August 16, 2004

Change of Name...

First and Foremost I would like to welcome my Brother Noah the African to Black Thought and Black Introspection. Brother Noah will be a contributor to this Blog and I look forward to his participation and his writings that will further the conversation sparked by Black thought and Black introspection. We are not going to make this a place to only discuss the problems plaguing Black men and women, but make no mistake about it; we will let you know what they are and how they came to be, however at the same time we will offer real world solutions.

This Blog new name is Black Thought and Black Introspection. You will also notice I call this an unauthorized Blog on Black thought and Black Introspection, this is done to let you the reader know we have not been authorized nor do we seek authorization from anyone to give our opinion on the causes and solutions to the problems that plague our people. As my brother has stated, we are not owners of the truth, it belongs to humanity and we are here to give you the truth, you can accept it or reject it, but we will stand behind it unless a greater truth is proven to exist.

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