October 21, 2004


To understand why Detroit area is the most segregated Metropolitan area in the nation and to understand why there are so many others like it, this is a good example. Blacks in the city of Detroit have always been reluctant to move to certain cities and counties because they feared white racism and being harassed by suburban police departments. Acts such is this home break in or other acts of racial intimidation of black homeowners in the Detroit area usually are reported about 5 or more times a year in the area (let me qualify that by saying that such is based upon only the estimated average of the number of times that I heard it on the news while being a resident there...could have been much more).

In a Metropolitan area of over 5 million people, as Metro Detroit is, 5 incidences of such makes it an extremely rare phenomenon. However, it being on the evening news does distort the scope and thus it seems larger than life. In any case, that is the nature of the information age and modernity. The result is that such incidences do work to dissuade black homeowners from moving to predominantly white suburbs. There is likely some black prospective home buyers whose real estate agent has some homes listed in this particular Suburb, who will rebuke the option because they do not want to deal with the white racism.

As a consequence of these acts, no matter how much deplored by other whites, in rhetoric, works to preserve an areas “whiteness” and thus helps keep white demand for the area strong, thus keeping property values appreciating faster than what would happen from an influx of blacks. Thus, even though only a few white idiots engage in such acts, far more whites receive the benefits of such acts and blacks of course the detriment. Simple phenomenon of cause and effect that is plan to see. However, some will not the racism as a cause with no apparent effect upon blacks (see NegroCons and most white folk).

As the economy struggles in coming years…one can expect to see more and more of this…since the root of racism and black oppression has always been rooted in economics and whites attempts to profit from the exploitation of blacks or their attempts to eliminate blacks from the pool of competition for resources and opportunities. Its all about resources.

"I don’t know what to say now, but that this is something that exists in the
real world," she said. "This is pretty much what they have to look forward to."

See full story on WXYZ news 7 in Detroit.


At 1:06 PM, Blogger Scott said...

What utter bullshit,

"lacks in the city of Detroit have always been reluctant to move to certain cities and counties because they feared white racism and being harassed by suburban police departments."

Guess what we fear living in our own neighboorhoods too. And we wear it as a badge for pride. We fear being harassed by cops from the suburbs in our inner city neighboorhoods too.

You are just wrong on this one. Its no longer 1960 where lynching was legal. Fear does not determine where black people live.

BTW: It is fucked up that people are still doing shit like this, but it has nothing to do with where black people decide to live.

At 1:39 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

When have you lived in the Detroit area Scott to bare witness to this falsity as you claim? Furthermore, did you not say that you lived next to a drug dealer and did not live in fear of black people? Thus, why are you now claiming that blacks also live in fear of blacks to an equal degree that should prevent them from moving into black communities?

The truth is that Detroit has some notorious suburbs, such as Dearborn, whose reputation was formed in a much more racist past, but still discourages blacks from moving there. Black people deal with certain issues of crime and behavior in some black communities, but that is behavior that they are familiar with and thus are more comfortable with than they are in dealing with white hate crimes. A person would much rather face a challenge that they are familiar with than face a challenge that they are not. Furthermore, regardless of the problems that my come with blacks in blacks communities, there are many benefits as well. Thus, the trade off of giving up those benefits then facing racial isolation and bigotry compels many blacks to move into areas were there are already established black presence.

At 1:46 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

I should also say that segregation is not the SOLE consquence of racial hate crimes and black reluctance to have to deal with it in certain suburbs. Also, the biggest reason is that whites simply start moving away when blacks move in. Some whites, however, feel trapped and without an escape because of their social class...that is when they revert to hate crimes to attempt to scare blacks away. Its mainly the actions of whites and blacks reaction to it, that leads to this kind of segregation and polarization in an area.


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