August 13, 2004

Harass and Arrest

So tonight, one of my friends tells me about a local Bike Club that will be meeting at a local restaurant to chill and relax. I decide I will role through to see what the brothers are up to since it was their first time meeting in this spot. I arrive and quickly notice a group of young men and women just talking shooting the breeze, my friend notices me and comes over to my car to greet me. I get out and we start talking and as we are talking I start asking question about the different bike clubs that were there. Well in the course of our conversation, I point out to my friend that the Police will have a problem with this and will probably come by and harass the men and women that are out here. I stated to him that instead of sending someone over to greet and meet with all the men and women over here, the police will come by to cause problems in an otherwise peaceful gathering. After about forty minutes I decided to leave. Well when I get home I get a message from my friend stating that what I said would happen, happened. The CHP (California highway patrol) came by the gathering and started looking for problems. The copper was on a bike himself, and thought it necessary to ride up and down where all the bikes are parked looking for expired tags.

The police often wonder why Black men and women do not trust them; they will say that a few bad apples should not determine how all police men and women are viewed. However, it is little things like this and the numerous other things that the Police do that cause distrust of them. This gathering was a peaceful gathering; half the men and women that were out there are in the Military! This means nothing to the CHP, their job is to harass and arrest versus the old tired motto protect and serve. This gathering of young men and women decided to disperse rather than deal with police harassment and as in most cases of police harassment, no one was arrested and no one was ticketed but I am sure these same coppers are out looking for more men and women to harass or looking for another peaceful gathering to break up.


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