August 30, 2004

Conflicting Emotions

As part of human nature, our behavior and actions are most often driven by emotions. Some external (or internal) stimuli is picked up by our sensory receptors and in turn triggers and evolved emotional response that has the purpose of promoting life’s prime directives of survival and or progeny. In light of this, there must be a relative or absolute void in external stimuli that triggers, fear, love, anger, compassion, or other motivating responses that would inspire a coalescing for survival among black people of the earth.

The absence of strong emotions on the part of the typical black person, in regards to the situation of the earth’s masses of blacks, is rather perplexing. The reason being is that there are certainly no shortages of phenomenon that should trigger such emotions. All around the world black people are suffering in absolute, relative and degree measurements. Poverty, wars, disease, racism, homicides, incarceration and many other problems is making life on earth for black people much worse than for most others. Yet, where are the emotional survival responses from the black masses that one would expect?

The only rational explanation as to why we do not “FEEL” as we should is likely due to ignorance and or not seeing commonality with the masses of black people on this earth. When blacks were being lynched in the South and their existed a consensus of a clear enemy that was anti-black, such a knowledge coalesced us to promote our survival. Now, we still are suffering, but the enemy appears stealth and often appears to be those nearest to us, which is other black people. There are no more “white only” and “colored only” signs. The Slave trade and Jim Crow is defunct. Notwithstanding, although less than in the past, we as a people are still suffering. So what gives?

The day to day visible enemy and threat to most black people is other black people, while the forces that are triggering this affect remains in stealth. Consequently, we have evolved under the Western system to see ourselves as the enemy. There is a thin line between the emotions of love and hate...and we are walking that line between our own people. We cannot see the forest due to the trees and the trees in front of us happen to be black like us, distorting our view of the "big picture". Thus, the person who shot your little brother was black. The person who robbed you mother was black. The person who broke into your home was black. The women or man who cheated on you was black. The people that you compete with for rank and mating are black. The tribe that attacked your tribe was black. The people running the local government that fails to meet expectation of the citizens are black. Most of our immediate visible problems and threats seem to eminate from other black peoples.

In light of this visibility of the symptomatic superficial enemy, which is ourselves, and the stealth of the greater forces that shape our reaction, our emotional responses have turned to work against our survival. Think about it. Other than employment fears, most of our visible fears and threats to our daily survival comes from other black folks. The resultant is that we have stop cooperating with one an other, to promote our mutual survival, and have started seeing each other as the primary threat to our survival, needs and desires.

A glaring example of this is the dwindling relationship between the black man and women, in regards to longevity and commitment. The relationship between the man and women is the core component or relationship that all else is built from. From this relationship comes the pillar collective institution of family. From family grows villages, communities, tribes and nations. But it all starts with the man and women. However, under this system that we exist, the black man and women have become competitors and not cooperators. The traditional roles and expectations have become all twisted by Western society to the point that many women really only need a man for copulating, and of course, men are more than willing to simply play that role. The consequence is short term relationships based upon pleasure, not long-term commitment and child rearing, resulting in children born out of wedlock and many single parent mothers with children by multiple men.

Another bad sign is that when we run into other black people, while out and about in predominantly white areas, we do not even acknowledge one and other any more. I can remember nearly ubiquitously being acknowledged by other black people, when I was in a predominantly white area. It used to be that we were comforted by the presence of other black folk, when we were in these areas. Now, that is no longer true. It seems that when I am in those areas, black people feel no need to acknowledge me. Likely, their comfort with white folks has grown to such a degree that I am likely perceived as a bigger threat than white folks. Maybe some of the brothers think I am coming out their to compete with them for white women, jobs or something else.

The enemy to black folks, which seems stealth to most, is the “system” of institutions of this nation, the primary culprits being the system of politics and economics. While people may not appear as your enemy directly, many are your enemy indirectly, in regards to their beliefs which manifest in the way they vote. It is the plurality of these votes that keeps a system in place that works to the disadvantage of many black people.

We live in a representive form of democracy where the majority interest sets policy. Regardless of which party, in our two party system, they both are dominated by and represents the majority interest of white America. Black folks have peculiar interest, relative to the nations history with the "peculiar Institution" of slavery and Jim Crow. Repair or rehabiliation from that history is not of primary conscern of white people, regardless of political affiliation.

In light of this, one can be robbed and assaulted indirectly, via the way that people vote. Instead of using signs to separate and deny opportunities, as in the past, people of like interest simply cast votes that have the result of producing nearly the same effect. Racism is not simply knocking people down, as past overt racism did, but also, preventing people from getting up. If you prevent people from getting up, then you preserve the effect of the knock down, thus preventing the need for knocking the person down again. People manifest their prejudice through instruments of the system, in order to remain anonymous.

The consquence of these systematic activities appear in statitics like the unemployment rate, which is consitantly 2.5 times the rate of whites. It also appears in the poverty rate, which is also 2.5 the rates of whites. It also appears in per capita median income comparison descrapancies and a host of other socioeconomic baramoters that results in symptoms that in black on black crime and family erosion.

Black people indeed does have an enemy, but we have been fooled into beleiving that it is each other. Divide and conquere has always been a favored M.O. for the elites. Whether by coicidence or conspiracy or both, being divided is conquering the rise of the black world to its proper equalibrium with the rest of humanity.

The “trees” that are in front of us, namely other black people, blinds of from seeing the forest, which are the activities of Western white peoples.


At 11:43 AM, Blogger Scott said...

There are so many things wrong in this post I don't know where to begin.

It would be helpful if you weren't so long winded and and would stop posting a casserol of points that are unrealted.

I think your main point is that black people don't know who the enemy is and second that black people see other black people as the enemy.

I think you are wrong in both accounts.

I work in a large company thousands in the building. And I am acknowledged by the black maintance workers as well as the black Vice presidents. I have never felt threatened by black people. Not even by the drug dealer who worked from the stoop next door to mine when I lived off Lenox Avenue.

There are reasons why we are not as well off as white americans. I suggest you do some reading and find out the actual reasons instead of just complaining about some generic enemy. Then you can start thinking about what we need to do to improve our outcomes.

I would recommend that you start with "Being Black, Living in the Red: Race, Wealth, and Social Policy in America"

At 12:07 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

The problem with you Scott is that you do too much reading and not enough thinking. You are always offering some book or link as your proof. You are simply an agitator who regurgitates the supposed scholarly work and ponderings of others. You are an intellectual welfare recipient, in that other people do the work and the thinking and you just sit back waiting for your check (the book or link) to create your opinion.

I gave an example of my own life and experience and the trends that manifest. Your personal life experience does not contradict the validity of mine. The fact that the black homicide rate is what it is, speaks of the threat faced from other black folk. Whites are certainly not directly murdering blacks to the degree that we are killing each other. The times that I have been mugged and attacked in my life have always been by other blacks, because my community was all black. Thus, my best friends and worst enemies were also black. I did not fear the drug dealers on my block either….because we grew up together and I knew them and they knew me. It is only when I ventured into other neighborhoods where I was not known and visa versa that the threats increased.

At 12:12 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Also, Scott, you might want to consider the possiblity that you simply have A.D.D (attention deficit disorder) when it comes the information that is counter to your current beliefs. You are always offering up links to books, which most often are verbos and long winded...yet, like a hypocrit, you complain of my few paragraphs...if you want might want to start with not discrediting yourself by being a hypocrite

At 12:36 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Do you understand the nature of the internet, or the web specifically. It was designed for publishing research. The idea behind the hyperlink was that you had the entire reference available at the click of the link.

You do nothing but naval gazing and pretend you are finding new truths. Learn about the concept of facts.

At 12:44 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Well said, it is clear that Black men and women have been turned inside out and made to hate one another. On a recent trip to Six Flags with my son, some of the craziest looks I got from people were by other Black men and I just could not understand it. Here we are in a sea of white folk and you want to stare me up and down, we definitely have been fooled into thinking the enemy is us based on direct competition with one another in the various areas you chronicled but not limited to those area. I believe this goes back to a point I made in the piece on the Negro in Britain wherein I detailed how Black men and women have been made to think less of Black life including their own based on the punishment handed out on acts of violence committed against other Black folk. We are in a catch 22, we do not like criminals and killers anymore than any other community of people, but we also dislike the police as much as we dislike the criminals and killers thus when a Black person commits a crime, other Black folk say we did not see anything. This is why our thinking must be changed and the policing of our communities done by Black officers who have a interest in seeing our communities prosper and have a good relationship with the men and women in the community based on trust.

Scott continues to focus on how verbose your post are but as you noted he ignores the length of the books and articles he believe articulate his point better than he can. Maybe he have a hard time believing a Black person can be verbose and stay on point or maybe he refuse to accept keen articulation from another Black person that he disagree with.

At 12:47 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Ohhh great wise one, please enlighten me on how I can learn to discern truth from falsity, when I myself have no means of acquiring the truth first hand? How can I know what is the dominant truth of 38 million black people, without meeting all 38 million? Must I rely, oh great wise worshiper of Bush, on accepting what comes from the Pharisees and scribes of our times? Ohh please help in how to choose between contradicting array of research and conclusions as you have done, ole wise black worshiper of Bush. How do I separate belief from fact and truths, when I cannot observe it for myself, ole wise one. Will what I choose to believe always be tainted by my own preconceived notions?

At 12:56 PM, Blogger Scott said...

I said "Learn about the concept of facts". Because without facts you have no chance of finding the truth.

At 1:17 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Ahhhh...but how does one know that evidence presented as factual is indeed "true/fact" when one was not their to perceive the creation of the given reality first hand? If perception is reality and realty is truth, then the failure to percieve the reality thus prevents one from coroberating the truth...does it not? Thus, one can only BELIEVE or TRUST...they can never KNOW.

Your proclivity for taking the information of others as fact is simply based upon that information being what you want to believe. You talk about the internet being a research tool...true, however, there is a differnce between RAW DATA and INFORMATION (data processed into conclusions by others). What you present is simply the latter.

At 2:14 PM, Blogger Scott said...

And you present nothing.


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