a ruler who would and could use oil as a political/economic weapon against his enemies in the West.

People will argue that the majority of the US oil does not come from the Middle East and thus why would the US need to invade these nation for their oil. However, this ignores the future demand for world oil due to the rapid rise of the Chinese and Indian economies, that will drive up the cost of oil per barrel unless the world supply can be increased commiserate with increased demand. Thus, if more oil is not produced from existing and new sources, the price of oil for the US will shoot up due to OPEC collusion. Given that oil is the life blood of economies, especially the USA’s, the USA had plenty to benefit from creating the likely only pretext what would get the support of the American people, as well as the international community, for the invasion of two nations.

Now, I am not saying that America orchestrated the 911 attack or sit by and let it happened when they could have stopped it. However, what I am saying is that America had the Motive, Means and Opportunity to conspire such an event. Given that we will never be able to bare witness to the truth as citizens, Motives, Means and Opportunity is really the only way that citizens can embark upon the discovery of truth.

Most Americans are not willing to accept that America has imperialistic interest. It has desires and plans for the world and its resources to be used to the maximum benefit of America and its corporate gluttonous interest. This is nothing new in the history of humanity and the drunkenness of power. Every world power has desired, if not practiced imperialism all through history. The fact that Americans think that our nation has superior humanity is the problem. We refuse to see ourselves as normative humans. We believe that our laws and constitution separates our humanity from others. However, those laws simply constrain our humanity within the boundaries of our borders, but not outside our borders were those laws do not apply. This is where our humanity becomes unconstrained and normative with history.


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