October 29, 2004


What can language tell us about the nature of black people? What can language tell us about the pre written history of black people? I believe that language or languages, offer a keen insight into the nature and culture of black people, relative to others. Here is how.

Lets us start from the base of what we know now and work backwards. What can we learn from the explanation of why English is such a widely spoken language around the world? How did that come about? Given the number of fluent English speakers in the world juxtaposed with the number of people whose roots are in England, the resultant ratio is likely the highest of any language.

A high ratio of language to native peoples is an indication of military dominance or of a recent war like people conquering militarily weaker nation for resources and power. The English Empire, or Great Britain, spread its language as a resultant of spreading its peoples and influence, to areas outside of England, by virtue of its maritime and army strength. Without the military, they could not have employed benevolence spread their dominance around the world and acquire control of resources, thus they employed military violence.

Before Britain expanded its language via violence and warring, the next best example is the Romans and the spread of the Indo-European language of Latin. Rome propagated its territory via its armies and being a war like conquering peoples. Thus, the territory that it encompassed and dominated over hundreds of years became speakers of the Latin language. Again, this represents a high ratio between the number of Latin speakers and the number of native Romans (Italians).

Now, how does this relate to black people, I am sure you ask? Well, we have to be able to recognize patterns. The pattern is that war like and violent people are characterized by a high ratio between the number of people who speak a language that originated amongst a given group of people and the number of native people to the land of the language origin. That ratio in Africa is extremely small, compared with that of Europeans. Hence, it can be argued that black people were naturally or culturally less war like or violent than Europeans.

There are nearly a thousand different languages spoken in Black Africa (in the Niger-Congo language family) and of those there are thousands of different dialects resulting from them. To understand the importance of this, it must be noted that languages form from isolation. If people have the same language roots, isolation eventually changes accents, then dialects and over time, it becomes a distinct and different language. Thus, the fact that there exist so many languages in black Africa means that there were not many conquering war like peoples and empires that would acquire territory and consolidate people under one language of the empire.

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. Thus, the only way that peoples become good at warring is through lots of warring and threats. We know this from growing up in the hood. The baldest cats were the ones who fought a lot. The only way you get to be a good fighter is by fighting a lot, as a general rule. Practice makes perfect. Hence, in Europe, the people were very aggressive and war like and from fighting amongst each other they became very good at it, relative to say….the Africans. Therefore, when the Europeans were able to expand beyond their borders, they were such advanced fighters and had such advanced weapons of war; they were able to conquer less violent people with far less man power. This is how they acquired so much wealth, spreading there language in the process.

Now, this is important because there are many people who think that black people have an abnormal violent nature. There are many of these people who believe that it is simply genetic and that is why there is so much warring in Africa and so much violent crime among blacks in the Western Hemisphere. In truth, the tracers of language reveal that the most violent people historically have been whites and not blacks. Blacks have only become violent at our current levels, due to a reaction to or learning from whites. I do not believe that the evidence is there to support our history of behavior that of violence of the degree demonstrated in Europe. White have always like to see us as savages, but let’s remember that the barbarians origin is in Europe and runs through the blood of many Western white folks.

I do think that violence is a capacity of humans. However, if there is a genetic link to violence, it is far overshadowed by the cultural or learned behavior link. I believe that Europeans lived in an area where violence and conquest became the norm, thus, they emulated the behavior to protect themselves. For them it became an issue of conquer or be conquered, thus they learned to be a violent war like peoples. I simply do not think that the evidence is there to support that such was the case in degree in black Africa. I think, therefore, that we need to return to our previous states of relative tranquility with one and other as black people and stop all this white learned behaviorism.


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