October 28, 2004

In regards to the controversy over tons of missing explosives in Iraq, a local TV news station in Minneapolis has footage from embedded reporters during the invasion that may shed light. The footage shows reporters filming Al-Qaqaa weapons installation and the tons of explosive material on April 18 2003, which was a date post the fall of Baghdad and the toppling of Saddam regime.

Of course the Bush Administration does not want to conclude that the weapons were looted under US control of Iraq before the upcoming elections. It would be one more example of poor planning and or incompetence on behalf of the commander and chief. No doubt that some of these explosives have been or will be used to kill American Soldiers and other lives in Iraq. How often was such ammunition depots looted under Saddam? Occupying nations assume the responsibility for the security and stability of occupied nations. Thus, the Buck stops and Bush desk.

Despite all the incompetent acts by this administration, the administration will be voted back into office on November 2nd. What this shows is either the incompetence of the plurality of American voters or either there emotional fears. When the US says that it is better to fight the war against terrorism on some other nation’s turf, than to battle them here at home, that is essentially saying that it is better to kill innocent people in other countries, than innocent Americans. The majority of people being killed in this war on terrorist are innocent civilians. Thus, the truth is that we do not place equal value on the lives of people who are not American as we do those who are. Under such double standards, the enemies of the US will always find willing recruits.



At 8:15 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

This is turning out to be an interersting story, especially after the Pentagon released photos of trucks supposedly taking the munitions away and then to have this video released proves once again how this administration will use satelite photos to lie, just like they did when Powell went to the UN.

At 9:04 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

They use those satalite photos as if they are self evident proof of something. Those trucks could have been making a delivery and not a pick up. How can anyone know for sure WHEN the photo was taken? This is simply obfuscation on the part of the administration before the election. The KSTP video trumps that photo. They have eye witnesses, time stamps and no conflict of interest about the truth.


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