September 21, 2004


What is your disaster recovery plan? When I say disaster, I mean in regards to the nations economic fate. In other words, what is your depression survival plan? Are you and your loved one prepared to survive just in case this nation and the world plunge into economic abyss? Do you feel that the probability of this happening is good, fair or not a snowballs chance in hell?

If you really think about it, if there was impending doom in the horizon, the government and leaders would not release such information to the public. The reason being is that by doing such it would expedite the calamity by creating a self-fulfilling prophesy. For example, If a large meteor was seen headed on a direct path to earth, projected to impact within a 5 year window, it is not likely that such information would reach the public due to the immediate chaos that it would cause. Instead, the government(s) would work clandestinely behinds the scenes to alter the event or prepare a small subset of human population for survival.

In the same way, the government would and will keep certain information classified, if it has the ability of making the public panic and behave in a way that would threaten economics, peace and security. Such a reality could exist right now, with a secret group of people having a blank check to prevent an economic downfall of America. This could be accomplished via wars and gaining control of valuable resources via false pretexts. Without the ability to bare direct witness to the creation of a truth, the best most people can do is trust and hope we are being truthfully informed. Calamity could be in the horizon, but the public lacks the ability to bare witness.

Thus, again, the question is do you have an economic depression survival plan? Do you feel that it would simply result in total anarchy and that you would not survive, hence, no need to prepare? It is not likely that your current skill sets would do you any good. You stock portfolio will have crashed and inflation would erode the value of your money…plus…you likely would not have a job. Thus, how would you feed, house and protect your family?

I have one suggestion, and that is grabbing up some land that can support crops and livestock. My parents essentially lived off the land when they were share croppers in Mississippi growing up. The catch was that they did not own the land and that is how they were manipulate and oppressed. Thus, land ownership will is the REALEST wealth for human survival.


At 7:53 PM, Blogger Scott said...

#1 Use your 2nd admendment right to arm yourself.

#2 Stock up on medicines and other things that wont be available when society colapses (unfortunatly you wont be able to get anti biotics)

#3 Get out of the city, ideally get to somewhere less dependant on the world like south America, but there are many rural places in America that will be able to keep local order if the globalized society falls apart

The important thing is it very unlikely that society will fall apart fast, so even with a months warning you can get seeds, can food etc.

But the question is do you want to live in a world without digital cable ?

At 6:19 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

I already live without cable tv, digital or otherwise. Yes, I do believe that you would need arms and ammunition BECAUSE of the 2nd amendment. The reason being that law abiding armed citizens today would very likely become armed robbers if they are hungry and trying to feed families. Thus, it is the 2nd amendment that creates the flood of weapons, which would compell others to arm themselves in the case of disaster.

I would also like to add that converting a percetage of your portfolio to GOLD would be a good idea as a protection against the rapid inflation that would result.

Best believe that if a nuclear explosion took place in a G7 Nation, such could very easily bring about rapid economic collapse. it is not a far fetched scenario

At 6:43 AM, Blogger Scott said...

My wife and I were discussing this last week, she thinks gold wont hold it value. She recommend medicine and I recommend bullets as currency.

NYC or washington being destoryed by nuclear explosion wouldn't take down civilization. It would probably end globalization for 10 years plus but each country would still be whole.

At 8:28 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Gold will hold value more than anything has been a source of wealth long ago. Amunition will definately be of value, but if you do not have are you going to get it?

I think that you are going beyond what I am saying. I am mainly talking about an economic event, that would be the resultant of some other event(s), such as a Nuclear blast by terrorist. All it would take is a run on banks...for the collapse to start its snowball down hill effect for the economy. You would think there is safeguards to prevent such, given that it was the cause of the last great depression. However, the reserve requirments that banks must keep of peoples deposits have been relaxed greatly...and if the government is in debt will not be able to cover the banks losses and things could spiral out of control quickly


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