October 04, 2004

World Conference Against Racism..


Unbeknownst to most folk in America because of the lack of media coverage, the World Conference against Racism has convened in Suriname, South America. Many things are on the agenda at this year’s conference from the HIV\AIDS problem plaguing African nations to seeking reparation for the genocidal behavior of European, Arabs and Jews through out the world on African people. One of the controversial decisions by the Conference from the last time they convened is also being used again at this year’s conference and that is non-Blacks are not allowed to participate in the meetings on issues like slavery. I completely agree with this decision by the conference in excluding those who perpetrated these acts from discussing strategy for seeking redress for these acts. Allowing non-Blacks to participate would be tantamount to a General inviting the enemy to attend intelligence meetings in an ongoing war.

The constitution being proposed by the conference is drawing fire from outsiders and scared to death Negro men and women from various Black nations.

“Under the current wording, the document says Africans and their descendants have suffered at least “2,000 years of terrorism and white and Arab criminal supremacy,” calling the last 500 years the worst because of “imperialism, genocide, colonialism, neocolonialism, apartheid, slavery and racism.”

This is the unadulterated truth and I have no idea why a Black person would object to such language being used. Some are saying this language is divisive, I agree! the truth is very divisive, it separate the liars from those telling the truth and the truth is painful and I would hope that the Conference does not acquiesce or capitulate to the whims of these weak men and women who are scared that their standing with Western Powers may be hurt by ratifying a Constitution that speaks truth to power and indicts the European, Arab and Jew for their atrocities committed against African People.

The preamble of this constitution also makes reference to “the various holocausts experienced by African people as perpetuated by Europeans, Arabs, Christians and Jews.” I have no Idea why Muslims were left out, but I guess the Muslims atrocities on African people are being covered under Arabs being mentioned based on all Muslims atrocities on African people being committed by Arabs.

Also there are discussions about France repaying the 90 million in gold Francs it received from Haiti. This money went to “the former owners of sugar plantations developed with slave labour."

“Accounting for inflation, ousted Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide had demanded US$21.68 billion, saying that was equivalent to the gold francs”

However, and this is important, the current interim puppet prime Minster in Haiti, has said the demand has no legal grounds. There should be no doubt in or mind why the western world wanted Aristide out of power. The conference ends this Wednesday.


At 2:17 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Good stuff Brother! I was not even aware that the conference was going on. After the attention that the last conference recieved...Western white nations media have a conspiracy of interest to place gag orders about this latest conference.

I like what you said about divisive language...being true because it divides the liars from the truth speakers. That was profound. Those who embrace truth can be said to be closer to being God's advocate, while those who subvert or avert the truth is closer to being the Devils Advocate. WHen sunlight of truth rises in the horizon, only the vampires who must dwell in the darkness of deceit seeks cover.

At 8:13 AM, Blogger Scott said...

That is because its not happing.


Sept 7 2001.

what is Faheem talking about ? Maybe there is a another conference he is confusing ?

there is this but its not the one that has the logo you used in the post.



BTW: I agree that they should remove non blacks from the discussion until they figure out what they want to say. And I am glad that that they realize that “2,000 years of terrorism and white and Arab criminal supremacy,”

I hope they mention something about Arabs still enslaving Africans, Sudan perfect example.

At 8:40 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

Scott, sometimes your indiocy is beyound comprehension. I am certain in your personal life you suffer from the same problems you suffer from in your writings, you miss the details, you do not pay attentions. I am also certain I am not the first to tell you this.

In the very article you posted it stated clearly this meeting is being conducted by the the Gloabal African Congress and that "The Global African Congress was established during a 2002 conference in Barbados, billed as a follow-up to the 2001 UN anti-racism conference in South Africa. The logo is from the site you posted, however the lack of updates to that site does not in any way hint at anything you are saying as being the truth.

The follow up to the 2001 meetig in Durban, South Africa was held in Babrbados and this meeting is a follow up to that one. What part of that you do not understand!

At 12:16 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Its " billed as a follow-up to the 2001 UN anti-racism conference in South Africa" it is not the follow up.

You are not clear on what the words mean.

At 12:31 PM, Blogger Faheem said...


Delegates from 25 countries vowed at a racism conference Wednesday to unite efforts to seek reparations from corporations and countries that were involved in slavery.

Wrapping up the six-day meeting, the Global African Conference adopted a constitution calling for the creation of a committee to oversee lawsuits demanding reparations for the descendants of African slaves. There was no decision on when the committee would be named.

“Never before have Africans been so united on one issue,” said Ray Winbush, a psychologist from Morgan State University in Baltimore and author of the book “Should America Pay? Slavery and the Raging Debate on Reparations.”

More than 200 delegates gathered in this South American country for the second meeting of the Global African Conference, an attempt to forge an international movement. The first meeting was in 2002 in Barbados and was billed as a follow-up to the 2001 anti-racism U.N. conference in South Africa.

Winbush said the reparations movement was given a boost when the United Nations declared the trans-Atlantic slave trade a “crime against humanity” in 2001, giving “African people from all over the world legal status” to sue nations and companies. He estimated there were more than two dozen efforts worldwide seeking reparations from governments and companies.

In January, a federal judge in Chicago dismissed a lawsuit by descendants of slaves in the United States seeking reparations from tobacco companies, railroads, banks and other corporations they claimed profited from slavery. Winbush said that case will be appealed. (AP)


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