August 15, 2004

The Republican Party and Poor Whites

The Republican Party would like to do to Black men and women in America what they have successfully done to poor white men and women in America. The Republican Party uses their brain power and funding to appeal to one particular issue a people have or hold dear and they latch on to it like a pit bull. In the case of poor whites; the Republican Party appeals to their hidden and overt racism and their over zealous Religious beliefs. When we take an honest look at Republican politicians political beliefs versus their social beliefs we will see that their political agenda is one that caters to the rich, and they save their social beliefs and agenda for poor whites because they know rich folk are the people who have no concern for morality; their morality is based on the bottom line.

The Republican Conservative movement knows that their political philosophy does not appeal to Black men and women thus they are feverously trying to appeal to Black men and women through our social beliefs which they know has always been more conservative than not, but we are not as stupid as poor whites who allow their social leanings to be used to sell them on a political agenda that does absolutely nothing for them. Take note of the language being used in the Senate Race in Illinois where the GOP has recruited a Negro name Alan Keyes to run against his Brother Obama Barak. Keyes and his supporters have stated several times already and we will hear it many more times that he (Keyes) hold more of what is considered “core Black values” than does Obama. Hence they want Black folk to vote for Keyes because he has social leanings as we do, but Black folk are not fools and we know morality and Black core values are not the things Keyes will be legislating, and the people of Illinois knows that a fool from out of town who was recruited in a desperate attempt by a party that has fallen apart in the state of Illinois can not properly represent them or their political leanings.

Bush with his faith based programs is trying to go after the Black Church. Every one knows the Black church is more than just a house of worship in the Black community, The Black church is a structural institution in the Black community that has been on the front line of many battles Black men and women have engaged in and always have provided a place where God fearing by Nature Black men and women could find some solace. Bush is trying to use the Black church and Black men and women belief in God to woo us to his political party in the same way the Republican Party has done with all those so-called Bible belt men and women who for the most part are pure hypocrites. These poor white folk belief in God is being used against them by the Republican party and if you listen to many of the Negro men and women that call themselves conservative they too have allowed their religious beliefs to be used to woo them to a party that is the Party the southern Dixiecrats found to be the party that best represented their beliefs. The Negro Conservative is fully funded by those rich white conservatives who give them instructions on what to say to poor Black folk. Take note Black people, Negro Cons will only seek to appeal to our social beliefs and religious beliefs but if talk is centered around the politics of economics even they will admit the republican party cater to the rich and are some of the most immoral people on the earth.


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