August 18, 2004

Proving a Point....

In my earlier Blog entitled “the Republican Party and Poor Whites” I asked you the reader to:

“Take note of the language being used in the Senate Race in Illinois where the GOP has recruited a Negro name Alan Keyes to run against his Brother Obama Barak. Keyes and his supporters have stated several times already and we will hear it many more times that he (Keyes) hold more of what is considered “core Black values” than does Obama. Hence they want Black folk to vote for Keyes because he has social leanings as we do, but Black folk are not fools and we know morality and Black core values are not the things Keyes will be legislating,”

To further this point I will point you to a recent article written by the Negro-Con Armstrong Williams, where in he says not once but he mentions four times in one way or another that Obama social views is not that of the majority Black populace or he words it by saying the Black populace polling show us as having conservative values. If you take this and couple it with what the Negro-Con Walter Williams has said you can clearly understand what I mean when I say the republicans are trying to woo Black men and women to their party by trying to identify with us based on our social views, however as Walter Williams stated in his article about Socialism is Evil, Republicans like to give money to the rich and Democrats like to give money to the poor. This alone should awaken Black men and women on the scheme being run by the Republicans.

Furthermore, take the Kerry like senator candidate Alan Keyes who seems to be flip flopping more than his party say Kerry does. Keyes says he now support reparation in the form of Black men and women being exempt from federal taxation for a generation or two. This completely smacks everything the republican party stands for in the face and yet it also acknowledged that the Negro-Con Alan Keyes believes that redress is needed in the form of reparation and the only problem is how it should be handled.



At 11:48 AM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...


First NICE BLOG!!!

On this issue, when a person like Keyes announces their support for anything but say they have issues with how it is being handled, etc. they need their card pulled. If they're so serious about things like Reparations being "mishandled" then they need to step up to the plate and Handle it themselves.

But that would be outside of mentioning things like Reparations as a opportunistic aside, pledging support for something Keyes would NEVER expressly "campaign" for (and we know he will never do that) in isolation to his other aspirations.

So, are we to look for an Alan Keyes "Is Making Sense" REPARATIONS Lecture Tour???

That will be the day...
So, the first time a negro-CON claims their support for Reparations In Principle or supposed support on any issue, the first question needs to be:
"What are you going to do to make it a reality other than invoke it in order to inhance your self-interested opportunity?"

So, I'm all about putting someone like that on the spot and not letting them get away with using Reparations or any core issue in a political Football game in an effort to just score points while never making a commitment to "the team" with their sweat-equity towards that cause.


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