August 13, 2004

Governor McGreevy and White Skin Privilge

As we are bombarded with all this talk about Governor McGreevy being gay and given his gay lover a job, the one thing that seems to be ignored is that this is a classic case of white skin privilege. Here we have McGreevy given another white male a job that paid 110K a year and this man was so unqualified that the FBI refused to brief him. If this is not white skin privilege I do not know what is, and it should be called what it actually is, White Skin privilege.


At 8:02 PM, Blogger TheLoneAmigo said...

Does "lover" mean anything to you? Would you be saying this if he was straight, had a mistress, and gave her a job?

It's not a matter of black and white, it's a matter of a gay guy giving his love a job.

This is simply ridiculous. It has nothing to do with the fact that he is white... it has everything to do with the fact that he was involved with the governor.

At 11:31 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

The only difference in what I would have written if his lover was a woman would be that he gave a white woman a job instead of a white man. You are trying to measure what I am saying by if the person whom received the job got it because he is white, which is not my position. My position is that this is a great example of a white male giving another white male a job that he was not qualified for, and everyone seems to be ignoring that. I do not care if this man was his lover or not, at the end of the day this white male received a job he did not deserve by way of a favor from another white male. If the situation was reversed and a Black man gave a job to another Black male, we would hear more about how unqualified the Black male was for the job and the fact that he got the job in the first place. You can all this cronyism if you like but the truth is; the only person that benefited in this whole ordeal was another white male.

At 12:12 AM, Blogger TheLoneAmigo said...

I don't think that it would be different if the lover had been black. If it would be, there's a whole lot more wrong with america than I thought.

At 12:33 AM, Blogger TheLoneAmigo said...

However, in that case the governor would not be guilty of white-skin-privilege: that would be the media and the government of new jersey.

At 12:29 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

On point as usual.

Does the name Jayson Blair mean anything to anybody?

All this wishful thinking by people who don't want to believe White America is as racist as it is via its media and overall common perceptions of Whites in general only goes to show America is more racist than people want to let on. That is most people would rather deny clear cases of racism as manifested in FAHEEM's blog-point than to say, "You know, there is a difference in how such a situation would be treated if it was an all African-American scenario."

No one who dares tell the truth about America and racism can say with honesty that the coverage and perspectives on this event would be the same.

There would be a palpable outrage and distain for any type of favoritism shown to someone Black who was demonstrably *unqualified* (heck, just being Black in America makes you suspect to be *unqualified* - i.e. most will claim it whether it true or not; details really aren't important).

Yes, the fact that the "Lovers" poor qualifications isn't an issue unto itself is evidence of good old fashion American racism. Whites can get away with things Blacks are never allowed to whether (like Jayson Blair) Blacks are the cause of it or not.

In the Jayson Blair incident, no one excused his promotion because of the *emotional* motivations of Howell Raines. In fact, those things further incensed the public outcry proclaiming that it was Affirmative Action gone wrong and at fault.

The problem is when White people benefit from Affirmative Actions - i.e. favoritism, nepotism or cronyism by any other name - few people get alarmed or dare to attack what we all know is present in the American workplace landscape and reality no matter where you go.

Yes!! People readily excuse White-Skin Privilege in the many forms it comes in because it seems only natural. Well, one might look at the long history of American conditioning - i.e. CENTURIES of Racism and White FIRST (if not solely) Privilege - before pretending that there is something "natural" about excusing anyone who's UNQUALIFIED under any conditions .

Doing so only goes to show that opposition to ideas like Affirmative Action really isn't about Blacks (or whoever) potentially/actually being "unqualified".

All you doubters have to do is produce one case where similar type of favoritism shown towards someone Black, whether the favoritism (lover, friend, relative, liberal-bleeding heart, etc.) was granted by someone Black or not did NOT focus on how unqualified the Black person was.

There's no need to talk in hypotheticals and I DON'T THINK's... There is plenty of Case-History in REALITY that bears out the truth on this matter.


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