February 07, 2006


I would like to give big ups to the City of Detroit for proving the naysayers and critics of this nearly 90% black city ability to host a major event such as the Super Bowl. By all accounts and from the mouth of the NFL commissioner himself, the City far exceeded expectations with fans, the league and the media who all claimed Detroit the biggest winner of the super bowl.

Detroit is a city that America loves to hate. It’s the perfect Trojan horse because people can bash black folk without having to say black folk, but rather, simply saying Detroit. That is most profoundly true in the State of Michigan, as folks who live in the suburbs and out-state love to characterize Detroit as a cesspool of violence, corruption and decay, a city where the residents and government are its own worst enemy.

To be fair, Detroit does have more than its share of problems, but no more so than black America in general. Detroit, 90% black, is indeed a microcosm of the state of black America. If you take the black community in any city in America and extrapolate the conditions of that community over the entire city, you would have a similar situation that Detroit is faced with, which is a city that represents the legacy of black America, likely more so than any other city of comparable size.

Detroit is only an anomaly when juxtaposed with predominantly white cities, which represent the legacy of 300 years of white privilege in this nation. Those cities should come out looking a lot better than Detroit because they represent the legacy of the master and not the legacy of the slave. Despite that fact, people take an ahistorical analysis of Detroit and its problems which excluded the history of blacks in America, as well as, the decline of the auto industry. Detroit critics simply want to allude that Detroit is a microcosm for the inferiority of black people and the failures of liberalism.

I am here to say that Detroit has bottomed out and up and will rise, notwithstanding continued problems in the auto industry.


At 1:46 PM, Blogger abw said...

The United States is bottoming out and declining because it fails to face its own lingering economic crises and failed to properly educate its citizens. This definitely applies to blacks in particular, and other minorities in general. When it is all said and done black folks must and will solve their own problems.


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